Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Letter addressed by Fr. Claudio Gatti on 24th October 1998 to all the priests of Rome through the heads of all the prefectures of the Diocese.

To the priests of Rome.

Copy to all the priests of the Church: One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, Roman.

Dear brothers in Christ and brothers in priesthood,

Jesus said that my well-known letter, addressed to the catholic clergy of all the Church, was rejected and destroyed only by a few priests who accused me of being a proud instigator. On the contrary, many priests, though they are behaving like Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea for fear of committing themselves, are keeping the letter "just like a relic...".

Many times the Lord revealed also that many of you believe in the supernatural origin of the Marian apparitions and of the Eucharistic miracles, but since you fear that if you show you accept them, you may lose your chairmanship and power, you behave just as if you don't believe them.

During a meeting with Monsignor Nosiglia I said: "We know many more things than you can imagine" and this not for boasting, but because we want to help those who would like to change their attitude about God's great interventions in the thaumaturgical place.

The Lord reveals to us just what we should know, to give us the chance to defend ourselves from the attacks prepared in furtive gatherings and to resist the persecution which has been organized by some people of high rank in the Church who never appear, but above all to allow us to live with serenity and confidence that moment in which the Church will be upset by fratricidal fights. Finally, through the triumph of the Eucharist the Church will be renewed and restored to a wonderful beauty and an incomparable strength, because the Great Sacrament of love and union will produce such a powerful action that first it will reunite the separated Christian Churches with the Catholic Church and then will allow all the other religions to be united with the one and true religion, the Catholic one.

The third Millennium, which will be intensely eucharistic, is about to open: man can't destroy God's plans even if sometimes he has the presumption of being able to do so.

Jesus affirmed that the ecclesiastical authority:

a) tried to put me against Him and to outrage my conscience, but without achieving their goal;

b) blackmailed me, 1) because they threatened the suspension from the exercise of sacred functions, when they ordered me not to adore anymore the Eucharist, brought by Jesus, by Our Lady, by the Angels and the Saints, without previously having made any serious examinations of the supernatural events and without having interrogated, in observance of the Gospel and the Canon Law, either me or the visionary, nor the hundreds of witnesses of the several great Eucharistic miracles; 2) because they ordered me, as a condition of having again the exercise of sacred functions, to acknowledge that I was mistaken and that I deceived people who came to pray into the thaumaturgical place.

Miracles are "signs" of Christ's divinity and the Lord performed many of them in the thaumaturgical place, which I described to you in detail in my previous letter.

Moreover, when I brought to the Vicariate the Eucharist Which bled, Monsignor Nosiglia, making a puzzled and annoyed gesture, told me: "What's that piece of bread?" and he refused to keep It and let It be examined.

c) They abused their power in our regards, 1) when they took away, without any reason, the permission given to me by Cardinal Poletti, of celebrating the Holy Mass and of keeping the Eucharist in our chapel; 2) when they first forbade people to come and pray in the thaumaturgical place and to attend the biblical catechesis, then, after insistent requests, they only allowed fifty people to come here; therefore I should have sent away everybody after the fiftieth person; 3) when they ordered me not to preach during the spiritual retreats to the young people and to the grown-ups of the Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza in our seat, which has proper rooms and a silent garden, so we were obliged to ask for hospitality in religious institutions, where we often had to pay for the use of rooms; 4) when they forbade me to celebrate, once a week, in "Casa St. Gaetano", Holy Mass for the participants of the biblical catechesis, though the Sisters of that house had given their consent. In the name of the Vicariate, the manager of that house referred to me: "Father Claudio, you can celebrate all alone, but not with the members of the Movimento"; 5) when they hindered people anyway coming and praying in the Via delle Benedettine, causing slanders and discord against us. You too received precise orders in these terms, in writing and in voice; 6) when they forbade us to give interwiews and to receive journalists, while Jesus many times repeated: "Why should God's great actions pass over in silence?"; 7) when, though they hadn't any data on which their opinion was based, they asked the head of the "Apparition List" on the Internet, not to spread the messages of the Mother of the Eucharist; 8) when they didn't prevent some broadcasts, which call themselves "catholic", from throwing mud at me and Marisa, at the most important apparitions and at the greatest Eucharistic miracles in all the history of the Church; 9) when they passed on us the following judgements, which are against truth and charity: "The devil brings the hosts. The apparitions of the hosts are tricks of the fair or they are the fruit of religious pathology. Everything is only the greatest lie. They perform conjuring tricks. They split the Church. The presumed messages of the Mother of the Eucharist are rubbish". I have quoted only those judgements referred by the ecclesiastical authority to the press or to the members of the Movimento, I am silent on those judgements which are not quotable and which were pronounced many times in furtive gatherings; 10) when they said insulting words, above all against Marisa, who was described as: "Crazy, heretic, blasphemer, possessed, idolatress" and also much worse; the ecclesiatical authority many times transgressed canon 220 of Canon Law.

I always bent my head and always obeyed, even if I disagreed, as I personally told Cardinal Ruini. Jesus and Our Lady many times affimed: "Your priest was always obedient to God and to the Church", so I didn't disobey the Church, but the great men of the Church didn't obey God, because they opposed his Divine Will, his projects, his Eucharistic miracles.

When a man, whatever is the office he holds in the ecclesiastical hierarchy, consciously opposes God, he takes upon himself a very serious responsibility which can endanger the salvation of his soul.

The sentence which made the whole of Paradise horrified was: "I shall revenge and I shall crush him".

He who said it, and we know who he is, showed hate, resentment, scorn and revenge inside his heart. He is guilty of a serious sin before God and those who heard that sentence pronounced and were silent for convenience or for fear, they became responsible of the same sin: the Holy Scripture teaches this.

For these reasons, but above all for the most serious one, about which for the moment we can't speak, the Lord Jesus ordered me to stop for the time being any relationship and dialog with the ecclesiastical authority, until they take away the decrees promulgated against us, which were declared "null and void" by God and till they have given their apologies, in writing, to me, to Marisa and to the members of the Movimento for the serious and heavy accusations, slanders and defamations that they moved many times against us and which were sometimes referred to on several occasions by press and television.

I, Marisa, my young people and my grown-ups, with love towards the superiors put into practice brotherly correction, taught by the Gospel (Mt. 18,15-17).

Jesus many times repeated in his messages that brotherly correction should be practiced towards everybody, also towards priests, bishops and cardinals; we just did this but it wasn't accepted, on the contrary it had the opposite effect and produced new sufferings.

Make a serious and honest eaxmination of your conscience, don't fear men, but fear God Who will judge you and, if it is necessary for the triumph of truth, even resign your office and defend truth with courage, because truth "Makes you free".(St. John 8,32)

This was dictated by love and by care for your souls, even if it could appear in some parts to be hard, strong and sharp; you should read it with humility and with attention.

The following words of Jesus are hammered in my mind and in my heart, as burning darts: "For what will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?".(Mt. 16,26)

For one moment divest yourselves of your offices, set yourseleves free from your power, kneel down before the Eucharist, also before the Eucharist brought here by Jesus, Which poured His Blood and ask yourselves: "Who am I before You, my God?".

Listen to your heart, open to the understanding of God's plans and abandon yourselves to Him, like sons in the arms of the Father.

If I directly address you, it's only to obey Jesus' order, to put into practice the brotherly correction in your regards and to give you a tangible proof of true love.

Remember these meaningful St. Augustin's words: "Timeo Dominum transeuntem et non plus revertentem". I know that we have yet much to suffer before the triumph of the Eucharist, the triumph of truth and before our triumph; Jesus and Our Lady announced that all this will begin to happen in 1999.

By this time, a short wait, only a little time is left before God intervenes; this is still a time of mercy, then will begin time of justice and I wouldn't like to be among those who fought Jesus the Eucharist Who poured His Blood and Who was brought into the thaumaturgical place.

Recently the Mother of the Eucharist many times announced that "When God the Father decides, I will fly among you and all of you will see Me in this thaumaturgical place and not elsewhere. All of you will see my body. God will give this gift to you, who always have been present, who faced difficult and painful situations, caused by those people who don't believe in the Eucharistic miracles which happened in the thaumaturgical place. Remember: first your priest will see Me, than it will be your turn".

Both Marisa and I have known for several years that Our Lady would appear for everybody in the thaumaturgical place, but we had to be silent due to God's order and we had to keep this secret.

We hope that the Mother of the Eucharist will be seen not only by the "Early workmen" but also by those of the "Latest time"; that is. by those who at first fought against the Eucharistic miracles which happened in the thaumaturgical place and then who converted their hearts and believed them.

I write you this new letter to invite you to assume your own responsibilities and to make your choice with courage and honesty, so that one day and it is really very near, when all that I have announced to you in my first and second letter happens, none of you shall say: "I didn't know anything".

We are now living the hardest, most suffered and fought against time of our life and we are following Mary's example, Who, as She said, after Jesus' death had inside her heart both suffering and joy: suffering because her Son was dead and joy because She was waiting for his resurrection, with firm faith.

It's better experiencing now some sufferings for Christ than being separated from Him for all eternity.

The following words of St. Paul bring us great comfortation: "Nothing therefore can come between us and the love of Christ, even if we are troubled or worried, or being persecuted, or lacking food or clothes, or being threatened or even attacked. As scripture promised: 'For your sake we are being massacred daily, and reckoned as sheep for the slaughter'. These are the trials through which we triumph, by the power of him who loved us. For I am certain of this: neither death nor life, no angel, no prince, nothing that exists, nothing still to come, not any power or height or depth, nor any created thing, can ever come between us and the love of God made visible in Christ Jesus our Lord".(St. Paul, Rm. 8,35-39)

I greet "all the brothers with a holy kiss".(I Tess. 5,26)

Father Claudio Gatti

Rome, 24th October 1998, fifth anniversary of the public apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist.

P.S. Dear brother, please send this letter to all the priests of your prefecture. If possible, send it also to the bishops and to the cardinals that you know. We must not fear the truth. Thank you.