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The appeals of God the Father defending the Bishop

This is the truth about the last blow of satan

Rome, 15th December 2002 - h.10:30 a.m.

Letter of God

Marisa - I would like to pose so many questions, but it is not easy for me. I entrust you many sick people, but you know everything and the thoughts of men, you know who is asking for prayers. Someone is asking you to be in good spirit, to rejoice, even when the suffering is very hard. All of us are asking you to spend a Christmas of spirituality and harmony with the family and friends; it is very important.

Our Lady - Yes, little Marisa, it is very important to spend holy Christmas in harmony, with the family, with relatives, with friends; to spend holy Christmas praying and even eating, for I also know the saying: empty bags cannot stand upright.

However think first of all to be united with Baby Jesus. Today you are beginning the novena in preparation for holy Christmas and starting to prepare the layette for Baby Jesus.

Do not think solely to the gifts and decorations. Do you want to make a little present? Do it, but it must come from your heart and if the other does not accept it, it is not of your concern. This is another saying: what the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't grieve over.

Marisa - Are you feeling like joking this morning?

Our Lady - Yes, I feel like joking and I would like to always joke in this way, but as you know well, little Marisa, and as you all know well, the war goes on and the wickedness of men becomes more and more grievous.

When someone has a suffering, he must try to overcome it without being a burden for the others, you need to accept everything and bear everything. Tears might come out, there might be moments of distress, but they must be just moments.

To get ready for the coming of Baby Jesus it is enough to pray and to make little sacrifices and little penances.

Baby Jesus comes for everybody, escorted by the saved babies, by the little angels, by all these people who are now next to me, by the whole Heaven.

Marisa - Where are you going? Are you going away? You were speaking so sweetly and now you have gone away!

God the Father - I am God. I am coming to tell you a few, very few words.

My love for this thaumaturgical place is great.

The one who sent the letter for the reduction to the lay state of the greatest bishop of the whole world, should be excommunicated.

Keep in mind that to reduce a priest to the lay state it is necessary to commit the following serious crimes: to become apostate, heretic, schismatic; to desecrate the Eucharist; to make use of physical violence against the Pope; to commit certain serious sins against the 6th commandment.

Your bishop has done nothing of all this.

I, God, once more declare that Don Claudio is bishop with all the powers and no man on Earth, from the Pope down, can deprive him of his episcopate.

Surely strength and courage is needed, your help and your prayers are needed.

When you have a little or great suffering think what your bishop is suffering. When someone says to you: "Don Claudio is reduced to the lay state", know how to answer, know how to tell the reasons for the discharge from the clerical state and then go away, without having any other discussion.

I am God and there is no other God but me; I have created Heaven and Earth; I have created the man; I can do what I wish, but I see that the men of the Church take advantage of my goodness and do what they want. Yes, it is true, they strive to have as much power as possible, they enjoy going with women, they do as they like and have the audacity to come together to speak badly of my bishop, of the bishop I ordained.

It is time to stop it. Be strong, be strong as the apostles, fight and do not grieve.

I repeat: when someone says to you: "Do not go to Via delle Benedettine, for that priest has been reduced to the lay state", you answer: "It is not true, you are lying, go and get all the information". Legally, in order to reduce to the lay state, it is necessary that a priest commits certain crimes. It is enough to commit a single crime out of those listed in the Canon Law to be reduced to the lay state. But what have the gentlemen of the Church done? Not knowing what to write on the documents, for they could not blame Don Claudio for any single crime out of those foreseen in the Canon Law, they wrote down none of them.

You have an angel in your midst who is in need of Me and your prayers only.

Little Marisa, I know you are suffering, for you do not see me, but you cannot see me. I see you and I see you all. I bless you all. Try in these novena days to be better, to love each other and above all to love your bishop. Believe in God and if you believe in God, you have to believe that your bishop is a saint. The men of the Church are attacking him and for jealousy and envy they say against him calumnies and defamations.

Wishes to everybody on behalf of God.

Our Lady - My dear children, I am your Mama. I am still shaking, after hearing the voice of God so powerful. His words are enough to make you understand what the men of the Church have done and what your bishop is suffering. Courage, your Mama is with you. Thank God for the great gift that He has given you: He Himself spoke. Courage.

Little Marisa, I see you are feeling sick: be strong, be strong, be strong. You do not speak, you don't say anything, you are not complaining, you keep silent and the others can't always understand or they don't want to understand or pretend not to understand what are you suffering. Don't fear.

My dear children, begin this holy novena as God told you and love each other.

Together with my and your bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.

I remind you that I will be coming on thursday at 8:30 p.m. and on sunday and other feast days at 10:30 a.m., always after you will have sung the Magnificat. You must be on time, for God loves punctuality.

Bye, my little children of mine, bye to everybody.

Marisa - Listen, when you will be going to God, thank Him on our behalf, for He came personally to tell the truth on our bishop.

Rome, 16th January 2003 - h.8:30 p.m.

Letter of God

Marisa - My God, I wasn't expecting you!

God the Father - Are you surprised that I, God, have come? Now it is time to change, I have left my throne too many times to come and talk to you. And what are you doing? You keep on not giving example and witnessing, you keep on living closed in your little back garden. Who gave witnessing? A 7 year-old child, Jacopo, was able to speak about what your sister suffers, he was able to explain without fear all that happens in the thaumaturgical place. You fear to meet people, you fear to speak; this concerns the grown-up young people and the adults.

I am God and I am tired of this situation, I am tired of all that happens on the Earth, I am tired of your lies and my two dear little children are tired too. Your bishop is offering everything, but he is attacked by the mason priests, who treat him badly at the telephone and tell him so bad phrases that neither an atheist would say. Your bishop always had the courage to answer with calm, to greet and hang up the telephone. Those who behave in this way are masons. My two children already knew that the priest who offended very seriously the bishop at the telephone today was a mason; he got so angry, turned so bitter and said so bad words that it will be difficult for him to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

What are you doing for your bishop? Yes, someone does adoration, prays and I, God, thank them for this, but others, inside and outside the house, cause his suffering. It is high time to stop! Don Claudio is a priest who has given 40 years of life for the souls; he has given 16, 14, 12 years to some of you and what have you done? You have kept on causing his suffering. You invited him to spend some days with you, during which he only suffered, suffered, suffered. God can also get tired of all this and send a second universal chastisement; God can't keep on tolerating all these unkind things anymore. Who is bad let him remain bad and go away, who is good he must love the priest, the bishop ordained by Me. The priests are jealous, envious that I, God, ordained him bishop. Jealousy, envy and pride wound them to death. They do nothing but meeting and speaking ill of my bishop, they compete saying the greatest thing. These people will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, where I, God, want good, pure, holy people, like the children; I don't want people who don't love and cause suffering voluntarily.

I have not come only for you, but for the whole world, which is not hearing Me in this moment, but to which you can give witnessing and say: "Brothers, let's stop doing all these unkind things, let's stop attacking a simple bishop, just because he was ordained by God; this is only wickedness". To these bad people join those who live in the house and those who come to this thaumaturgical place. I chose this place, I wanted it to be a corner of Paradise and what are you doing with it? Oh, how many people have to say mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa (It is my fault). Your bishop looks for nothing, he looks for neither money, nor power, he doesn't dress expensively, he just looks for the souls and loves them.

My children, don't cause your bishop's suffering anymore. I, God, am tired; my Son Jesus is tired; the Holy Spirit is tired; the Mother of the Eucharist is tired, your Mum is tired, who followed you step by step. You belong to the Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza (Movement Commitment and Witnessing), but who shows commitment and witnessing? You fear to witness that I am God and there is no other God but Me and that I ordained the bishop. It is high time to stop making his life difficult and causing his suffering for your foolish things, for crying on yourselves. Don't you see how these my two children are reduced? They offer their suffering for the Church, for you, for the peace, for the people who are in need; they are always ready to suffer to save the souls. There is also granny Iolanda who suffers and prays much. And what are you doing? I am addressing you, but surely you know that I am speaking to all the world, to all men, to the great men of the Church, to the great politicians, who quarrel, discuss and even come to blows. They have money, richness and they could help many children who are dying; on the contrary, they must make war, they must win, they must accumulate much money, they must be more powerful.

Why do you fear to say: "God spoke and I, who am son of God, must obey him"? Why? I haven't given you the suffering that I have given to my two children, I would neither try to give you it, because as your sister said one day, you could not endure even for one second what she endures continuously.

When God speaks, He speaks with authority. When there is the judgement I will be very severe, now I am still patient and have mercy, but remember that finally I will be just and then the wicked will go to hell, for ever, the good will come to rejoice with Me, together with the children, the angels and the saints. There is a little child here next to Me. Do you remember what the Gospel says: "If you don't become as little as the children you won't enter the Kingdom of Heaven"? This doesn't concern the age; the little ones are the good, the simple, the humble and those who love. How many times did the Mother bring you my letter that spoke about love, love, love? Where is this love? Love doesn't mean to make war, hating each other, offending at the telephone and speaking ill of the bishop who I, God, ordained. Where is love? Where is charity? Where is the help to your brother?

Marisa - Now all the angels have gone away with God.

Our Lady - Yes, little Marisa, I, your Mother, have remained. Put into practice what God said; God did not speak to everybody, God doesn't make Himself heard by everybody. Try to understand, put into practice what God said and don't fear. God talked to you; you didn't see Him, neither your sister saw Him, but you heard, through little Marisa, what He said. I want to help you to put into practice all that God the Father said.

Together with my and your bishop, the great bishop ordained by God, I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I bring you all tight to my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.

Marisa - Bye. Bye, little one. Don Claudio, dear me! I saw everything brightening, all the angels and the saints prostrating themselves in adoration and I heard his voice that I am still hearing inside my ears. Did you see?

Bishop - Nobody can see God.

Marisa - I didn't see Him too, but did you hear?

Bishop - Yes, I did.