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The letter sent by card. Ruini to the Bishop ordained by God, Mons. Claudio Gatti, which contains the arbitrary and unfair unfair reduction to the lay state of the Bishop Claudio Gatti, clearly breaking the H. Gospel and the Code of Canon Law

This is the truth about the last blow of satan


Dear sir,

for Your knowledge and as a rule I inform you that by the letter prot. 174/95 - 15938 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith informed this Vicariate that on October 18, 2002 the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, in the audience granted to the Prefect Cardinal of the Congregation, disposed Your immediate dismissal from the clerical state "ex officio et in poenam, cum dispensatione ab omnibus oneribus e sacris Ordinibus manantibus". The pontifical decision must not be considered open to appeal.


General Vicar of His Holiness

for the Diocese of Rome