Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Homily of H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti of October 28, 2007

Celebration of 14th anniversary of the beginning of public apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist

Today, for the first time, I will talk while holding the pastoral staff symbol of Bishop authority because you will hear me talking in a stronger and more authoritative way than I did up to now. Today's readings are particularly relevant and meaningful for our situation and our history. I want to share with you everything I meditated in my heart in these days, and now, even if in a concise and partial way, I want to give it to you.

Keep in mind the first reading taken from Isaiah and the passage taken from John. Between the first reading and the one from the Gospel there are six hundred and fifty years, if you would not have known it, you could think that the first reading was written in the closeness of the facts narrated by John. Isaiah is the great prophet who, enlightened and inspired by God, spoke so loudly and clearly of the Servant of Yahweh that his writings are considered, not only by me, the fifth Gospel. Isaiah says exactly, seven centuries in advance, what happened later. Place before you these two pages of the Sacred Scripture, one taken from the Old Testament, the other taken from the New and you will succeed to understand what our Father's will really is. God has not saved his own Son from suffering, humiliation, immolation but he wanted him to appear like that before men, as we know him from the Gospel pages.

We could talk a lot about it, but now let's stop at the passage taken from the second letter of Paul to the Corinthians. I have chosen each passage, they are not placed in sequence, but I've done a single reading out of them. I think that from this reading the stature of Paul's greatness emerges stronger and sharper. The apostle of Christ had to suffer and struggle all of his life to be accepted for what he had become by the work of God, finding opposition, both by converts from the Jewish world and by those of the pagan world. It is very important to note that among those who fought Paul's mission there are no apostles who understood, in the light of God, that he was added to the apostolic college and became one of them. A demonstration of this is when the head of the apostolic college, Peter, also accepted the rebuke from Paul about the incident at Antioch, and if you want the details you will find them in the Acts of the Apostles.

Paul is a strong and brave man, Our Lady said in a letter of God of October last year that he was sometimes even surly, but under this appearance, rough sometimes, lurked a heart in love with Christ and full of love for the souls. He was a person who never held back but defended the truth; he preached the word of God thus meeting a whole series of sufferings that he listed in his letter. Today we celebrate the anniversary of the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist open to all on October 24, 1993. Since then until now fourteen years went by and the situation and reality within the Church have radically changed. Those of you who have gray hair and a few more wrinkles on the face will realize, referring to their own experience, what was the dominant attitude in the Church before October 24, 1993 concerning the Eucharist. The Protestant influence was infiltrating and meandering in the doctrine of the Church, thus reducing the mystery of the Eucharist to a simple commemoration. I would like to point out, however, to tell the truth and to defend his memory that Luther believed in the real presence of the Eucharist. He was not the one to disregard this reality and the implementation of the sacrifice of the cross in the Eucharistic celebration, but were his disciples who, taking advantage of a period when he was forced to take refuge in a castle to escape the emperor, radicalized and brought to the extreme Luther's preaching also on points that he did not agree, and one of them is exactly the real presence of Christ.

In the Church, therefore, this Protestant influence had even infiltrated the church universities where it was taught that the Mass was a commemoration of an event far from us. The children who were preparing for their first communion were taught, in several parishes, that the bread they received was blessed bread and not the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ. Tabernacles were no longer at the center of Churches and various parishes still resist to bring the Eucharist in the place it belongs to, leaving it in some secondary chapels. When we enter the Church we know that we are in the house of God, a place where we should be able to meet Him and try not to find Him in surrounding chapels. The Eucharistic adoration was almost completely gone, faith concerning the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist was languishing, preaching on the Eucharist was non-existent. those who are more or less my age, but even less, will remember how many times they have heard talking about the Eucharist: few or never. Faced with this negative framework, God intervened and in these fourteen years the situation in the Church has changed because God wanted to begin from here the triumph of the Eucharist. Today everyone is talking about the Eucharist, in Churches they do Eucharistic adoration, Eucharistic Congresses have increased, it was also celebrated, snatching the initiative from myself, "the year of the Eucharist", John Paul II wrote in these years an encyclical entitled exactly "De Eucaristia". We reached the absurd when the enemies of the Eucharist talked about it, and when they did, I must admit, they did it well. All this happened because in these fourteen years there were the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist, Eucharistic miracles and today I add and clarify, the Bishop ordained by God, Bishop of the Eucharist, and the Eucharist Victim. This is clearly stated in the letter of God of January 10, 2002, when Our Lady said that the miracle of the Eucharist is now in the whole Church, and this spreading and love was possible for the courage of the Bishop, the suffering of the seer and for your prayers. Fourteen years have completely changed the attitude and reality within the Church; it was not due to the popes, nor to the other bishops, cardinals and priests. From here started it all; here was lit the lamp that is now powerfully burning before God, a flame of love and faith towards the Eucharist. From here started and spread throughout the world, but how much suffering, how much anguish, how much pain. We can say, Marisa and I, we shed up to the last drop of blood, up to the last tear for the triumph of the Eucharist. Yes, God said it, we humbly recognize it, the credit is ours too, Christ's first of all, but also ours. I must assert with authority, in the name of God, and that is why I am holding the pastoral staff, how the greatest Eucharistic miracle took place within the Church.

The "super apostles" (2 Cor 11:5) those who believed they were even superior to the apostles, fought against Paul. The apostle of the people says: "I do not feel inferior to them" (2 Cor 12:11) and I, Claudio, do not feel inferior to those who fought Marisa and me, to those who have condemned us and continue to fight against us. I do not feel inferior in the least and indeed I must say that even if they preach the Eucharist, even though they speak of the Eucharist, they are false apostles as their ancestors were. Today, these preaching false apostles have even the nerve to get to the point, as Our Lady said, to pilfer ideas, concepts and words that are expressed and contained in the letters of God and in the Bishop's homilies; they are false and I add dishonest and thieves as well because they should be honest enough, at least, and cite the source, a thing they do not do and are careful not to do so. They are deceitful workers and deceivers disguising as apostles of Christ, hiding behind their positions behind their clothes in order to impose and make people believe what they are but are not. This should not surprise us because even "Satan disguises himself as an angel of light" (2 Cor 11:14). Man is the son of God or Satan. If he is God's son, will recognizes the works of God, if he is Satan's son, even if he is very high up in the church hierarchy, will not be able to recognize the works of God, and actually they fight them and live according to Satan's lifestyle which is to deceive people. They are deceiving because while to the outside they announce something beautiful, in concealment they poison and destroy what they themselves preach because if you do not love, they cannot go towards the light and towards the truth. "So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness" (2 Cor 11:15), it is the appearance, it is the outside of the cup, when Jesus said: "Clean your heart" because if your heart is dirty, only bad, dirty and negative thoughts, desires and actions come from a dirty heart "Their end will correspond to their deeds" (2 Cor 11:15). Marisa had visions about the final situation of these people: it is awful and horrible, anyway you have heard Our Lady talking in a special way when she said: "God has deposed the mighty from their thrones", she repeated it three times telling us that they will fall one after the other like skittles. They claim to have authority, to have the mandate and are Christ's ministers. Paul asks: "Are they servants of Christ?" (2 Cor 11:23). Look at what comes next: "I sound like a madman, but I am a better servant than they are" (2 Cor 11:23), this is why I have the pastoral staff in my hand. Many times Our Lady said that the Bishop ordained by God is the greatest and most important Bishop of the whole Church. It is now time to talk like this, I've always said I do not want to go to Purgatory not even for a single moment and I would go there if I wouldn't tell you the truth, if I would fail to say things in my teachings that may be unpleasant, nevertheless they must be said, announced and proclaimed. Paul says, and the Bishop and seer can say it together with him: "But we are better servants than they are! We have worked much harder and imprisonment" (2 Cor 11:23), that is in the hostility and judgments they have given, in the sentences they have uttered. The Mother of the Eucharist has said that there is no bishop in the Church today persecuted and condemned as the Bishop ordained by God. Do you see how everything is the same as in Paul's time? Endless suffering. Paul speaks of "Beatings suffered" (2 Cor 11:23) and beatings can be moral too, we must not include just the physical ones: from the latter we can be cured with medicines, but the blows to the soul, the moral beatings, believe me, remain throughout life and are wounds that never heal. "I have been near death more often" (2 Cor 11:23), and our own life was often endangered. I believe that all of you know that we had at least a dozen attacks and perhaps others we do not know about. They even tried to kill us during the celebration of the Holy Mass: once came a hired killer ready to shoot, but the gun jammed. Poor fools, if God does not want it, they will do nothing at all. "I've been on many journeys, in perils of rivers, in perils of robbers" (2 Cor 11:26) and often robbers were also people with whom we had blood and friendship ties or close relations. Oh, how many people came here and now are continuing to plot with hate, rancor, anger, revenge! "Threats from Gentiles, danger in the city, in the desert, on the sea, from anywhere" (2 Cor 11:26). Wherever Paul went, he was chased by danger and this must be said: we have been followed even when we were on vacation outside Rome by people spying on us or wanting to eliminate us at an appropriate time. Do you wonder? " Dangers from false brethren, hard work and heavy labor, many sleepless nights" (2 Cor 11:26-27), how many sleepless nights; "hunger and thirst, often without food, and in the cold without enough clothes" (2 Cor 11:27), and I can say with Paul "Besides all the other things I could mention, there's my daily stress because I'm concerned about all the churches" (2 Cor 11:28), we were always worried and we suffered a lot for the situation in the Church. It is not pleasant to know the Church real situation. It is a suffering that destroys and not a joy to know the betrayal of so many Judas still lurking in the Church hierarchy. We can say that not a day went by without invoking God for the protection and assistance to his Church. We know that the Church will never collapse and that the doors of hell shall not prevail against her, but enemies are hurting, plundering and humiliating her, often by people with the pastoral staff in their hand. "If it is necessary to brag" here Paul's concreteness is back, "I will brag about my weaknesses" (2 Cor 11:30). Here Paul is making a very simple reflection: he founded churches, ordained bishops, preached everywhere but it all happened only by the grace of God as he so often says: "God's grace which was bestowed upon me was not found vain... I labored more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me" (1 Cor 15:10). Paul knows that if he had had no help from God's grace, he could have done nothing, in the same manner I say that what the Bishop ordained by God did, if it were not for His help, would have been impossible: living, working, operating, and above all to love. We can say before God that we never had, not even for a single moment, hatred, resentment and a desire of revenge; there was sensitiveness instead, and it could not have been otherwise, there was affliction, and it could not have been otherwise, but I confess before God that we never hated those who wanted our end, our destruction and our death. God who is Father of our Lord Jesus, he who is blessed forever, knows that I cannot lie and I too can say it: there isn't a word that does not match with the truth. We defended the truth at the cost of humiliation, hardship and suffering, we'll do it again but what gives us joy is to know that God, the Mother of the Eucharist and S. Joseph are with us and not with others, and also you all, if you wish, can be with us and not with others. Remember that today is a day in history that will be remembered in its entirety in the coming years and as long as you live. You will have to tell it, and when you will no longer be here, your children and after your children, your grandchildren because everything that has happened here is done solely and exclusively for the work, intervention and love of God.