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The story of the last blow of satan

This is the truth about the last blow of satan

On October 18, 2002 was written one of the most gloomy and dismal pages of the history of the Church.

Those who fight against the Eucharist condemned Monsignor Claudio Gatti, the bishop ordained by God, reducing him to the lay state.

This is the last blow of satan, as Jesus said on November 17, 2002: "The last blow of satan has arrived, it is hard and strong for you, but it is worse for those who dealt it, because they will lose their soul".

The announcement of this condemnation was transmitted to our bishop by a letter sent by the Vicariate to via delle Benedettine on November 16.

The Lord, who always accompanies those who love Him, has prepared us since 1999 to overcome this great suffering.

"My two beloved children with you nearby, who pray for them, will be able to bear also the last blow of satan" (Letter of God of January 1, 1999).

"I told you that the last blow of satan will be very hard and strong" (Letter of God of January 21, 1999).

"Don't let your faith in God fall, because in a very difficult moment satan will deal the last blow. Listen to this holy Mass for the bishop and the visionary, so that when the last blow of satan arrives they will have the strength for bearing everything" (Letter of God of October 21, 1999).

The visionary Marisa Rossi has known exactly of what the last blow of satan consisted since June 1997. This means that since then the men of the Church have met to organize this diabolic plan that was set up during the last summer.

In the letter of God of November 17, 2002 Jesus revealed the names of the three clergymen who were at the head of the entire diabolic plan: Ruini, Ratzinger and Bertone. In frequent meetings they involved a greater and greater number of cardinals, bishops, priests and laymen to have supports and to be able to realize their plan. Instead of devoting themselves to the poor, the sick and to the problem of the wars that are destroying the world, they met for condemning Monsignor Claudio Gatti, the bishop ordained by God.

Also some laymen who were members of the community in the past, raged strongly against Don Claudio, slandering and denouncing him to the Ecclesiastical Authority.

Unfortunately the Pope was deceived by the men of the Church. Taking advantage of his precarious state of health they let him sign, without his knowledge, a document that condemns our bishop. Jesus said this: "They have involved also the Holy Father, even if he doesn't know it, because they let him sign letters without he knows their content. The Pope did not sign the letter that you received, but the document that remained in the Vatican and in the Vicariate" (Letter of God of November 17, 2002).

It is sad and worrying that they involved also the Pope in this diabolic plan. Those who say to be his co-workers were dishonest, because they charged the Pope with all responsibilities of what happened.

On last October 26, Mons. Bertone, who was wishing "good night" to his salesian brothers in via Copernico (Milan), was asked: "What do you think about the Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza and his founder Don Claudio Gatti?". He answered: "The decision is sub iudice (under judgment). The Holy Father has taken upon himself the entire case and he is thinking to write a document about it".

The three clergymen were very astute to let the Pope sign the letter of condemnation, because, as Mr. Ruini underlined in the letter to our bishop, "The pontifical decision must not be considered open to appeal".

On November 14, 1999 St. Joseph had prepared us to this sad reality: "A very serious event is taking place: the great men of the Church, who you know well, are trying to let the Pope sign a letter against this place, because at this point they can get round him as they want. The Pope is sick and goes on. What will you do when the last blow of satan arrives? Will you remain with this poor bishop or will you also betray him after all the miracles that God performed?".

We are sure that if the Pope had known that the letter to be signed was the condemnation of our bishop, he would have never signed it for the following reasons:

1) The Pope knows the bishop and the visionary, because, meeting them, he addressed them saying: "You are those of Our Lady".

2) Many times Marisa has been in bilocation at the Pope to talk with him about some important problems of the Church.

3) The Pope recites the prayers dictated by the Mother of the Eucharist.

4) The Holy Father adored the Eucharist, given by Our Lady to Marisa and brought by Don Claudio into the Vatican on December 7, 1999.

5) John Paul II in the general audience of June 13, 2001 finished his catechesis saying: "May Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, protect you all"; this invocation was then censored by his co-workers.

6) The Pope's secretary, through a common polish friend, asked Marisa to pray for the Pope's health and sent her, as a sign of gratefulness, a picture reproducing Jesus' face.

In the letter of God of November 17, 2002 Jesus affirmed: "I would like the Pope, before his death, to understand the error and call this simple bishop who loves the souls much and who gave all himself, also the physical health".

We were aware that sooner or later the last blow of satan would have arrived. Indeed, we hoped it would arrive as soon as possible, because we knew that, only after the last blow of satan, would have begun God's interventions to let the Church revive and to let the truth triumph. Our wait was so intense that once we made a big blunder.

As a matter of fact, when on March 25, 2001 we got to know, with great delay, the official statement of the I.E.C., dated January 12, 2001, by which his President Ruini, carrying out a commission of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith "notified the penalties taken against Rev. Claudio Gatti and his Movement, all over the national territory", we thought this was the last blow of satan.

The Mother of the Eucharist, appearing on the day of his feast, said: "The official statement is full of falsehoods. They tricked all they could to get you to close down, to wear you out, to bring you to death. But I told you already that they wouldn't succeed to bring you to death, because We are with you. You thought this was the last blow of satan. Oh, it would be ominous if it were the last blow of satan, for it would mean that there is no more time for further conversions".

To the bishop's question: "Is the Pope with them?", Our Lady answered: "The Pope is not with them. The Pope has been deceived, as they tried to deceive you. You know how they keep him on his feet and that first he was a strong Holy Father and now he is a weak Holy Father. By now he is in the hands of these men of the Church who deceive him as they want. They feel to be strong and powerful, they give people to understand that also the Pope approved that statement, but it is not true, it is all a bad trick of Mr. Ruini".

Finally the Mother of the Eucharist put us on our guard and prepared us for the worst: "Moreover what they added at the end of the statement give you to understand that they are ready to torment you".

The last blow of satan matured in an atmosphere about which Our Lady talked to us just less than one year ago, on December 13, 2001: "The war goes on, man destroys himself and the powerful men get rich. The war goes on also between cardinals and bishops, as I told you in other messages and as I prophesied in Fatima. The war between them has begun for some time; they try to hide it, but they can't. They even try to plague the one who commands all over the world without succeeding, for the moment. In God's mind is present all that will happen and it will not be beautiful. When I spoke about it some years ago, not all of you understood that would have fought cardinals against cardinals and bishops against bishops, but now they are even fighting against the Pope.

Your bishop was pelted and keeps on being pelted. Don Claudio is the closest bishop to the Holy Father. Now they are taking aim also at the Pope.

The rich and powerful masons have taken possession of the catholic radios, they embrace the whole Medjugorje and they are ready to fight, but for defending who? The weak and poor men? No. To defend themselves and to get rich. After slandering the innocent and honest people they say the holy Rosary, celebrate the holy Mass and do the catechesis.

Who does not belong to the masonry has two possibilities: being silent or dying".

In fact the diabolic plan against the bishop and the visionary foresaw also their death, but this will be never successful, because Our Lady will not allow it (Letter of God of November 21, 2002).

On April 18, 2002 Our Lady announced that the enemies of the Eucharist, satan's instruments, were preparing the last infernal blow and that it did not concern the members of the community: "My beloved children, courage and pray, because satan has begun to deal the last blow and he will continue, but not against you". Who will the last blow of satan concern? The bishop.

On May 3, 2002 Our Lady informed us that many people were involved in the last blow of satan: "Many and many people are thinking how to destroy this thaumaturgical place", and on May 12, 2002 she warned us that it was approaching: "Courage, the moment of the blow of satan is approaching".

In the month of July 2002 Our Lady often spoke about this last blow of satan during private conversations with her two beloved children and she affirmed that it would have certainly arrived, because God would not have avoided it, even if it was possible for Him, since it was part of his plans. She added that this blow would have been really strong and terrible and would have concerned also the Pope.

In the following month of August the Lord gave Marisa the permission of speaking in details about the last blow of satan to the bishop, but He left her the decision of speaking or not. The visionary did an act of love and sensitiveness and decided to keep silent not to load her brother with a further suffering, since he already had many of them.

In October of this year, a few days before she was admitted to clinic, Our Lady revealed to Marisa that the last blow of satan had left the Vatican. The visionary unbosomed herself to the Mother of the Eucharist for what she had heard and was very sick, until the day the letter of the Vicariate arrived.

In the morning of November 16, 2002 Our Lady appeared to Marisa who was in her bedroom only with the little Emanuele and she told her that the letter was going to arrive. Just afterwards the bishop, who was working in his study, was called to help Marisa because she had collapsed. While the bishop was helping Marisa, he heard a long ringing and then he was informed that a letter had arrived from the Vicariate.

Since Don Claudio did not know yet that Marisa had already been informed about everything and he did not want to cause her further suffering and stress, with an excuse he came back to his study and saw the letter of his desk. He did not need to open it in order to understand its content, but it was enough for him to read the letter-head: "Mr. Claudio Gatti". As soon as he read it, he went before the Eucharist that had bled and told Jesus: "Lord and my God, I have understood the content of the letter. Your will be done. Give me strength, equilibrium, serenity and courage to get ahead with the mission you have entrusted to me".

While they were eating the bishop understood, by interior enlightenment, that Marisa was already informed about the letter and its content. They spoke about it with serenity and calm and concluded: "This is the beginning of the end for the enemies of the Eucharist".

In the afternoon there was the apparition of the Mother of the Eucharist reserved to the young people. Our Lady was very sad; Marisa said she had never seen her so sad. She spoke with difficulty and had tears in her eyes. The angels and the saints who accompanied her were very sad too. For the moment the young people cannot reveal what the Mother of the Eucharist said and are obliged to keep totally the secret.

After the apparition Don Claudio affirmed that he was not suffering for himself, but for the Church, treated badly by its priests once again. In addition he would have never wanted to reach the situation of having against himself all the ecclesiastical hierarchy and being considered a rebel. Anyway he affirmed that he would have obeyed God and would have got ahead with his mission to do God's will thoroughly.

The devil made use of the most powerful men of the Church to deal this last mortal blow, but without knowing that in this way he contributed to the realization of God's plans for the renewal of the Church.

St. Paul wrote that if the demons had suspected God's plans, they would have prevented Christ's death, that had to destroy their domain (cf. I Cor. 2,7-8). In the same way, if the devil had known God's plans for the renewal of the Church, he would not have dealt the bishop the last infernal blow, because as Our Lady said: "This so heavy cross that you carry on your shoulders is with the best of intentions for all mankind" (Letter of God of November 17, 2002).

In 1980 John Paul II himself, during a journey to Germany, and exactly to Fulda, affirmed that the Church during its History has always been born again through the blood of its children.

The bishop denounced with strength and courage the clergymen who threw mud at the priesthood, sacrament inferior only to the Eucharist, because they have not used the received power of making present Jesus with his Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, through the Mass, and of remitting sins.

Moreover they covered with mud the great gifts given by God to the Church: the eucharistic miracles, the trinitary theophanies, the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist and the letters of God. They will have to render an account of this to the divine judge, when the day of the Lord comes, that is, according to the biblical language, the day in which God will intervene to comfort the good and to punish the wicked. These unworthy shepherds will be judged with severity also by the men and the History.

The bishop urged us not to forget that, according to God's judgment, we gained a great spiritual victory, that will be followed, after the blow of satan, by our triumph and by the full acknowledgement by the Church. He reminded us what the Mother of the Eucharist told us at the beginning of 2002.

On January 10, 2002, during an apparition reserved to the bishop and the visionary she told them: "My beloved little children, you have gained your victory. You, Excellency, have won for your strength and the courage of fighting against those who don't live in a state of grace. You, little Marisa, have won for your immolation lived in silence and secretly".

Marisa saw in front of herself a big golden inscription reporting the following words of God: "My beloved priest, my bishop, ordained by Me, has gained victory".

Our Lady added: "Many people know this victory, they esteem you and admire your courage".

A few time after in the apparition for the members of the community she said: "Your prayers have led to victory my beloved son, my bishop, your bishop".

Our Lady has spoken many times about the great victory: "The victory is splendid and embraces all the Church. You know that the rock of this victory is your bishop and, I want to add, also your sister who asked to suffer in silence and secretly. Best wishes to the great bishop, best wishes to you, my daughter, best wishes to all of you present here; Our Lady thanks you" (Letter of God of January 13, 2002).

"The bishop fears to say that he is the rock of the Church. He is the rock because he has fought for many years, because he was always alone when he fought and defended the truth and above all the Eucharist. The victory was gained really through his courage and strength" (Letter of God of January 17, 2002).

"The spiritual victory has been achieved, the earthly one is more difficult, but, first of all, you are more interested in the spiritual one. The bishop has achieved the victory, because he fought on his own, he defended the Eucharist; he endured slander and defamation to defend the Eucharist. He achieved a great victory, love him and pray for him" (Letter of God of February 14, 2002).

"The spiritual victory has been achieved; the earthly one will be achieved as well. God's times are unknown, but God doesn't disappoint and realizes what He promised" (Letter of God of February 24, 2002).

"The spiritual victory has been achieved, the human one will be achieved as well. You must keep tranquil and serene. Patience is a virtue and don't make questions every day. God never disappoints, because He is not an ordinary man" (Letter of God of March 2, 2002).

In the future, if John Paul II gets to know that he signed the reduction to the lay state of the bishop ordained by God, in whose hands, after saying the formula of the consecration, took place the most important eucharistic miracle of the history of the Church, he will show gratefulness to Monsignor Claudio Gatti, because he had strength and courage to inform all the Church that the pontifical signature was wrung by fraud, taking advantage of his precarious state of health.

Monsignor Claudio Gatti will be not only rehabilitated, but will be also acknowledged as bishop ordained by God by the Supreme Authority and in the Church he will occupy the place that God indicated to him.

Since the Eucharist has already triumphed all over the Church, now let's offer to the Lord all our prayers and sufferings so that also the truth triumphs soon.