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Letter sent on 6th January 2003 by the Bishop Claudio Gatti to the Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church, to the Bishops of Italy, to the heads of the Roman Curia, to the Vicariate of Rome and to the priests of Rome

Dearest brother,

the brotherly correction must be done to everybody, as Jesus taught. (Cf Mt. 18, 15-18)

Nobody is exempt from the brotherly correction, because Jesus made no distinctions of people, but said: "If your brother sins against you, go and reprimand him".

We must have the love, loyalty and courage to do it also to the superiors when they are wrong. The unwritten rule which is in force in the Vatican: "The superiors are always right" must be suppressed and replaced by the gospel teaching.

The ecclesiastical authority was seriously wrong to me and inflicted on me "the last blow of satan"; Our Lord Jesus Christ and Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, defined in this way my dismissal from the clerical state.

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Now I confine myself to submit some considerations to your judgement.

Card. Ratzinger took advantage of the Pope's precarious state of health, to let him sign, without his knowledge, the decree of my dismissal from the clerical state, during the audience granted to him on October 18, 2002.

The dismissal from the clerical state can be imposed ex-officio, that is without the agreement of the concerned person, by a request of the bishop to the Pontiff, but it can't be laid down by particular law (canon 1317) and, since it is a perpetual penalty, neither by decree (canon 1342 §2). It must be established only through judicial procedure by a tribunal of three or five judges (canon 1425).

Card. Ruini by the letter prot. # 1466/02 simply informed me that: "The Supreme Pontiff John Paul II ordered your immediate dismissal from the clerical state ex-officio et in poenam, cum dispensatione ab omnibus oneribus e sacris Ordinibus manantibus".

The above-named cardinal should have attached to his communication an authenticated photocopy of the letter (prot. 174/95-15938) sent by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to the Vicariate of Rome, but he didn't do it. Why?

The priests, accused of committing sexual abuses on the minors, have the right to defence, as established by the new laws decided by the american bishops and approved by the Congregation of the Bishops. On the contrary, I was refused not only the right to defence, but I was not even informed of the crime for which I was condemned. The reason of this omission is evident: I committed no crime, I just defended the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist and the eucharistic miracles, especially the one happened while I was celebrating the holy Mass.

On June11, 2000, feast of Pentecost, as soon as I finished to say the wording of the consecration of the bread, blood began to come out of the host and to spread on a great part of its surface. Time stopped for me and for a long time I have remained motionless over the host, leaned on the altar, gazing at the divine blood, while the numerous people present were crying for the emotion and praying in deep concentration.

The First and Eternal Priest, performing in my hands the greatest miracle in the History of the Church, after ordaining me bishop, wanted to put his divine seal on my episcopal ordination and showed that it is not of human, but of divine origin.

Can the ecclesiastical authority forbid God to do what He wants? No!

Moreover, the heads of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Vicariate of Rome considered the Eucharist that bled "a piece of bread" and the emission of blood from the host consecrated by me "a diabolic intervention".

Consequently, since they profaned the Eucharist, they incurred in the latae sententiae excommunication reserved to the Apostolic See (canon 1367) and, since they ascribed to the devil what is work of God, they sinned against the Holy Spirit.

The dismissal from the clerical state is explicitly foreseen by the normative law and it can be inflicted only if the cleric committed one of the crimes indicated in the canons 1364, 1367, 1370 §1, 1387, 1394 §1, 1395. Since it can be shown that I committed none of the crimes foreseen by the Code of Canon Law, Card. Ratzinger, Card. Ruini and Mons. Bertone, authors of my dismissal from the clerical state, committed an act which is morally illicit and juridically invalid, because they abused of their authority, they went against the Code of Canon Law and especially, by condemning an innocent, they seriously lacked in the charity and offended the truth.

Dearest brother, I don't ask you to defend me, because the Lord promised that He will intervene to remove the powerful men from their thrones and to rise the humble, but I ask you to forbid the Holy Father to make a bad impression on the Church and the History.

If you inform the Pope of what his co-workers plotted behind his shoulders, you will show to love him thoroughly and to serve him faithfully; if you keep silent, you will incur in the severe judgement of God and in the strong disapproval of the two immediate and legitimate successors of John Paul II.

May the Lord enlighten and give you strength and courage to defend the Pope.

I entrust you to the protection of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist.

Yours faithfully in the Lord.

Rome, 6th January 2003

Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord

+ Claudio Gatti

Bishop Ordained by God

Bishop of the Eucharist