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This is the truth about he last blow of satan

Being condemned by the Pope, even if without his knowledge, by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, by the Congregation of Clergy, by the Vicariate of Rome and by some Italian bishops is the most sorrowful trial asked by God to the Bishop who He Himself ordained.

As emerges from the Holy Scripture, God often asks to those entrusted by Him with important missions, sorrowful trials, superable only with his grace.

Don Claudio, following Christ's example in the Gethsemane, often repeats in tears, addressing the Father: "Fiat Voluntas tua" (Your will be done), and he is sure that after his death (the condemnation by the ecclesiastical authority), there will be his resurrection (rehabilitation and acceptation of his episcopate by the Church).

The story of the last blow of satan

The letter sent by card. Ruini to the Bishop ordained by God, Mons. Claudio Gatti, which contains the arbitrary and unfair condemnation that clearly breaks the H. Gospel and the Code of Canon Law

Collection of God's letters

The appeals of God the Father defending the Bishops

Letter sent on 6th January 2003 by the Bishop Claudio Gatti to the Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church, to the Bishops of Italy, to the responsibles of the Roman Curia, to the Vicariate of Rome and to the priests of Rome

The "reserved" letter sent by the Vicariate to the priests who exercise their fuctions in Rome