Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Letter sent by the Bishop Claudio Gatti on 15th June 2000 to Cardinals, Bishops and priests.

Dear brother in Christ and brother in priesthood,

on the 11th of June 2000, feast of Pentecost, while I was celebrating the Holy Mass in the church "Mother of the Eucharist", a great Eucharistic miracle happened.

As soon as I finished to say the wording of the consecration of the bread, blood began to come out from my host.

Time stopped for me. I was bending over the host that I was holding tightly in my hands and I was gazing at the divine blood that was spreading on a great part of its surface.

I haven't moved for a time that seemed endless to the present people, because they thought I was feeling sick, since on my face a shocking paleness and a strong blush alternated.

As soon as I collected myself a little, I lifted up the host.

There was much emotion in the present people, but everything took place in an atmosphere of deep concentration and living participation.

While I was lowering my blood-stained host, I saw, on the paten, two other big hosts that, as the Mother of the Eucharist will say later, had been rescued from profanation and brought into the thaumaturgical place, because "the bishop, the visionary and the members of the community love the Eucharist very much and they are ready to give also their life to defend it".

After having said the wording of the consecration of the wine, and lifted up the chalice, I took the paten that contained the blood-stained host consecrated by me and the other two hosts rescued from profanation and I passed between the pews of the church, so that the people present could see them closely, ascertain the truthfulness of the fact, smell the scent that the blood-stained host emitted, to witness in the future the great Eucharistic miracle happened.

When I did the "fraction of bread", the blood kept on dropping before the eyes of the present people. Even if I regret, I had to consume the blood-stained Host, as it is prescribed by the rules 113-116 of the 4th chapter of the instructions for the celebration of the Holy Mass contained in the Mass-book.

Receiving the Holy Communion I have enjoyed the sweet taste of Jesus blood and I felt a strong heat and an intense scent that invaded my inside.

With this latest great Eucharistic miracle God put his seal on all the previous miracles that were refused by the great men of the Church, who claimed to know the name of the priest who had consecrated the hosts that Jesus, Our Lady, the saints and the angels brought into the thaumaturgical place, including the numerous hosts that poured blood.

As John saw the blood and the water coming out from Jesus' pierced chest, I, bishop ordained by God, the visionary Marisa Rossi and many other people saw the blood coming out from the host consecrated by me and we can repeat with the apostle: "He who saw it has borne witness, his testimony is true, and he knows that he tells the truth, in order that you believe". (John 19,37)

"I offered up prayers and supplications, with loud cries and tears" (Hebrews 5,7), so that my brothers priests, bishops and cardinals could live their priestly and episcopal office with the spirit of the Baptist, as it is written in the profet Isaiahs': "Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight". (Mark 1,3)

Let the love of Jesus the Eucharist heat our hearts, strengthen the will, enlighten the brain, so that in our midst there is no Nicodemo or Joseph from Arimatea, who were hidden disciples of the Lord for fear of the Judaeans.

God wants us to manifest our faith in the great Eucharistic miracle that happened in the thaumaturgical place, for this reason we don't have to let human calculations, fear of retorts, men menaces and blackmails condition us.

Let's remember the words of the Lord: "So every one who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven; but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven". (Matthew 10,32-33)

For honesty and correctness I must report also what Jesus said in an apparition: "Who will see the photos of the miracle, he must shout strongly: "My people, what have we done? We are killing some people who truly love the Eucharist".

I give my support, my blessing to this letter that will be sent to the men of the Church. Who will injure this letter, who will speak ill of the eucharistic miracle happened in the thaumaturgical place, he will never enter the Paradise.

For those who will keep on speaking ill, mocking, offending, calumniating and defaming, there won't be Paradise. Woe betide them. You have never heard Jesus speaking like this. My priests let me live the passion every moment again.

Time that something explodes has arrived, but woe betide them. Believe me, God's "Woe betide" is terrible" (Message of Jesus, 14th june 2000).

I don't judge neither condamn anyone, but I suffer at the thought that many brothers have not the ardour, the courage and the strength to come back to God, to defend the Eucharist, to honour the Mother of the Eucharist and to begin really to love the Church and the souls.

I wish that soon we can gather altogether in the thaumaturgical place to adore the Eucharist, brought by Jesus and Our Lady, that bled twice.

Let the Lord bless us, let the Mother of the Eucharist cover us with her mantle.

+ Claudio Gatti

Bishop Ordained by God

Bishop of the Eucharist

Rome, 15th june 2000