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The testament

5th April 2009 - Marisa reads her spiritual will to the whole community

Dear brothers and sisters, it is with great joy that I read again this letter to those who were absent last Friday, the day of the Bible class. I know that you complied with Our Lady's invitation to pray for my departure and that you have accepted the Bishop's proposal to begin a campaign of prayers for the same intention. God the Father is happy with this initiative, He approves and supports it.

Jesus, my sweet Spouse, knows that I fervently wish to reach Him as soon as possible, not only because I am by now at the end of my strength; my health is not responding to medicines and I am tired of suffering, but also because I do not feel to live in this filthy and corrupted world.

I cry with Paul: "I would die to be with Christ". Thank you for the prayers you are reciting and I beg you to continue with greater perseverance. This is a very beautiful gesture of love towards me.

God willing, when I will be in Heaven, I will entrust Him with each of you and your loved ones.

I will also pray for your intentions.

I will not forget anyone, because you have been close to the Bishop and me in the many painful moments of our mission. When I will be no more, do not abandon the Bishop, do not make him suffer and continue to stay close to him, especially when he will fly to amazing heights. It will not be easy for him to "enter the lion's den", as the Mother of the Eucharist said. At that time he will need you more than ever; he will need your help, your love and your prayers. Do not try playing the prima donna, feel like the last, for the last shall be first, and you must be first. Do not talk behind someone’s back, do not argue among you, but love, learn to love, then pray.

I carry with me the face of each of you and, in some way, you may be before Daddy God, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

If God will allow me, I will come and pay you a visit at your home to collect your prayers and bring His graces. Do not cry at my death, it is not worth it, but rejoice because I will have achieved happiness at last. I am going to prepare a place for you in Heaven, where I will be waiting for you all.

I end as my mother taught me: "I kiss all of you dearly. Your very affectionate sister, Marisa".