Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Homily of H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti of September 21, 2008

1st Reading: Isa 55:6-9; Psalm 144; 2nd Reading: Phil 1:20-24, 27; Gospel: Mt 20:1-16

I start my homily by quoting a praise Jesus addressed to our community: "The community is now gearing up very well, but I still want more, laugh not Excellency, I want more". My smile expressed what I had in my heart: "Jesus, You are never satisfied, aren't You?" I said it with affection, respect and in a familiar way. The appreciation Jesus made is important: "Now the community is gearing up very well".

Anyway you know that there are always pitfalls along the spiritual path, the possibility of failure, so you have to avoid being too proud.

To win your pride and remain in humility you must, first of all, give God the credit of our change. Be honest with yourself: if you had not known this place, if you had not participated in the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist and listened to the letters of God, if many of you wouldn't have witnessed with their own eyes the miracles of the Eucharist, your Christianity would have been, at best, not consistent, consisting only of external practices. Your heart would have been busy not with the thought of God or the Virgin, but with worldly things, which require proper attention, but that must be overcome by the attention for God.

All this you have discovered, especially the young people who married in recent years because the more you love God the more you love each other. Pay attention: first of all avoid acts of pride and presumption, then you must love, and love has many faces. To talk about love means to talk about infinity, Indeed God is infinity and no one can talk about or explain God in a comprehensive way, so it would be impossible to exhaust the talk about love. Love has many faces, I pointed out at some of them. Love is respect, you should therefore avoid saying something behind someone's back. If you have something to say, do no contact others who have nothing to do with it, but only the concerned person.

Chatter and gossip are almost congenital diseases of communities, especially small ones. When you are together, especially here to work, talk about our Lord, the apparitions, the letters of God, the Eucharistic miracles and what Our Lady conveyed in her latest apparition.

Those who work in the chapel where Jesus the Eucharist is, do recite an occasional prayer, a litany, an act of love; it is not difficult to do this and is a way to grow spiritually.

We must never bring, even with the best intention, an action against God, by saying that He said one thing and then something else happened that, apparently, is in contrast with our mentality.

In the Sacred Scripture we read: "Just as the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts". Recently, God, in a private talk, met a request of mine, that is, the grace to let those who would have been near me to live up until triumph. I was not referring to those who come here from time to time.

After Giulia's death, someone took the liberty to criticize God, even by writing to me. Why don't you understand? God spoke to me, not to you and also clearly said: "I can say and undo". Several times a date has been given to Marisa when she would fly to Heaven, but the poor lady is still here, suffering. No one can put God under examination, this is impudence: who we think we are? This is awful.

In 1999 the triumph was to come true, but you were not ready. If it happened, many community members would have fallen because of pride, as the demons fell because of pride.

In these ten years, several bad apples were removed, many errors and defects have been corrected and we received many suggestions and maternal rebukes. Step by step we can say: "Lord, we are ready", but ten years ago you could not have said so, because you were not docile and obedient.

As Our Lady said, when you do not understand something ask the Bishop for explanations. In this situation, however, no one has talked to me, nobody asked me for clarifications: only one person wrote to me.

If you do not understand something, you must not talk among yourselves, because you toss one another. You do not have an overview of the whole situation, you are missing so many meetings and many conversations with God. You must avoid these behaviors, for it is easy to go back and, as you know, there are traps and pitfalls the devil places on your spiritual path. This is pride, disobedience, insincerity and lack of docility because if you talk among yourselves and then you report nothing to me, it means that you have a double face.

It is absolutely necessary to try to resume the journey with these indications, otherwise I can keep on smiling and Jesus will keep on saying: "I still want more". We must give more to Jesus. We cannot rest on our laurels, we cannot indulge on appreciations and praises, but we must also keep in mind the right indications.

A football team, for example, even when winning it is constantly urged and spurred on by the coach who demands more and more. If the players feel satisfied, they end their commitment, so we too, if we feel satisfied, our Lord's appreciation and praise will come to an end.

Maybe someone will turn up his noses because from now on, just slightly though, we will lengthen the recitation of the Community Holy Rosary. On June 29, Jesus said: "I came with St. Peter and St. Paul because these two great saints will be next to the one who will rise to amazing heights, one on the right and one on the left to help him and they will try in every way to avoid anyone harming him". The invocation you should add, after the one to St. Joseph and before the one to grandmother Iolanda, is: "Saints Peter and Paul, pray for the Bishop ordained by God". I have told you all this to remind you what Jesus said.

Our lady has publicly announced today what Jesus told us yesterday during a familiar talk, at a time of awful suffering for Marisa: the conversion of young people reached a score of twenty thousand.

It seems a small number compared to the higher ones we were used on occasions of prayer and suffering for the conversion of souls. I have asked God the Father why is it so hard for the young people to convert. In fact, the mission has been going on for the past two months, but we proceed very slowly. God the Father replied to me: "Yes it is such a difficult mission, just the same as the conversion of priests" and added: "It is enough to pray for priests". So we must focus our mission solely on the young people. The meaning of what Jesus, God the Father and Our Lady said is clear: do not blame the young people for being like that.

First of all the families do not know how to educate and train their children and not even the other educators know it, primarily priests; just look at all those people who attend associations or parishes.

This year I have violently clashed with a group of members of an association that had transformed the church into a square. I raised my voice and said: "Is this the respect you have for Jesus the Eucharist?" And these people replied: "But the service is over" and I underlined: "But God is always present", and they walked away crestfallen. They did not receive what you have received, then your responsibility takes over. In fact, from a training and educational point of view, you have received much more than seminarists.

I was in the seminary for thirteen years, I had a rector, vice rector, a spiritual father, several professors, I met a lot of priests, but I never got what I got from God and Our Lady during the apparitions from the beginning till today.

They even asked me: "What is the purpose of apparitions". So pay attention to your responsibilities.

Unfortunately, even in schools there is a vacuum. For twenty years I taught in the public school and I know it well. Sometimes not even the teachers know their subject. Then are we complaining if things go wrong, even when religion teachers are unprepared? Are we complaining if young people are such drifters? You have young children or grandchildren: watch them, there is much to pray for them if we want to renew the Church. This mission will never end because there is a continuous renewal of generations of young people, thus we will hand down this mission from generation to generation: we will continue our prayers, fasting and sacrifice even after Marisa's departure. This will be the intention that this movement will bring forth forever because in the world there are millions of young people and in this way we can also encourage priests, bishops and the Pope in their work on the youth education, which is not the organization of the World Youth Day. These events, from the point of view of formation, are equal to nil, for they are pleasure trips and journeys with accommodation and food paid for.

I have asked you to insert in the H. Rosary the litany for the Bishop ordained by God, but I ask you also to increase your prayers for our sister Marisa, so she may have, first of all, help, respect, comfort, support and affection during this last stretch of hard and suffered life that she has still to endure, and also may God welcome her in Heaven as soon as possible. Many are waiting for her entrance into Paradise, beginning with her parents, especially her mother, but especially Jesus, her spouse, is waiting for her. When Marisa will enter Paradise, God willing and pleasing, the one who will accompany her (the Bishop, editor's note) will tell you about this experience.

Each of us must always do the will of God, it is easier for you, but for Marisa and me is very difficult. It's nice and comforting to pray and the same is for the Eucharistic adoration and love for your neighbor, but to accept the will of God is sometimes even harder than to love who made us suffer. In fact, for those He is calling up, to do the will of God means to be stripped to the bone by suffering. The letter of God dated June 27, 1993 is very clear about this: "Suffering will consume you". You do not get to be consumed by suffering when we love those who made us suffer.

Please pray for the Bishop and the Seer, add this prayer to the top of your intentions, either out of gratitude and affection towards us or because these prayers will come back to you with interest because if the Bishop and Seer feel strong, the community will go forth in a better way.

Do you remember when Moses prayed holding his hands up during the battle between Israelites and Amalekites? If he lowered his hands because of tiredness, the battle would go wrong, so Aaron and Hur helped him to keep his hands raised until the enemy was defeated (Ex 17:8-13). This means that God wants help and collaboration from others too, and not only from Moses. You cannot just say that the mission is entrusted to the Bishop and Seer, if we feel tired, you have to support us, otherwise things will go wrong for you too.