Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Letter sent by Fr. Claudio Gatti on 29th June 1999 to all the Cardinals, to many Bishops and to the heads of Religious Orders and of the Episcopal Conferences of the Roman Catholic Church all over the world.

To the Cardinals, to the Bishops and to the priests of the Church: One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, Roman.

My dearest brother in Christ and in priesthood,

on the eve of the third Millennium, which will be deeply Eucharistic, I want you to know the great Eucharistic miracles performed by God in Rome, in the place declared by God Himself "holy and thaumaturgical". The heart of the next holy year certainly will be the International Eucharistic Congress, that will be celebrated in Rome: this great event will be one of manifestations of the triumph of the Euhcarist, that has begun in the thaumaturgical place and will spread all over the Church.

In Rome, Via delle Benedettine, happened and keep on happening the most important Marian apparitions and the greatest Eucharistic miracles of all the history of the Church: Jesus, sweet Master and Mary, the Mother of the Eucharist, repeated this many times.

Many Eucharistic miracles have happened, so I shall confine myself to inform you about those which, in my opinion, are the most amazing and impressive.

On Sunday, the 17th May 1998, at about 9:30 a.m. I entered the little chapel of the Mother of the Eucharist, which was already full of believers, to explain as usual the latest messages of Our Lady, received by Marisa Rossi.

As soon as I arrived the silence was broken by a ring of the internal telephone: I was called by Marisa, so I went up home again with all haste.

Those present immediately realized that something exceptional should have happened and remained silent in the chapel to wait for news and praying.

In the meantime, Marisa informed me that while she was out of her bedroom, Jesus had leaned on some flowers a great Host and that from the inside of It some drops of blood had gushed. Two ladies had been the first to realize the miraculous event. Since the beginning of a series of Eucharistic miracles, on 14th September 1995, this is the seventh time that Jesus or the Mother of the Eucharist bring Hosts from which blood gushes.

The young people of the Movimento, after having adored Jesus, present with His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the bleeding Host, took some photos and a video recording to supply with documentary evidence the great Eucharistic miracle.

Immediately I came back into the chapel, I reached the little altar and I explained over the microphone to those present what had happened.

As soon as I stopped speaking, I and the young people came back hume, where the bleeding Eucharist was and we realized that in the meantime blood had kept on gushing and the original shape of the Host had changed.

A few minutes later, I returned into the chapel: at a short distance followed Marisa, who was carried by the young people in their arms as far as her wheelchair and finally the other people.

Marisa, who looked to be very suffering, entered the chapel seated on the wheelchair and bearing, over a little plate, the very visible great Host, Which was slightly folded, shaped like a shell: inside the white border of the Host were present many blood-stains.

I said a few words again, then I took the blood-stained Eucharist away from Marisa's hands and stopping now and again, I slowly proceeded through the believers to allow everyone to see very closely what the Host looked like. Well, the central part of It, at a closer view, appeared to be swollen, wet and blood-striped, very similar to a stripe of the quick: on the outside border of the Host, blood was thicker and formed an irregular and sharp border.

Everybody, with emotion, saw this.

During the apparition which followed the Eucharistic miracle, the Mother of the Eucharist said: "This blood-stained Host was brought by Jesus Himself: just when a priest was consecrating out of habit and this priest wasn't believing in what he was doing in that moment, so blood begun to spring and I said to Jesus: "Let's take this Host away and bring It to the little corner of Paradise, to the thaumaturgical place, It will be loved, adored and respected there". So Jesus, with all his love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, accompanied by the Holy Spirit under the appearances of a snow-white dove, came into Marisa's bedroom and laid down Jesus the Eucharist on those flowers. Blood kept on springing, so the Host begun to swell out, It swelled out very much. Put It inside a box of glass and leave It there".

I received by Our Lady the order of keeping the bleeding Eucharist with loving care.

Pilgrims coming from every part of the world collected in prayer before the Eucharist Which bled, but only a few priests came to the thaumaturgical place to adore It and no cardinal or bishop came to prostrate himself before It.

The Eucharist kept on emitting a particular scent, which is always and clearly felt by those who approach It. Blood became solid, no process of decay happened, as it would have been normal to happen if It had been divine blood.

We never could imagine that the Eucharist Which bled would have gushed divine blood again, just like happened on last Sunday, the 6th June 1999, feast of Corpus Domini.

At 7:30 a.m., while from my office I was going to the upper home level, halfway up the stairs, I felt the distinctive and sweet scent which points out the presence of the Eucharist brought by Jesus or by Our Lady. I reached at once the provisional little chapel which preserves the Eucharist Which bled on 17th May 1998, but I didn't find any Host. I asked Marisa to know the origin of the scent but she also couldn't give me any explanation. We glazed together at the Eucharist Which bled more carefully and we saw, with wonder, something which will remain ineffaceable inside our mind for our whole life.

The Host, Which after the first shedding of blood assumed a shell shape, had changed and assumed a heart shape.

Fresh blood gushing out of the Host was over the blood that had poured on 17th May 1998 which had dried up. Showy blood drops stained the little cushion upon which the Host was placed, being inside a glass chalice. We were struck by something else: on the corporal which was under the glass chalice a blood stain was clearly visible.

Marisa and I prayed and adored Jesus the Eucharist, keeping on glazing at the divine blood that was gushing and formed a little streamlet in the confluence of the transversal part with the horizontal part of the Host.

Soon after I phoned my young people and some grown ups, so that they came immediately to observe and to bear witness of the extraordinary Eucharistic miracle.

A video recording and was made and also many pictures were taken to have a detailed documentation of the miracle happened.

At 10:00 a.m., while all my young people were going before me, I brought the blood-stained Eucharist into the chapel, where many people gathered.

I reported those present the miracle: everybody adored, prayed and sang.

I, moved and happy, brought in solemn procession the Eucharist, from Which blood had gushed twice. The procession was opened by Marisa, who brought on her shoulders a cross, according to what Jesus ordered her. Marisa can take just little steps, going on crutches, but she was walking speedly, supported by God's power.

When the procession ended Jesus gave this message: "Last night my heart exploded, my blood gushed and passed through the glass chalice, like the Eucharist when It came out from the Crucifix and passed through the glass box put over it for protection.

My blood gushed out of joy, love and suffering. This great miracle happened to show to man that my heart explodes every moment: when there are souls who love, when there are souls who suffer and when there are men who don't believe.

This gift, this great miracle in the miracle of the miracle, is for you. Bear witness for it, shout it, don't fear what men can say or can do.

My heart exploded and blood with water came out, from that Host Which had already bled on 17th May 1998, more than one year ago. This great miracle must change you, my beloved sons".

God wants cardinals, bishops and priests to come here to adore the Eucharist Which bled twice, at a distance of more than one year, this is an only event in the history of the Church.

In past times, the clergy and also the Pope, when some Eucharistic miracles came to their knowledge, immediately reached the place to adore Jesus, present in the Eucharist with His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, like it happened for the Eucharistic miracles of Bolsena, Turin, Ravenna, Siena, Alatri, Lanciano and for other miracles.

Now allow me to defend myself: it's my right. I don't like to enter the subject of the responsibilities of other people, I just would like to show the events for which I was suspended from the exercise of sacred functions (a divinis).

I always obeyed the ecclesiastical authority: cardinal Vicar Camillo Ruini and archbishop Vicedirector Monsignor Cesare Nosiglia acknowledged it to me. Only before a blackmail my conscience obliged me to "Obey God, rather than men". (Act. 5,29)

When I was ordered "Not to do acts of Eucharistic cult or in general acts of public cult on the occasion or as a consequence of presumed apparitions of Hosts on the hands of Miss Marisa Rossi", this is the text of cardinal Ruini's decree, protocol #306/96, I obeyed, respecting the decree to the letter.

On the contrary, when the ecclesiastical authority ordered me to throw the blood-stained Eucharist away, Which I brought into the Vicariate to let It be examined, to acknowledge that "It was a piece of bread and trick of the fairbooths", to admit that I had made a mistake and deceived the believers, I found myself to take all alone a difficult and suffering decision.

If I had accepted to do all that the ecclesiastical authority ordered me, I would have sinned very seriously against God, I would have raped my conscience, I would have profaned the Eucharist and incurred the excommunication "latae sententiae", reserved to the Apostolic See, according the canon 1376 of Canon Law.

So I was suspended from the exercise of sacred functions because I didn't obey the ecclesiastical authority who ordered me to throw away the Eucharist Which had bled.

Dear brother, what would you have done if the authority had ordered you to profane the Eucharist? I am sure that you would have behaved like me.

I, Marisa, the young people and the grown ups of the association "Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza - Madre dell'Eucaristia" show to all the cardinals, the bishops and the priests our respect and our affection. Allow me to say, together with St. Paul: "All the brethren send greetings. Greet one another with a holy kiss. If any one has no love for the Lord, let him be accursed. Our Lord, come! The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you. My love be with you all in Christ Jesus". (I, Cor. 16, 20-24)

Fr. Claudio Gatti

Rome, 29th June 1999.

Feast of the Saints Apostles Peter and Paul.