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Collection of God's letters about the last blow of satan

Collection of God's letters

Rome, 17th November 2002 - h. 10:30 a.m.

Letter of God

Marisa - Is that you coming, Jesus? Did you come to comfort us?

Jesus - Yes, little children of mine. The last blow of satan has arrived, it is hard and strong for you, but it is worse for those who dealt it, because they will lose their soul. A very bad letter arrived, with just a few lines. They have involved also the Holy Father, even if he doesn't know it, because they let him sign letters without he knows their content. The Pope did not sign the letter that you received, but the document that remained in the Vatican and in the Vicariate. I warned you that the last blow of satan was going to come and it did come. Your bishop has been ousted from everything, for he has been reduced to his lay condition.

As you have written and promised that you would never forsake him, it is now up to you whether you are going to follow him or to leave him; but anyone leaving him knows well that he is leaving a treasure.

What has your bishop taught you? He has taught you the holy Gospel and, as my Mama and I have already said, he makes a poem out of every line; there is no other priest in the world who talks like he does.

He has taught you love, to take part in the H. Mass, to live in silence and concealment.

Some people coming to the thaumaturgical place report everything, even the most reserved news of this small family. Today spies are present here too.

I, Jesus, ask you: "Do you want to keep on staying with your bishop or you too want to leave him?". Do know that the life of your bishop, until everything burst off, will be very hard and much suffered, but if he has some friends around it will be easier for him to overcome so many problems. To you I repeat what I said to my apostles: "Do you want to go away too?". They answered: "Where shall we go, you only have words of eternal life". I ask you: "Where shall you go, where will you find an other bishop who speaks to you of Jesus, of the Eucharist, of the Mother of the Eucharist, as he does?".

This blow of satan is hard, on the other hand I warned you that this last blow of satan would be coming and it did come, now it is up to God to decide when and how to intervene.

There are a lot of wars in the world, some are so dangerous that give you shivers, for this God is waiting. You do not know God's time and you cannot think that God doesn't keep what he promised, but first, one must be on the cross and yours is a very hard cross.

Do know that in this community nothing is said and nothing is done in secret, even everything that arrived from the Vicariate has been communicated. Today here there are spies who are happy and satisfied, because, humanly speaking, their bosses have achieved a victory. But as the Eucharist triumphed, you too will triumph, however you still have to set your teeth and go ahead.

Unfortunately the Pope signed; he doesn't know what he signed.

Unfortunately the Pope didn't do God's will and for this reason my Mama and I often repeat: "Pray, so that the Pope may do God's will".

Who is the father who doesn't call his own son to talk to him and understand him? Instead, your bishop was never called up by the Pope to talk together.

The men of the Church never came to the thaumaturgical place to investigate and you know it.

You have seen many Eucharistic miracles; the greatest is the one of June 11, 2000, that took place in the hands of your bishop during the consecration.

Can the demon overcome Jesus? No.

I ask you not to let yourselves go down, I ask it to the bishop, to the visionary, to the little apostles and to the adults. If you want, stay with the bishop, if you are frightened, go elsewhere. I wish you too would answer in your heart: "Where shall we go? Only Don Claudio talks to us so well of the Holy Gospel".

My dear children, the life of the christian who follows the Gospel is quite difficult. Those who literally follow the Gospel bear a heavy burden of suffering, but it is better to carry the cross than to go to hell.

Those people, who have strength and power in their hands, instead of gathering and thinking to the poor and sick people, to the wars, they got together in a round table to condemn your bishop; this will not last much longer. God knows when the time will come to defeat these people. I would like the Pope, before his death, to understand the error and call this simple bishop who loves the souls much and who gave all himself, also the physical health.

Little children of mine, what do you want to do? What are your intentions? Some of you report what it is said here to the people who no longer are part of the community. When you report God's letters, the bishop's catechesis, report everything with love and accuracy, without adding anything of yours, for you damage the bishop.

Some of you report poorly, not exactly what We and your bishop say and this way of talking is damaging Don Claudio and all the community.

I know that you have a big grief within, but We are near you, isn't it true, Mama, that We are near to our children?

Our Lady - Yes, and We will never abandon you, never. This so heavy cross that you carry on your shoulders is with the best of intentions for all mankind. Mr. Ruini has won, Mr. Ratzinger has won, Mr. Bertone has won, all the other Messrs cardinals, bishops and priests have won, even the one who is above all the others has won, even if he doesn't know what he signed. They thought: "Let's crush this priest and we will live peacefully, enjoying the hoarded riches and the conquered power".

If your bishop were a great prelate, he would have not been treated as you know.

A prelate, after he went out of the Church, got married, did the marital act, the sexual act and everything he wanted, and then came back triumphantly to the Church. They gave him a beautiful villa, with an attached big tent, where to celebrate the healing Masses.

How many excuses the big priests invented to defend that prelate! "He was doped, was subjugated, he wasn't himself". How can a seventy-year-old man be subjugated? That prelate came back to the Church, because he brought a lot of money.

Your bishop does good, tries to save the souls and he is crushed, because he is a nuisance to those people for his sincerity, for his goodness, for his love toward everybody.

Now it is up to you to decide. Jesus has gone back to the Father and to the Holy Spirit, I am here with you.

I would like to be always with you, I would like my thought that is God's thought, to get into your heart.

Do not betray, do not betray, because death comes for everybody and when you die, where will you go? Do you want to go to hell? Go away from here. Do you want to go to Heaven? Follow your bishop's footsteps. And peace be with you all.

Courage to all, pray for your bishop; I am not going to tell you to pray for the conversion of those people, it isn't worth it. You, spies, who are listening, report what is right, report the truth, do not seriously offend the truth, do not slander and defame in order to have a big place in the Church.

Doesn't it matter to you whether you kill the man, whether you kill the bishop? Mr. Ruini, Mr. Ratzinger, Mr. Bertone and company, why haven't you got the courage to talk frankly among yourselves and say straight in the face what you think of each other?

How many people went to the Vicariate!

A lot of people who have been in this place, who have had miraculous healings, who have been helped by God due to your prayers, did not leave this place in silence, with gratitude, in prayer, but slandering and defaming; and you know them. The gang leaders of all this are ... And other people who keep on condemning this poor bishop. The bishop's mother has betrayed the son, she never had the courage to tell the truth. I entrust you the task to pray for these people.

Marisa - Stop, speak no more, I beg you.

Our Lady - Little Marisa, it is good for the community to know that some people had the miracle of healing and have condemned my bishop, the bishop ordained by God, the bishop of the Eucharist and, I add, the bishop of love.

I hope I have been clear in telling you everything, it is up to you now to decide what to do. With my and your bishop I bless you all, your dear ones, your sacred articles. Above all I bless the sick people and those people who are away from the Church. Do in such a way that no war will break out, or else everybody will kneel down to pray, including bishops and cardinals, and will drag their knees up to the altar to beg for forgiveness, but it will be too late.

I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ. I beg you, do not talk among yourselves and even less with people outside the community. Keep silent if you don't know how to talk, because those who spoke without permission have always trashed everything.

Listen to the holy Mass for the people I have mentioned, but above all for the peace in the world.

Little Marisa, I had to speak, my darling, I had to.


Rome, 21st November 2002 - h. 8:40 p.m.

Letter of God

Marisa - Thank you for coming. I wish to entrust you Barbara, Riccardo and Pasquale who is always asking to be entrusted and all the sick people, above all the sick in spirit, those who don't receive your Son in a state of grace; I know this makes you suffer a lot.

Our Lady - My dear children: "He has put down the mighty from their seat, and has exalted the humble"; ponder this sentence that sooner or later will be realized. You are very much tried, as my Son Jesus and I have already said. This is the time when you can see who is with Jesus the Eucharist and with the Bishop, this is the hardest time, for the last blow of satan has arrived. Keep in mind: satan is not only a spirit who revolted against God, but also the man who, in order to take revenge, is ready to kill: regardless whether he is the brother, sister, father or mother. Some people, miraculously healed by me, want to take revenge, they want to kill. God has given them the grace to avoid death and they thank him by slandering my two little children. How many prayers have been recited, how many sufferings have been endured for these dying people, for the child who was losing his life under a truck and God saved them. What is God doing? Does He save the bad people and does not help the good ones? It is not like that; God is waiting for men to convert, at least for those who want to convert. As I have already said at other times, the circle is closing more and more, but bear in mind: even if there are just a few of you, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and I, the little Madonna, as little Emanuele calls me, all the angels and saints will be with you. Until what time will the devil be able to win? Keep in mind that the demons are many, the bad people are more numerous than the good ones and at present they are crowing, they are ready to kill, but I won't allow this. If you are with my and your Bishop, God is with you. God helps all those people who want to be helped. Our suffering is great, because these sacrilegious people go every day to receive my Son Jesus.

I would like to close, I wouldn't like to talk any longer about these sad situations, for they make me suffer and you too. They keep on failing in the charity, they turn things around and blame you, they blame everybody and don't know that above all they are blaming God. I, your Mama, the little Madonna who loves you so much, am coming for you: if I come in this place it is for you, little flock, that still feel love. Keep on loving everybody, love God, love the neighbor and those people who are near God and the Bishop. Be courageous, at times I almost fear to say it: courage, courage, do not surrender and keep in mind: "He has put down the mighty from their seat, and has exalted the humble". Courage, the Almighty God, the Father of all men is with you.

Today is the feast of the presentation to the temple of Mary the child. You, little Marisa, are seeing Mary the child.

The biggest problem is that many people receive my Son Jesus and, being not in a state of grace, they commit sacrileges every day; this is grievous. These people are many. They seem to enjoy speaking badly about the Bishop and the visionary, as the cardinals do, the bishops and priests who gather to speak badly. They do not gather to pray, but to speak badly, to defame and slander: "I will take revenge and I will crush him", this is what Mr Ruini said and this what he has done. Keep on loving God, your Bishop and love each other. Thank you.

Together with my and your bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles, I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.

Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

Marisa - Help us, I beg you, do not forsake us. Emanuele, say bye-bye to the little Madonna… as far as I can do, because I no longer can bear it too. Have you given a little kiss to the little Madonna?


Rome, 24th November 2002 - h. 10:40 a.m.

Letter of God

Jesus - It is me, Jesus and I am greeted by the babies screams and cries. I come on behalf of the Mother of the Eucharist, of the angels and the saints, to thank those people who every time, with a lot of love and some discussion, adorn the altar, this is a great joy for everybody.

Today is the feast of Christ the King. Remember Christ without the crown, or with the crown of thorns. It is a great joy to see you gathered here, even if the last blow of satan hit very strongly. I am not worried about the blow of satan, but those people who were unable to love are worrying me. It is right to say: Father, forgive them for they don't know what they do.

My dear brothers, in this day, your Jesus and all of Heaven are enjoying to see you gathered here to pray and to do the procession that I Jesus keep in high regard; I am happy that you love and adore Jesus the Eucharist. Believe me, I say this with much simplicity, for in Heaven there is no pride nor envy, but a lot of humility and love; and I say it to you because you are my little flock that Jesus loves so much. I beg you, when you report the message do not tell false things just to make yourselves beautiful in the eyes of those people listening to you. Tell the truth, on the other hand here we speak aloud, your Bishop speaks to you all through the microphone and there are no secrets; the secrets are preserved by your sister in her heart and they are very heavy for her and in the future they will be hard for the men, if they don't convert.

Thanks for this love you show towards Christ the King, but above all towards Jesus the Eucharist and the Mother of the Eucharist, who is always with me. Even when I used to do long journeys, from town to town, my Mama was always with me, by bilocation, as you do, little Marisa, and used to help me a great deal. Even some of you have felt your sister bilocating; it is me sending her to help you, to give you courage and to make you accept God's will. Do God's will and do not look at the others, how they behave and how they act. Those doing God's will are always happy, they live in joy and will live in Heaven, I want all of you in Heaven.

Grandmother Iolanda, your suffering is very great, but God keeps you alive so you may suffer for this so corrupted world, and He thanks you for what you are doing, for all the rosaries you say, for the pain you suffer. God has chosen the two of you: mother and daughter, and I thank you on behalf of all of Heaven.

My dear Bishop, Most Reverend Excellency, you are indeed the true Bishop, for you are good and humble. When you talk about the holy Gospel, it is not you, but me within you who is talking. You speak well and you act well; your loyalty and sincerity is good for someone, but others burst with envy and jealousy. You are my Bishop, the Bishop of all of Heaven, the Bishop of this flock, which seems small to you, but instead it is present all over the world. If they talk about the Eucharist, it is due to this thaumaturgical place, it is due to you, Excellency, who talk so well about the Eucharist. People access Internet to know, to understand what is the Eucharist and who is Jesus the Eucharist. You explain it so well, and for this all of us thank you. Thank you, be strong, be strong; know that you are always in the truth. If I say you are humble, you must not be ashamed, it is the truth; one must be ashamed only if God is offended, if one sins against God and against the Holy Spirit; unfortunately many sin against the Holy Spirit.

My dear children, once more your Mama and I say it again to you: thank God to have a Bishop ready for everything, to help you, to let you understand the holy Gospel and to bring it within your heart. Thank God and thank your Bishop, be united with him, do not speak behind his back, but always speak about love, at any time. Those people suffering for illness and having moral sufferings, should offer them to God the Father, to God the Holy Spirit and to Me, God the Son.

Thanks for this feast of Christ the King. I say it again to you: Christ the King without crown, but with the crown of thorns. Isn't it, little Marisa?

Marisa - Well, yes, I feel it indeed.

Jesus - I will be present at the holy Mass, at the Consecration, which is the greatest moment. The Mother of the Eucharist will be with me and today, as God willed, Saint Joseph will be present too.

Marisa - Jesus has gone away and has said nothing to me!

Our Lady - Little Marisa, Jesus spoke to you about the crown.

Marisa - Thanks!

Our Lady - You know that with the presence of Jesus, with the presence of the Eucharist you have already the blessing, but I, as Mama, together with my and your Bishop, bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I bless these chattering and crying babies. I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

Be always humble and do not be ashamed to be like that, Excellency.

Marisa - They have all gone away.


Rome, 7th December 2002 - h. 10:35 p.m.

Letter of God

Our Lady - Here I am before you, my dear children, to continue your prayers. I have listened to everything, not a word escaped me. All that has been said this evening is truth: those who did not understand it, will never understand it. He has put down the mighty from their seat, and has exalted the humble. Do you remember this sentence I already said at other times? Who are the humble? Those people doing God's will, those loving Jesus the Eucharist, loving their neighbor and giving all of themselves to the souls.

The blow of satan that arrived is very heavy and the suffering is very great. You cannot figure out how great is the suffering for my two beloved little children, first of all for our dear Bishop: His Excellency Mons. Claudio Gatti, ordained by God. His episcopal ordination is more valuable, for God did it, than the one done by men. Everything burst out because of this ordination by God. The men of the Church are jealous and envious for this choice God made, and others He won't do. Why don't they accept one more Bishop in the Church? One more Bishop will do good and a Bishop ordained by God will do much good, but jealousy and envy always keep on going on causing suffering and destroying God's men. You said right that God achieved his victory and that His Excellency Mons. Claudio has achieved his victory. Oh, again he will be slandered, jeered at and ridiculed, again he will be abandoned and betrayed even by those people who came in this place and received spiritual graces and miraculous healings. I could give you the names of these people, but I do not want to underline all the time the bad things they have done against the Bishop. God has chosen this little thaumaturgical place, He did not want a large space, a big land expanse where one could build, produce and make many other things; God bowed his head on this tiny lot of ground, on this little house and has given all Himself to his Bishop.

Those who understood must put into practice what has been said. Those people who were named as heads of the Church are killing the real heads of the Church.

My dear children, your Mama thanks you for your presence. Surely, it would have been nice to see gathered here all the souls who were called up, came to this thaumaturgical place, prayed, asked for graces and have received them. Your sister received no graces for herself, but she prayed for the others, she is suffering, she is never feeling well, but she is not worried about this, she offers everything for her Bishop, for the Church and for you coming to this place, even if you have to cope with long journeys to come to listen to God's word, and to what I, the Mother of the Eucharist, say. My love is great, your love has to be great too. Don't you see how little by little your problems are solved? Everything can be settled, but your sister is not settled. Also your Bishop will triumph and he will triumph with Jesus the Eucharist, he will triumph with his Mama, the Mother of the Eucharist, he will triumph with my bridegroom Joseph he loves so much, and he will triumph with the angels and the saints. When he triumphs, for those people who went away slandering and defaming, and for those who listened to these calumnies and defamations without a word of defence, without fighting, oh, it will be very sad.

My dear children, today it is the first saturday of the month, tomorrow is my feast, the feast of your Mama. When there is a celebration of someone in your family, you do your utmost to celebrate, to make happy the guest of honor. I, for my feast, desire your prayers, your little sacrifices, your fasting. You, little Marisa, keep on suffering for the Church and for our dear Bishop.

Wishes to everybody, my dear children, wishes to those people who have come from far away; wishes to those who are in Italy and outside Italy and could not come. To see you gathered here, even if you are not many, gives me joy. Keep in mind that where many people go, millions and millions of people, you must pay attention to the masonry, and to those people who do their utmost to get rich. Your Bishop is not looking for the richness, he looks for the souls, he wants to help the souls to save themselves. If you understood what was read, if you understood what was done to condemn your Bishop, this was the last blow of satan, then you have to be close to him. The enemies of my Son Jesus don't stop fighting, on the contrary, they will continue with more strength, for they see that your bishop is strong, he is brave, and fights; however he loves everybody.

My dear children, I do not want to linger any further, the hour is late and you still have to listen to the holy Mass. Thank you.

Together with my and your Bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles; I bless the babies, the elderly, the sickly. I, as Mama, hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.

See, little Marisa, Lauretta is with you. This was God's plan: for this evening she will help you to endure the suffering.

Marisa - Thank you.

Our Lady - Praised be Jesus Christ.

Marisa - bye, little one.

She has gone away. But I did not understand; what did she mean?


Rome, 29th December 2002 - h. 10:30 a.m.

Letter of God

Our Lady - My dear children, at times in the Bishop's family take place so worrisome situations that unfortunately do not allow to be on time, to come down and to pray together with you. When there are two sick people, when there is a woman crying for the pains and the other suffering, it becomes more difficult to get ready and be on time because you must give relief to the one who suffers. But you have prayed in the meantime, you lost no time. These poor children of mine manage to pray just a little, because there is always something in the family that doesn't go right. You know grandmother Iolanda: she was sick, she was crying for the pains and unsurprisingly at this moment doctor Selenia is by her. Who is near to any sick is bound to suffer, as I have suffered so much for eight years near my bridegroom Joseph. But in this home the situation is more critical and difficult than when I used to attend my beloved bridegroom. You must thank God from morning to evening, because He has given you some more health. Surely, not everybody is feeling well, there are those who need help and those who can manage everything on their own. There are sick people who need no assistance and sick people who need a no-stop assistance.

The holy Christmas has gone by, but it is always Christmas for you who are walking along a certain path.

Next to me there is my beloved bridegroom Joseph; together we hold little baby Jesus who looks at you, as He usually does, and smiles. I want to tell you, so much as grandmother is not present, that on holy Christmas morning the little baby raised his little arm and kept in that position for a long time to greet grandmother Iolanda. And she, in spite of the pain, smiled and felt a great joy, but she thought it was an optic effect. Instead it was little Jesus greeting her, lifting his little arm; now He is doing it with you too. You see nothing, but We see you, we love everybody, even those people who are not good.

You all have knowledge of the letter received by your Bishop. There is nothing in it, it only says that he has been reduced to the lay state, it does not mention the reason, it says nothing in this regard. It was shown to several jurists, to several people studying the Canon Law and all of them said: "But what is this? There is nothing, there is no reason". For us it was a great joy to hear these people and some priests working in the Vatican stating: "But what kind of letter is this? There is no reason for the sentence, there is nothing". One does not condemn, does not reduce to the lay state a priest because he follows the apparitions, because he believes in the Eucharistic apparitions. You already know well, it was stated several times, that to reduce a priest to the lay state he must commit some very serious crimes, listed in the Canon Law, so defend your Bishop.

Now think to Joseph, to Mary and to little Jesus, try to emulate them as much as possible. Keep in mind that among all the families, the one that has more sufferings, that fights every day there is the one where your Bishop, Marisa and her mama live; pray for them. I pray for all of you, for the sick people, for all those people in need.

Wishes to everybody, keep on loving the Eucharist.

Together with my and your Bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I bless poor grandmother Iolanda. I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.

Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Song, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.

Little Marisa, don't cry, be strong, you have been always strong.

Marisa - If I feel sick it doesn't matter, but I cannot stand to see my mother suffering so much. She may even reach 300 years, but to see her in these conditions is killing me, I cannot bear it. I should thank you, for you gave her many years of life, but will she have to always suffer in this way?

I beg your pardon, bye.

Goodbye to all of you that I know. There are our dear ones deceased. There are the babies, the angels and the saints surrounding the Holy Family. Bye-bye to everybody.

Out of many people there is nobody left.

Bishop - Are we nobody?

Marisa - No, you aren't.


Rome, 9th January 2003 - h.10:30 a.m.

Letter of God

Our Lady - My beloved children, thank you for your presence. Your sister entrusted to me all those people who suffer and need help. For someone the suffering is very strong and sometimes it is difficult to endure it. She entrusted to me Pietro, Anna, Stefano, Maria, Giovanna and many other people, but not herself. In this so beautiful day, in which you celebrate the victory you gained, I would like very much you to keep on praying. You can't realize how important prayer is in this moment. Thank you for the adoration you did before Jesus the Eucharist, thank you for everything. I would like very much you to keep on walking along this difficult path, or better, very difficult, because you know well that the great men of the Church destroyed the work of God. All that is here around you is God's work, the men and the devil can destroy God's works, but they can't destroy the Almighty God, because nobody can destroy God. If you keep on praying, suffering and accepting some suffering, loving each other, being sincere, true and loyal, God will be with you.

Many times I told you to love everybody, not only those who love you; your love must be as big as Jesus' Heart. My Son Jesus' Heart is huge and loves everybody, because Jesus died for everybody. My Heart suffered for everybody. Our love is always great, even if someone causes our suffering. Jesus and I, the Mum, keep on loving also those who voluntarily, with wickedness, cause sufferings and I mean the great men.

You can't either imagine how many children die of hunger every day in every nation, they have neither help, nor medicines, they have nothing, while the powerful men keep on getting rich by the war and accumulating treasures. Oh, if the treasures of the Vatican were given to the poor people of all nations! Children and mothers can't keep on dying because they have nothing. Who is in the hospitals understands very well what I mean. That's why I say that these powerful persons, who have goods, treasures and billions must help these children, these mothers and these fathers who have not a job. For this the Mum invites you to pray.

Excellency, you have written a beautiful letter, you have consumed your strength again for the cardinals, the bishops, the responsibles of the Roman Curia, the Vicariate and the priests of Rome, so that they understand the evil they are doing and have done, so that they understand that they are fighting against God and follow satan. The letter will be sent, because God decided it. Some beloved children of mine will still convert themselves, but there will be others who will try to destroy you in one way or an other. Their greatest and most beautiful satisfaction would be to kill the bishop and the visionary, but God will not allow it. My two children can suffer and they are suffering very much; the visionary is suffering the wounds of my Son Jesus and she poured much blood, but nobody will be able to hurt them. Some doctors have come and have examined the stigmata, they ascertained that there was neither a nasty smell, nor infection. They observed that the eyes and fingers had no signs of debilitation and they exclaimed: "What a perfume!".

You, who saw many times, should be the first ones to be converted. This letter could convert all those people and could do good to everybody, even to the great men. So, Excellency, send the letter, but as usual I repeat you: don't expect anything. Oh, many believe, many know that you are in the truth and you gained the victory, whose anniversary is tomorrow. Many know that you are a honest, good and generous person, that you have charity and love towards everybody, but they prefer to stay with the men who are against God. I just say you: courage, courage. Your sister suffers the passion, your suffering is different, but is very great.

I would like very much to stay always next to you and speak with you, who notwithstanding everything, continue this long and sorrowful path.

I bless this letter written by my beloved priest, my bishop, the great bishop ordained by God. The men can say whatever they want, but God ordained him bishop and nobody can command God, who is the master of Heaven and Earth and of all that the world contains; only God can do whatever He wants.

I wish everybody well, I wish you to pray, but above all to love.

Together with my and your bishop, ordained by God, the Bishop of the Eucharist, I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I bless the sick who are at home, those in the hospitals and the sick who are fighting alone against the illness.

I bring all of you tight to my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.

Most Reverend Excellency, the Mother of Heaven wishes your blessing, then I close this God's letter.

(The episcopal blessing of the bishop follows)

Thank you, Excellency, I am up here, don't you see me? You have blessed me.

The Mum brings all of you tight to her heart and covers you with her maternal mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.

Marisa - Bye, thank you. You are really a Mum, a good good Mum. Bye.

She saw the letter and read it all.

Bishop - Did she like it?