Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Letter sent by the Bishop Claudio Gatti on 31st march 2002 to all the foreign Cardinals

His Eminence Most Reverend,

I am compelled to write to all the non Italian cardinals to solicit your influential intervention in defense of the Eucharist and of the most important eucharistic miracles of the History of Church. Of this important argument I have written various times to John Paul II, but my letters have never been given to the Holy Father. At this point the cooperators of the Roman Curia not only have taken the place of the Pope in governing the Church, but have gone as far as censuring the acts of the pontifical magister, as I myself have documented.

After this I addressed myself to the cardinals resident in Rome and in Italy, to all the Italian bishops, to all the roman priests and to many superior generals of religious congregations, but none either for fear, for premeditation or for interest has taken position to defend the Eucharist and the eucharistic miracles.

Eminence, please allow me to expose a brief account of the eucharistic events that have been witnessed by myself and by hundreds of persons.

Jesus and Our Lady brought into the thaumaturgical place, this is the way Jesus defined our house, hundreds of consecrated hosts that were either profaned or rescued from profanation or were taken from different churches, where the Eucharist was not loved by priests and laymen. These hosts, placed inside the tabernacle or on the altar in the church and on flowers and sacred images in the house, were given in communion to the people who attended our prayer meetings. All those who received them are ready to witness that the hosts brought by Jesus or Our Lady emitted a particular scent and a pleasant warmth, that was felt when they were put in the mouth. Some of the hosts brought by Jesus or Our Lady bled in our presence. We keep four blood-stained hosts that are still perfectly preserved after some years and the blood has not decayed. Two of these hosts bled more than once at a distance of some months, this event is unique in the history of the Church. In addition we have a corporal and a pad wet by the blood that came out of the hosts brought by the First and Eternal priest into our chapel.

Also other sorts of eucharistic miracles happened. In the presence of many people a host came out of the chest of a crucifix, passed through the protective glass box and deposed itself on the hands of Marisa Rossi.

Several times there has been the multiplication of the Eucharist in my hands; with few hosts, brought by the Mother of the Eucharist, I gave the Holy Communion to about two hundred people.

Each time I informed the Vicariate of Rome about the miracolous eucharistic events, the Card. Vicary and his cooperators always liquidated them, without carrying out investigations and interrogatories, as: effects of religious pathology, fair-booth phenomena, consequences of diabolic interventions. Several times, personally and in writing, I asked to Card. Ruini to send experts and exorcists in order to value the eucharistic miracles and he always gave me negative answers, "because he didn't see the necessity".

I myself brought into the Vicariate a blood-stained host in order to have it examined and Mons. Nosiglia ordered me: "Throw away that peace of blood-stained bread", order that I did not carry so as not to go against my conscience and not to incur the latae sententiae excommuincation reserved to the Apostolic See (can. 1367 C.I.C.).

The Vicariate, in front of the repeating of the great eucharistic miracles, without either ever questioning the witnesses, nor carrying out investigations, reacted submerging me with decrees that contained the order of abstaining "from performing acts of eucharistic cult and public cult generally speaking in the occasion or as a consequence of presumed apparitions of hosts" and the menace of suspending me a divinis, if I had not obeyed.

Card. Ruini, through Mons. Nosiglia, got to the ill-famed blackmail: "If you deny that those hosts, also the blood-stained ones, are Eucharist and you were mistaken and you deceived, because they are work of the devil, we won't suspend you". That was too much, because if I had accepted, besides incuring in the excommunication, I would have sinned against the Holy Spirit, for having ascribed to the devil what is work of God.

I replied: "Do whatever you want. I prefer to be suspended a divinis than profaning the Eucharist".

Jesus said that the suspension a divinis "is illicit, unlawful and null" and in order to show that I was perfectly right in front of the Church and for other reasons explained in the book "You are bishop ordained by God, bishop of the Eucharist", He gave me the fullness of priesthood.

When on the 20th of June 1999 the Lord ordained me bishop, I cried and trembled, because I was perfectly conscient of the new fierce persecution, by the men of the Church, I would have undergone.

I didn't want to be ordained bishop, but the Lord didn't give me the possibility of choosing whether being or not being bishop nor asked me for permission to ordain me bishop. When Jesus ordained Peter and the other apostles bishops He did not impose his hands on their head, He didn't recite any formula of consecration, He didn't perform any rite, but He manifested his will and gave an order: "Do this in remembrance of me" (Luke 22, 14).

The Lord behaved in the same way also with me. "I ordain you bishop, I give you the fullness of priesthood and I give you all powers", Jesus said this while I was crying and suffering.

I said yes to God and the men of the Church condemned me.

Nevertheless Jesus is the Founder and Head of the Church, He is the First and Eternal Priest, because He "has an unchangeable priesthood" (Heb 7, 24).

Jesus is not the emeritus Head of the Church, as many clergymen would like, He didn't abdicate his role of head and, without asking for permission to anybody, He can remit the sins, consecrate the Eucharist and ordain bishops. God can do everything, nothing is impossible to God. Who asserts that God can't ordain a bishop he seriously sins and shows not to know the Holy Scripture.

Jesus united the Eucharist and priesthood, instituting the two sacraments in the Last Supper.

Jesus united my episcopate and the eucharistic miracles and He put his seal on both them on 11th June 2000, feast of Pentecost, when He performed the last great eucharistic miracle, in the presence of more than one hundred people.

As soon as I finished to say the wording of the consecration of the bread, blood began to come out of my host.

Time stopped for me. I was bending over the host that I was holding tightly in my hands and I was gazing at the divine blood that was spreading on a great part of its surface. I did not move for a time that seemed endless to the people present, because they thought I was feeling sick, since on my face alternated a shocking paleness and a strong blush.

As soon as I collected myself a little, I slowly lifted up the host. There was much emotion in the people present, but everything took place in an atmosphere of deep concentration and living participation. While I was lowering my blood-stained host, I saw, on the paten, two other big hosts that, as the Mother of the Eucharist will say later, had been rescued from profanation and brought into the thaumaturgical place, because "the bishop, the visionary and the members of the community love the Eucharist very much and they are ready to give even their life to defend it".

After reciting the formula of the consecration of the wine, and lifted up the chalice, I took the paten that contained the blood-stained host consecrated by me and the other two hosts rescued from profanation and I passed between the pews of the church, so that the people present could see them closely, ascertain the truthfulness of the fact, smell the scent that the blood-stained host emitted, to witness in the future the great Eucharistic miracle happened.

Would the Lord perform such a great eucharistic miracle in my hands if I were not bishop, but an impostor?

Even after the last eucharistic miracle, happened during the Holy Mass which was celebrated by me, cardinal Ruini has continued to consider the bleeding Eucharist "a piece of bread stained with blood" and the emission of blood from the host I consacrated "an effect of a diabolic intervention".

In fact he has signed an official document of the I.E.C., dated January 11, 2001 and therefore posterior to the eucharistic miracle of June 11, 2000, with which he has reconfirmed his position. This position regarding the eucharistic miracle is not only wrong, but absolutely heretical.

Since Card. Ruini has profaned the Eucharist he has incurred in the latae sententiae excommunication reserved to the Apostolic See (can. 1376 C.I.C.) and since he has attributed to the devil what is the work of God he has sinned against the Holy Spirit.

This judgement regarding the above mentioned cardinal has been given by the invisible Head of the Church: Jesus Christ.

Towards the serious errors of Card. Ruini no ecclesiastic authority has risen, but only myself, aware of my littleness and weakness, but knowing that "God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise, God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong". (I Cor. 1,27)

The first and mostly the second legitimate successor of John Paul II will ask H.E. to give an account of his attitude regarding the Eucharist and the eucharistic miracles which happened in the thaumaturgical place, if he will still be alive.

More severe than the judgement of the Pope will be that of Christ. "Every one who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven; but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven" (Mt 10,32).

I once again confirm my communion with the Pope and the Bishops who love, adore and believe in the Eucharist.

May the Mother of the Eucharist protect the Church.

Best regards.

Rome, 31st march 2002

Easter Sunday

+ Claudio Gatti

Bishop Ordained by God

Bishop of the Eucharist