Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Homily of H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti of June 17, 2007

1st reading: 2 Sam 12:7-10, 13; Psalm 31; 2nd reading Gal 2, 16:19-21; Gospel Lk 7:36-8, 3

Before the beginning of the apparition, while we were connecting the television camera to allow Marisa to follow, from her room, the Holy Mass that we celebrate here, we saw an impressive celebration in Assisi, presided over by the Pope (On June 17, 2007, Benedetto XVI made a Pastoral Visit to Assisi on the occasion of the Eighth Centenary of the Conversion of Saint Francis, ed. note). Did you hear what Our Lady said today? God continues to send His Mother only here, in this place, and not elsewhere. I tell you this because you absolutely have to take back your situation and also to have a rest.

In last Friday’s letter of God, on the occasion of the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, He gently invited us to have a rest and advised us, almost commanded us, to avoid anything that could cause bitterness, tension and suffering. In particular, He told us not to pray for priests anymore because it is a thought that arouses grief; in fact, almost all of you, if not all of you, have had unpleasant experiences and, from this moment it is enough to pray for them.

Until recently, both God and Our Lady, invited us, insistently, to pray for the priests but that's enough, we said too many prayers for them; enough meetings, we have had so many of them and we don't even have to talk anymore about it among us. If, by hypothesis, you were to meet them or they would call you, do not lengthen the discussion, whatever they would have told you. Jesus added not to talk about the relatives who caused suffering. You have all suffered because of your relatives because it is easy for someone within the family circle to think differently and show it in a disrespectful way.

I wondered: "Why did our Lord come to this decision"?

For us it can be a relief, but there is also another aspect to reflect on: God has given each one of them much more than what he would have needed to convert, so that's enough, what's done is done.

Reflect on your personal experience: the Lord has given each of us much more than we needed, the opportunities for grace and conversion have been many, many. Here then we go to the assumption of responsibility and everyone, before God, will have to answer for what he has done. We cannot forget the one hundred and eighty-five Eucharistic miracles, the numerous Trinitarian theophanies and the manifestations of God the Father. We cannot forget the apparitions of Jesus, of the Mother of the Eucharist and all the letters of God that have been published and read on our bulletins and on our website. Our Lady revealed to us that many people read the letters of God, more than the already conspicuous number of accesses to our site; therefore, everyone knows them, because the Lord arrives with means that we cannot even imagine.

Now, everyone must draw conclusions, but we need to give a rest to the soul, the heart and the mind and therefore not to think of unpleasant things, do not let ourselves be taken by fear, anxiety or nerviness. Our soul will be oriented only towards beautiful thoughts, towards God’s gentleness, towards his love. We must also give the body a rest: the best way is to immerse it in serenity, peace and joy. This is why God showed once again with surprise, with astonishment: He loves us infinitely and can give the best indications for the physical and spiritual recovery of man, as understood in its two components: body and soul.

I believe that to savor the beauty of God again, we must remember all that happened in this place since the famous 24th October 1993 until today. Do not just listen to the account, albeit suggestive, of our story. Read and know properly what God has done here, impress the memories of God's action well in your mind because in the future, which is getting closer and closer, you will be called to give testimony of these great works of God. Do it with the knowledge of the facts, with conscience, without uncertainties or hesitations; this is not tiring, because by reading again certain pages of our history, truly fills us with enthusiasm, joy and peace. When, at times, I am sad, I read again what God the Father in His infinite goodness said to Marisa and to me and I rediscover strength and peace.