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Homily of H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti of June 24, 2007

1st reading: Is 49:1-6; Psalm 138; 2nd reading: Acts 13:22-26; Gospel: Lk 1:57-66, 80

The Word of God, the public one, is explained during the Holy Mass while the private one, even if it is coming from God, should be commented outside the Mass.

Today I will speak to you about bilocation by proposing logical and simple reflections which are based directly on my personal experience and, one day, they will be certainly useful to the Church to understand this charismatic gift.

Whoever experiences it, whoever possesses this gift, can speak of bilocation while sounding absurd to others. Not all experiences lived during bilocation can be recounted. Some are very important, delicate and can relate to some episodes experienced by the seer, but these can only be disclosed when God will allow it.

Everything that was written in the following document was approved directly by God: He himself intervened to remove some passages that were not appropriate to communicate. This means that this written text and what I will say has God’s approval and this means a confirmation for you and an insurance for me.

Bilocation: reflections and experiences

"My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working" (Jn 5:17).

This statement from Jesus maintains its validity over the centuries. God acts freely within His Church and acts whenever and however He wants. No-one can impose restrictions or prohibitions on God; just to think about this means offending Him and to sin seriously. God must not ask anyone, not even the ecclesiastical authority, for permits or authorizations to carry out his plans.

Christ instituted the sacraments, but is not tied to them to achieve sacramental effects. Those who say that God cannot ordain bishops or consecrate the Eucharist are opposed to God and become devil’s allies.

Who is the man pretending to impose rules on God and in his continuous work?

The ecclesiastical authority must restrict to recognize and accept the action of God; when it is unable to do so it means that it is not united to God.

Only those who are supported by grace and guided by the Holy Spirit are able to recognize and welcome with amazement the intervention of God, whatever it may be.

God worked many times and in different ways in the thaumaturgic place and gave gifts and charisms to Bishop Claudio Gatti and to the seer Marisa Rossi; one of these is bilocation.

God has ubiquity, that is, He is present everywhere, in every place, while man can have bilocation only by divine act, that is, to be present, at the same time in two places, even far away from each other.

Bilocation is aware or unaware.[1]

Who has the gift of aware bilocation is conscious of what he is doing in the two places, even if he is in different states: he may be resting where he lives and is acting in bilocation. Aware bilocation is always tied to the gift of clairvoyance.[2]

Seers are people who see, hear, touch, that is, they have physical, sensitive and qualified contacts from their senses, with Jesus, Our Lady and other people of the supernatural world. Whoever has the gift of aware bilocation is always a seer, but not all seers experience bilocation.

Instead those who have the gift of unware bilocation, do not realize what God makes them do, but become aware of it either through internal locutions or through people who have the gift of aware bilocation.[3]

In this regard I am going to tell you two episodes that I experienced, in which I felt embarrassed.

In the first episode we were in France, in Lourdes, a person came to meet me, calling me by name and surname. She thanked me because the previous year, in England, where she had gone for a sightseeing tour with her husband, I had given her useful advice to solve their family and couple problems. I replied that she was wrong, since I had never been to England, I had never met her and I didn't know her. She kept on in her resolve but the embarrassment melted when Marisa made me understand that she would have explained it to me. In fact, she then told me that I went in bilocation and people would listen and see me, although I was not aware of it and I did not know where I was going or what I was doing. The second episode occurred in Rome, in the Boccea area. At that time Marisa could still walk. We had just come out of a shop when three or four nuns approached me and after the greetings they thanked me because the previous year, in another location, I had preached spiritual exercises to them. Again I replied that I had never been to that location and that I did not know them. The sisters kept on recounting what I had told them and that was truly part of my spiritual, cultural and supernatural thinking. I insisted but the explanation was given to me later by Marisa and it was the same. All this means that sometimes the Lord may have used you too. Are you surprised at this? I want to highlight the greatness of God: for God everything is simple, everything is easy, everything is possible.

God sent Marisa in bilocation to various ecclesiastics in Rome and outside Rome. To the honest and good ones she addressed words of appreciation and encouragement, to the dishonest and hardened sinners, reproaches and invitations to conversion. Some of the latter reacted violently and rudely.

Marisa had, in bilocation, continuous and repeated meetings with the supreme pontiffs, starting with Pius XII. When she was a child, God sometimes sent her in bilocation to Pius XII. Once she went to John XXIII and once to John Paul I. Marisa has always accompanied Paul VI and John Paul I during apostolic journeys, and intervened in critical moments. In Manila, Paul VI was slightly injured, because Marisa intervened and slowed down the dagger blow, inflicted by a deranged fanatic, who would otherwise have been more violent and invasive.

Our Lady spoke of the attack of May 13, 1981 in San Peter, when Ali Agca fired the shot with his pistol. The weapon was lowered so the blow was unable to follow the trajectory intended by the killer that would surely have hit the Pope's heart and killed him. Our Lady said it and we have no reason to doubt that this invisible presence prevented the Pope's death.

Since that day the relationship with John Paul II grew deeper. Our Lady and Marisa were present for the entire duration of the long surgery, during which they prayed insistently and the Pope, who had come near the threshold of death, came back, due to God's intervention. Since then they were often together. Not seen by collaborators but only by the Pope, she was often in his room at the Gemelli

hospital to pray, speak and encourage him. When he started walking again in one of the terraces of the

same hospital, the Pope was joined by Marisa, with whom he spoke. Sent by Our Lady just to console this son, our sister many times found him crying in the silence of his room, where he experienced a hidden suffering, of which nobody knows anything. How many nights did he spend on an armchair instead of a bed, because he could not sleep, so much was the anguish he had in his heart about the problems of the Church. Our Lady sent Marisa to console him and the Pope could then rest a few hours. These things are great and indicate that God follows in a special way those who love him. Marisa was also sent to tell him to do or not to do certain things. For example, on the occasion of the visit that the pontiff wanted to make to Sarajevo, when at first it had been announced and then postponed. It was postponed thanks to the intervention of God, through Marisa. Our sister went to the Pope to tell him that it was not the time to go to Sarajevo, because his life would have been in jeopardy and many other people would have run the same risk. The Pope then decided not to go.

Unfortunately many priests believe that when they are alone, that is, when there is no assembly of the faithful, it is useless to celebrate the Holy Mass. On the contrary, for God, the priest even if he is alone, must celebrate the Holy Mass since it has universal validity. On a Tuesday, before the day reserved for public audiences, God sent Marisa to the Pope to tell him to insert this recommendation in the following day's speech. The Pope did so, even if this recommendation was not complied with by the priests who still continue to support the same things, or even that it is useless to celebrate if there are just a few faithful present. God wants, and the Pope reiterated it, that the Holy Mass is always celebrated because it is an act of public worship to God and this greatness lies in the rite itself that makes Christ present, Christ who suffers, dies and rises and not in those who attend, or in the one who celebrates. We have always worked with the Church and we are deeply united with the Church and the ecclesiastical hierarchy willed by God. Whoever says otherwise, whoever will say otherwise, will be denied by history because there are specific documents on what I am telling you.

Another thing that some of you know is that Marisa, not seen by the collaborators but only by the Pope, assisted him during the last days of his life before he died and knows what happened, what the Pope thought. The Pope conversed with Marisa with the thought, as we do when praying and we turn to God. If God wants, He can also allow men to do the same. The same thing happened between Jesus and John the Baptist. So why wonder, why wonder? There are already facts that certify the possibility of these events. The Pope repeated several times, while weakly shaking her hand: “Pray and suffer for the Church. The Church will be born again from the blood of her children, in particular from yours and from that of the Bishop ordained by God, the bishop they have always prevented me from meeting”.

God disposes of people who have bilocation in a free and sovereign way, and makes them carry out missions of the highest value and of great importance for the Church.

The Bishop and the seer have been in bilocation in many nations especially in those devastated by war and severely tested by hunger, thirst and lack of medicines.

I believe we have been in most nations. Sometimes we had little fun as children in seeing all the States in the world where the Lord sent us, aware for her and unaware for me, and I can assure you that there where many. We traveled around the world several times, it costs nothing to God, they are not tiring journeys. Sometimes I have experienced how Marisa's bilocation occurs, especially on the occasion of meetings with some ecclesiastics. Being in her room, she suddenly would go to the other side and, sometimes the Lord allowed me to listen to what she was saying to them, repeating it in front of me. Do you see how great the Lord is and how He works? We have gone around many nations, but especially the poorest, where there is war, hunger, thirst, a shortage of medicines. Our Lady also recommended this to me, which I tell you, perhaps, for the first time: “in the future, when God will get you to those heights He wants, remember that the nations you must visit first are the poor ones, not the rich ones". The mentality of God is completely different from that of man.

Both have fulfilled the entrusted tasks. Monsignor Claudio baptized children and adults, blessed marriages, conferred Confirmations, listened to confessions, celebrated Holy Masses and distributed the Eucharist to people who did not have the assistance of priests. Marisa, with Our Lady and later also with grandmother Iolanda and Saint Joseph, assisted the dying, fed the children, consoled the mothers and treated the wounded.

We have experienced, in bilocation, gruesome and very crude scenes: bodies of children and adults injured and sometimes crushed and shattered. However, we have not experienced only such hard and painful things, sometimes the Lord allowed us to enjoy in a particular way. One of the most desired journeys in bilocation, even if for the moment I am not yet fully aware of it, was on the Jordan, where there was Jesus, Our Lady, Saint Joseph and grandmother Iolanda. Jesus used to get in the river, take the fish with his hands, brought them to his mother and said: "Cook them and burn them not". Look at the beauty and simplicity. Our Lady, together with grandmother Iolanda and, sometimes with St. Joseph’s help, cooked them on a brazier that Jesus had previously prepared. Jesus collected heavy boulders, He is God and certainly other men could not have moved them, and, with extreme ease, He placed them around the brazier. Then, as the boulders had protrusions and you could get hurt by sitting on them, He smoothed them with his hand making them flat. During the fish cooking, Jesus would take the Bishop by the arm, I speak in the third person so as to feel less embarrassed, and together they went and talked about the situation concerning the Church. Jesus said certain things, many of which I repeated to you in homilies and bible classes. That's where all the beautiful things you hear come from. They are not my work, but the divine one. Then, when the fish was cooked, Our Lady, like a mother, would call her children and before eating Jesus would recite the blessing prayer. After the meal we would sing hymns, songs, psalms and we would keep on talking.

Here is another delicate moment from Jesus I must tell you about. You know Marisa's love for children and you certainly know the attachment she has for her little great grandchildren; so sometimes she asked Jesus that they too could come. So they too were there on the Jordan in unware bilocation. The children would play with the stones, would throw them into the river, would try to get in to catch the fish, but Jesus reproached them so they would not go deeply into the water because it was not very warm and they could catch something. I don't know if you can enter the world I'm trying to open wide before you. It was nice to see the children, at the time of prayer, with how much intensity they prayed with joined hands and their gaze turned to Heaven, especially when we then moved to Gethsemane. I quoted Gethsemane, one of the most visited places, because from the Jordan the Lord often led us to Nazareth, or to Bethlehem or to Jerusalem. The most loved place, you know it, is the Gethsemane because there Jesus inflicted on himself the great test of not feeling loved by the Father and went through the experience of solitude, was betrayed by Judas, taken prisoner by his enemies, abandoned by the apostles. These experiences were my and Marisa’s afflictions and therefore we say: "We are always in the Gethsemane". Sometimes, jokingly, to those who suffer we repeat: "Welcome to the club of Gethsemane", the club of suffering.

I have been there many years ago when I was a young priest and I had a particular attraction, perhaps an omen of what would have happened next.

Daddy God said that the Bishop will begin to become aware, to see and hear what he is doing in bilocation, when Marisa dies, when the seer will fly to Heaven, escorted by Our Lady, by Saint Joseph, by grandmother Iolanda, by other saints and angels. Even Bishop Claudio will join this heavenly procession and escort his sister to Heaven where he will see and hear what God wants.

After enjoying the experience of Heaven, the Bishop will kiss Marisa and return to Earth to complete the mission that God has entrusted him with: to revive the Church.

For the rebirth of the Church Monsignor Claudio Gatti will need honest collaborators, full of love for God and souls, ready to sacrifice, detached from money and not power lovers. God has long indicated to the Bishop the names of the cardinals and bishops who will go together with him in the great mission. He also communicated the names of some Italian and foreign priests to whom the Bishop ordained by God will confer episcopal ordination.

On May 28, 2007 Daddy God, during a theophany reserved for Monsignor Claudio and Marisa, announced that a great event had occurred in the Church, of which History will talk about.

This was the announcement: "Excellency, my son, in bilocation you have ordained 51 bishops and 77 priests. These ordinations have taken place in every continent. The Mother of the Eucharist will tell you the details of the ordinations."

On the following May 31 the Mother of the Eucharist spoke of these episcopal and priestly ordinations to those who were present at the apparition: "Today I went to the bishops and priests whom you, Excellency, ordered in bilocation; they are many. They were all happy, radiant and bright. They sang, gave glory to God and prayed for you. When the time will come, you will see them again and you will realize what beautiful and great you have done".

Our Lady spoke publicly about these episcopal and priestly ordinations, but before that the Bishop ordained by God had not mentioned it to anyone, but after the public announcement of the Mother of the Eucharist he told us some details of this great event, unique in the Church and worked by divine intervention.

The Bishop informed us that the following have been ordained:

- in Brazil 4 bishops and 6 priests;

- in Argentina 5 bishops and 11 priests;

- in the rest of Latin America 5 bishops and 11 priests;

- in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 3 bishops and 5 priests;

- in Central Africa 4 bishops and 5 priests;

- in other unnamed countries 1 bishop and 1 or more priests.

He specified that in Italy he did not ordain any bishop or priest.

Monsignor Claudio Gatti does not know if these will be followed by other episcopal or priestly ordinations, made in bilocation.

All the celebrations of these numerous sacred ordinations took place in the presence of the local populations who were affectionately close to the Bishop ordained by God and to the shepherds, on whom he laid his hands.

So not in secret but there are witnesses, people who one day will say what they saw and the episode of the lady and the episode of the nuns will happen again.

The ordained bishops and priests know very well who Monsignor Claudio Gatti is and what are the missions that in the name of God he carried out and is carrying out within the Church.

They are ready to join him when he will summon them in Rome.

In the meantime, they carry out the ministry with the peoples entrusted to them, keeping in mind the teachings and advice that the Bishop ordained by God had given them. We can conclude that between Monsignor Claudio Gatti and the bishops and priests ordained in bilocation an affectionate and respectful relationship was established the same as the one that took place between Paul and Timothy and Titus.

In the voice of our Bishop we always hear a touch of emotion when he recommends us: "Pray for my bishops and priests".

These bishops and priests are the first fruits of the shepherds who will guide the Holy Church in the future and represent the fulfillment of the promise of God: "And I will give you shepherds according to my heart, who shall feed you with knowledge and understanding" (Jer 3:15).

There have been many other occasions when the Bishop and the seer acted in bilocation, but, at the moment, we are not able to report all of them. It will be our commitment to update and complete this writing so men may be assured that Daddy God is much closer to them than the shepherds of the Church teach.

What we have written was drawn from the catechesis and confidences of Bishop Claudio Gatti and Seer Marisa Rossi who have been authorized by God to lift the veil on an unknown world to men.

Other things, perhaps greater and more important, will be said later, if this is the will of God. For now I believe you have enjoyed and rejoiced, I believe you are happy with these confidences, many of them have been told to you for the first time after many years. This is what God wanted, this is what I carried out because I can claim I have always done the will of God together with Marisa, even when He asked us to perform actions that turned against us due to the malice and hardness of the men of the Church, like the famous celebration of March 8, 1998. The important thing is to always do the will of God, the will of men comes later. Those who say otherwise are ignorant or in bad faith. What matters is to be obedient and docile to God. Do not be surprised at anything and remember the words of Jesus: "You will do things greater than me" (Jn 14:12). Jesus is God: He performed miracles, He accomplished the redemption that no one could match because it has infinite value; He is God, therefore every attribute about him is infinite but He wanted to emphasize that the men sent by him can do things in the world that He did not do in the restricted area of ​​Palestine because it was not the time and it was not his will. How great is God! Sometimes he delegates men to do greater things that He could have reserved for himself.

Everything must always happen with honesty, with humility, with thoughtful sincerity and everything must be amalgamated with love. If there is no love, there is nothing, if there is love, there is everything because where there is God there is everything. I wish I could keep on talking to you because my heart is bursting with joy and gratitude to God, but it is too late to go on.

Explanatory notes

[1]This distinction is very important.

[2] This is the first time it has been said in the Christian asceticism and mysticism. They are two different and identical realities. The same person, and God can do everything, who is simultaneously in one place and in other, is aware of what he does in the first place and what he does in the second place. In aware bilocation we see Our lady, Jesus and the saints because they also often intervene in bilocation.

[3] The inner locution is personal and only involves the person concerned.