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Letter sent on 14th September 2005 by the Bishop Claudio Gatti to Pope Benedict XVI

This letter was written by H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti to the Pope according to an order of Our Lord, but it was not given to the renowned addressee. On the contrary, it was read by priests, bishops and cardinals who work in the Vatican; many of them expressed positive judgements and said words of appreciation about the Bishop ordained by God. We hope that some of these clergymen who are not interested in career and power, will have the strength and courage to inform the H. Father about the existence of this letter, whose content is very important for the present, but especially for the future of the Church.

Most Blessed Father,

surely H.H. knows my case, because he played an important and decisive role in it when he was Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of the Faith.

I am Claudio Gatti, the Bishop ordained by God and I address the current visible Head of the Church, so that he may listen to all that in the past I was not allowed to explain to the Ecclesiastical Authority. H.H. knows very well that I was reduced to the lay state without being subjected to a regular trial. Card. Ruini limited himself to communicate to me that this sorrowful decision had been signed by John Paul II, during an audience granted to the Prefect at that time of the ex H. Office.

To me it seems impossible, or rather absurd that the Pope, who has the duty of letting the laws of the Church be respected, signed the document of my dismissal from the clerical state, without first fulfilling what is established by the Code of Canon Law.

Moreover, I wondered many times why I was not given the right of defending myself and why the reason of my condemnation was never communicated to me.

In my reduction to the lay state are involved two Popes, but maybe H.H. and his predecessor were never properly informed by the person in charge about my case.

Our Lady revealed that reducing to the lay state the Bishop ordained by God is a serious error that, if not corrected, will cause a serious scandal in the Church.

As a matter of fact, your successor, whose identity and name are known not only by me, but also by other persons through supernatural revelation, surely will acknowledge what God performed in the thaumaturgical place of via delle Benedettine and he will go to pray there, accompanied by the persons in charge of the Roman Curia and of the Vicariate.

In order to avoid H.H. and his successor to take opposite and contrasting decisions that may confuse the faithful, Our Lady ordered me, in the name of God, to implore H.H. to acknowledge that my episcopal ordination has a divine origin.

I can show with irrefutable proofs that God ordained me Bishop. In fact as the miracles narrated in the Gospel are proofs (signs) of Christ's divinity, the 150 eucharistic miracles happened in different manners in my chapel and in my house and that involved my modest person, are proofs (signs) that God ordained me Bishop.

The Lord affirmed that the issue of His blood from the host I was holding in my hands after saying the formula of the consecration is the greatest miracle in all the History of the Church and it is the seal confirming the divine origin of all the previous eucharistic miracles and of my episcopal ordination. This eucharistic miracle took place in the presence of two hundred persons who can witness they saw the divine blood in the host and they smelt its particular scent.

God does not perform miracles in the hands of impostors.

Holy Father, if you will take the decision of acknowledging me Bishop ordained by God, you will be followed by the majority of the members of the College of Cardinals and by the College of Bishops, on the contrary if you do not fulfil Our Lady's request, the Lord will reserve for Himself the ways and times to intervene to defend me and He will fulfil his word "the last ones will be the first".

I hope H.H. will grant to me the honour and the joy of meeting him to resolve my case as God wills.

Thrown at the feet of H.H., I invoke over myself the apostolic blessing.

Rome, 14th September 2005

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

10th Anniversary of the first eucharistic miracle

Claudio Gatti

Bishop ordained by God