Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Homily of H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti of September 14, 2006

1st Reading: Nm 21:4-9; Psalm 77; Gospel: Jn 3:13-17

Our community is facing a period in which we are immersed in a sea of ​​suffering that weighs particularly on the shoulders of the Bishop and the Seer, but I know that even some of you are not exempted from it. I want to urge you to place all these sufferings in the cup, offering everything to the Lord, bowing your head and saying, even if you legitimately grit your teeth: "Lord, your will be done". Over the past two months, I have understood, even more clearly and deeply, that God acts independently from anything men can think or desire. God is not conditioned by anyone, He is superior to any human authority and no one can put limits on his way of acting and providing. In my opinion, trying to do this is useless because, thanks to the teachings received during these two heavy, hard and painful months, I understand that God dictates the law. Consequently, men cannot say, "This is impossible", thinking He should act according to their logic. It is now very clear to me that the only thing they should do is understand that nothing is impossible for God. Therefore, if the episcopal ordination of divine origin is rationally understandable, that is, it does not go against logic because it is simply a manifestation of God, as it has been confirmed through some striking facts including the great Eucharistic miracle of June 11, 2000, then you have to bow your head and, starting with the one who has the white skullcap, get on your knees and say: "Lord, your will be done". Otherwise, we put ourselves in a situation of opposition.

Today, we celebrate three anniversaries that have day and month in common but, of course, the year is different. We celebrate the eleventh anniversary of the first Eucharistic miracle and you see its representation behind me: September 14, 1995. We have also celebrated the seventh anniversary since God gave me the episcopate. He did it on His own initiative, without even asking me, and I was the person concerned, the consent to act. This episcopate God keeps jealously guarded and, during the last month of August, he thundered once again his "Woe!” You must know and remember that the God’s "Woe!" is dreadful. "Woe to those who have slandered, are slandering and will slander the Bishop I ordered: I will send them to hell without hesitation." Translated in terms understandable to all, slandering the Bishop means receiving the condemnation of God, without excuses. When God judges and condemns, it is because the person voluntarily made himself responsible for a serious deficiency regarding God. We therefore speak of a voluntary sin and as such must clearly undergo God's judgment and due punishment. The third great anniversary that we celebrate is that of September 14, 2000 when, by order of God, I signed the first decree that I have drawn up so far, with which, in the name of God, I recognized the authenticity of all the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist and the Eucharistic miracles. This means that this decree, having God’s approval, will remain clearly present in important documents in the Church history. Whoever drafted and signed it will pass, you will pass, but that decree will remain, because it will be a precise, clear and luminous point of reference for all those who intend to delve into the knowledge of the Church history.

Our last holidays, if so can be defined, were perhaps the most painful, but at the same time also very rich with supernatural events, some of which I can tell you about. Just the indication of the house, both by the sea and in the mountains, came from above and God showed his presence and help: in the house by the sea there were nine steps to be faced to access the apartment, but Our Lady said, in the name of God: "Don't worry, we'll take care of helping Marisa go down and up the stairs". Marisa, as you know, has also big problems in simply taking steps on a flat surface, but she was able to make these steps twice a day with relative ease. The laws of nature depend on the creator of nature, but then one might say: "If he has done it a few times, why doesn't he always do it?" I am unable to give you the answer, but by repeating to you that as it is the will of God, we cannot change it.

When we were at the house terrace, guests from above came to us, with a frequency that had never happened before; they had talks and all the time they allowed, even to me, to ask questions on whatever we wanted. The first gratifying meeting was when Jesus came to wish, as far as humanly possible, a good holiday, at least as a suspension and interruption from the work done during the year. The assistance of Our Lady was also felt by Massimo who drove the car on the way out but did not fully notice it. He did not drive it but Our Lady was driving it in order to avoid blows and jolts to Marisa caused by the ground during the journey. So she was the one at the wheel to facilitate a trip that, humanly speaking, was the cause of many worries. The journey went well, it was quiet and peaceful, restful for the driver and restful also for those who were in the vehicle.

Another very beautiful and significant episode also took place: Marisa attended a Mass celebrated by Jesus. During this Mass, around this altar there were, invisible to me but visible to Marisa, Our Lady, St. Joseph, grandmother Iolanda, all the latest popes, several saints and many angels. Jesus himself administered the communion to all. Some might turn their noses up, but we urge them not to do so, for the simple reason that no-one can lay down a law to God, nor can he make hypotheses and describe how supernatural realities occur, which escape any control and law. In fact, who are we to say that Jesus celebrated Mass only on Holy Thursday?

On July 7, the day of my name day, as it happens now every year, there was the traditional greeting made by my namesake saint who said some really rewarding and beautiful things towards me. Allow me to keep them personal, I don't feel I have to share them with you, not because there is no love or esteem for you all, but because they are strictly personal and I prefer them to remain so.

On July 8 there was the first of the two quiet days we had throughout the summer and it was also a total joy because for the first time Marisa was able to not only walk but, even almost run, as it hadn't happened for a long time and would never happen later. Her run was not for the sake of running, but she had the impulse to run because she saw Jesus appearing across the street and wanted to meet Him. It was the meeting between two persons who love each other, respect each other and are fond of each other. Marisa's face bubbled with joy as she was meeting with her spouse, even if it was not the first time and will not be the last because every time it happens it is a source of joy for her.

The Lord was also taking our jokes because Our Lady always tried, despite sufferings and problems, to let us know how to react and how to suffer. She too was taking certain jokes that I organized for Marisa when she was almost in a situation of ecstasy, that is, partially aware of the reality she was living and surrounding her. As a joke I would give her the mobile phone saying that Our Lady was calling her. The surprise was that, in fact, she heard and spoke with Our Lady and the joke even went on because, only a few minutes later, she heard her mobile phone ring again, she replied and it was Our Lady who continued the speech that had started in the previous phone call. This is to tell you how close they have been to us.

Regarding the talks with high above, one of the recurring topics so far was the tragic situation of priests. This was talked about for a long time and Our Lady also went into details. She made names and indicated facts by attributing them to these characters and ended with the usual recommendation: "Accept the suffering because God hopes and waits for at least a part of these priests, without distinction of hierarchies, may convert and return to the Father". The only reason why God has postponed, to our regret, the dates of His interventions is that He is still waiting for the conversion of men and especially of priests. His infinite patience has no limits, while mine is very limited. Clearly, while He is asking for more time to be able to work and save more souls and, above all, priestly souls, I hope that what needs to be done is rushed because truly, believe us, we are in a situation of total belittlement. During this time Our Lady spoke many times about Marisa's departure and this is a topic that gives Marisa a particular joy, because she is tired of living but, above all, of suffering. As this is our human situation, hearing about her departure has always been a source of renewed joy for her.

I must speak to you simply and frankly about one of the things that Our Lady said and, as I am involved, causes me a certain embarrassment, but it is part of the situation you need to know. When in the evening Our Lady appeared and dwelled on a subject, at the very beginning of this holiday season, she said: "When Marisa will go up to Heaven, you will accompany her. Once both of you will be in Heaven, you will say goodbye to her with a kiss and will return to Earth to continue the mission that God has entrusted you with". I am not saying it just to show off, I am saying it simply to convince you that God does what He wants, even if, occasionally, the way He acts seems strange and impossible to us.

This summer, joyful moments of spiritual nature alternated with moments full of concern. One of the hardest and most painful moments, which was only overcome through operation from above, concerned the situation of Marisa's stomach when she had a bowel obstruction. As we have always done in other situations of this kind, we started praying and the Lord wanted to test our trust and faith in Him and also test Marisa’s abandonment and her ability to suffer, which at that time was huge. Our Lady finally came, long invoked, saying: "You believe that I have come only at this moment, but I have always been close to you, since the moment in which this crisis started". She kept Marisa close to her for a long time like a mother with her baby and the situation simply resolved. This fearsome moment remained, together with all the others, clear and defined, but alongside it the memory of God's intervention remained as well.

On July 15, we had a feast and celebrated the thirty-fifth anniversary since the beginning of our mission. As He did seventeen times during the last two months, God the Father came and made himself known to us only. I was able to experience the fatherhood of God and, through these meetings, I believe I have changed my way of praying. Now when I pray I go directly to God the Father because, by His goodness, the relationship that has been established is truly from father to son and I have even been able to experience His wit, His way of joking. It is unthinkable for God to joke with men but actually He joked with us and also showed this fatherhood not only by allowing me, but also by urging me to ask him certain questions or to put certain requests. Once, in a very personal conversation, towards the end of the Theophany of God the Father, I perceived that Marisa was exhausted and I was so worried that I wanted to end the conversation and I said: "God the Father, let's end because I see that Marisa is not well, I still have a question to ask, but we'll talk about it on another occasion." Afterwards I thought about it and said to myself: "Did I speak to God the Father like this?" He said to me in a fatherly way: "No, Excellency, talk freely, I know what you have to tell me, but tell me anyway". So I asked my question concerning our community and beyond. We'll see whether it will come true.

Later on, after leaving for the mountains, the situation, regrettably, did not change and it was always quite troubled and difficult. The assistance from Heaven was very frequent and, in some of the burdensome moments, Marisa saw grandmother Iolanda in the company of Our Lady and St. Joseph, dragging all the Heaven behind him, going before God, kneeling and asking for help, soliciting comfort for her and for the Bishop. Obviously Marisa did not see God, because nobody can see Him. The first chapter of St. John, eighteenth verse says: "No one has ever seen God, only the Son who revealed him to us". Keep this in mind because from here we start to get to what Our Lady said in the Sunday apparition. Marisa would not see God but would hear His voice coming from a wonderful light, that light that both of us have seen and that you too will see; set in this light there was a wonderful flower that has no equal on Earth, or a bright star. This does not mean that God was one or the other, but He showed in this way because man always needs mediation, so that he can somehow perceive His presence.

I also want to tell you about a beautiful and a less beautiful thing that has troubled us for about twelve days. Marisa always carried the Eucharist with her in a gold case because that was the only way to keep the devil away so that he would not attack her. However, God allowed Marisa to remain for a few days without having Jesus the Eucharist with her; He allowed it for her holiness, to increase our faith and for the good of the community and the Church. What happened in those twelve dreadful and hellish days was perhaps the most painful experience of the whole holiday, more than the health problems or moral sufferings. Suddenly myriads of demons surrounded her, without touching her, instilling sheer terror; this happened many times on the same day causing her a tension that affected the whole body and discharged specifically on her stomach. She screamed like I never heard her screaming, but remembering I was a bishop, it was enough that I gave the order "In the name of God, I order you to go away", to cause them to flee away like bees from their nest. The demons, however, are cunning and intelligent, returned, taking advantage of the moments when, out of physical necessity, I had to go away; many times I had to stop what I was doing to chase away these awful evil characters. We have experienced a few days, believe me, that I would define hellish and this situation has made us exhausted, fatigued and tired, to the point that, and this too has been allowed by our Lord, Marisa confused the voice of Our Lady with the devil’s mellifluous voice, trying to imitate her. At that time Marisa ate nothing and spent about 10-12 days feeding on the Eucharist alone. The first time the devil told her to eat some salad because it would have been good for her, but he poisoned it; you can imagine what happened after she ate a few leaves, feeling immediately that something was wrong. The pain stopped only after the intervention of God, but we relapsed in it a second time. Always this mellifluous voice told her to eat a sandwich and share it with me and others. I gave her this sandwich, but the part we ate was immune, while the part she ate was poisoned again. I remember that, after this second experience, I burst shouting: "My God, come in my place, as I can't take it anymore!" In fact, feeling deceived by the devil seemed to me something that should not have happened and finally God the Father intervened after this second diabolical scam saying: "Maybe you think I have been too strict and demanding with you, but, believe me, I needed it and I had to do it. From now on I will no longer allow demons to bother you and if they come, as I already started doing today without you knowing it, I will destroy them all." At last, from that moment on, they never came again and we were able to breathe because before it was a nightmare. Marisa told me a thousand times that she preferred the most excruciating pains to these terrifying visions because, even if she was under the sheets or with her hands over the eyes, these images remained. The awful thing is that demons always knew how to look for the right moment to arrive: when I was not present or when I was distracted, to the point that a mechanism was born whereby I continually said: "In the name of God, I order you to go away". Just think what it meant repeating it all the time during the day. A time would come when I relaxed a little while talking or eating together, and they immediately were back. I believe that nobody has had such experience.

I counted up to eighteen times the intervention of God the Father, but there was also the intervention of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Once the Holy Spirit came and Marisa asked him when he would give me the gift of tongues. You know well that this promise is always in the air and He replied that at the right time I will receive this gift because to speak to foreigners one must know their languages.

Now I want to talk to you about Marisa's departure, linked to certain numbers and what I am telling you took place in the supernatural reality. The Lord has made it known that when Marisa goes to Heaven she will bring 3540 souls from purgatory who will be arranged forming a procession with the Our Lady, St. Joseph, grandmother Iolanda and Marisa in the lead and, immediately afterwards, our parents, our dads and then all the others. At the moment we have managed to write the names or their origin of 2800 people, among them there are popes, cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns, lay people, kings, princesses, simple faithful, young men and boys who attained the use of reason, but the most important thing is that there is no hierarchical arrangement. Our Lady said that the procession will be formed according to the order in which she dictates these names to us, so the popes and cardinals will come after the simple faithful, because before God there is no longer any degree, power or authority; this is what those who exercise power should bear in mind. Jesus already said it: "Prostitutes and tax collectors will precede you in the kingdom of Heaven". Do you see how the gospel is truth? So what will happen is that the order is given by love. In fact, there are people you don't even imagine, men and women who I believed were in hell, but an act of love was enough to save them. Charity, done generously to those who had not, opened the way; therefore, the sentence "Love is the Telepass to go to Heaven" is confirmed by God's judgment. If we want to be sure to go to Heaven, we don't have to do great things. I see it, for example, from how God esteems grandmother Iolanda: He sends her to every part of the world to help and now she is always close to us. At this moment, you may not know it, I tell you that on my right there is Our Lady and on the left there is grandmother Iolanda and God is speaking with her. At the right time I will talk to you about the Heaven according to divine concepts, not according to our human understanding.

Other moments of joy occurred when Jesus, Our Lady, Saint Joseph, grandmother Iolanda, Marisa and the Bishop, often accompanied by the little children of the community who are unaware of it, went to the Jordan: there, Jesus took the fish and cooked them on a grill prepared by St. Joseph, then Our Lady cleaned them and, singing hymns to God, they were tasted. After eating, Jesus took me by the arm and we went to talk about the Heaven, the Church and men’s situation, but I will not be aware of this as long as God wills. These are the things we have experienced all the time.

One evening after dinner, an episode occurred on which Our Lady too spoke about. I was talking about how beautiful the procession entering Heaven behind the Mother of the Eucharist will be, a procession that I too will surely see; while they will see God for sure, I will not be able to see Him because I will be still alive. At that moment God intervened by saying: “What are you saying? Who are you to say whether you will see me or not? It is I who decide”. I remained quiet and good, because I remembered the verse of the gospel; only afterwards did I understand that John meant that no one has ever seen God, at least not until the moment of revelation; in fact, he did not say that no one will ever see God. So, once more, I had to bow my head and say: “God, you are truly the master of everything and do what you want. We, little creatures, sometimes can't even understand how foolish and small we are in thinking that we have to dictate laws or ways of behavior to You." We have been brought in bilocation in several poor areas including Africa and Marisa has been many times in dangerous areas, especially in the places where that terrible war broke out, in Lebanon, between Israel and Hezbollah, just to help needy people and especially children.

Up to now I have told you some of the things I could say about our holidays, but now I want to tell you about the mission that has been accomplished by the young people and some adults. During holidays I had the opportunity to read your reports one by one and I got a clear idea of ​​how things went. Our Lady has already said several times that the mission went well; in fact, many priests asked the question: "If the truth is in that place, what will become of us?" I can tell you that out of 334 approached priests, two thirds have had substantially positive attitudes; some meetings that the interested parties thought had gone wrong, instead went very well. The Lord made me understand that what they said was not what they thought, but was what they were forced to say out of fear; therefore, out of 334 approached priests, 220, or two thirds, clearly benefited from these meetings. A third of them were really bad, but this should be of no interest for us now and not even in the future. On the other hand, I am reminded of something similar: a third of the angels rebelled against God and was thrown down into hell created specifically for them. An element that came out, beyond the fear that was quite tangible in many of them, was the painful fact that they had little preparation because they did not know how to respond to certain objections. However, there were also many positive aspects on which it is good to dwell: for example, many have said that it is absurd to condemn without having previously made an examination and judgment with judges. The fact that the community had young people and adults well prepared was a tangible positive sign, because the tree is seen by its fruits and if these are the fruits, certainly the tree is justly positive. Many priests were encouraging with clear words to continue moving forward and repeated that the fruits were positive and therefore they were faced with realities worthy of attention. Many praised the courage shown and the preparation achieved and also promised prayers for the triumph of truth, going so far as to say not to listen to the Vicariate because there were no reliable people. Others recognized that the Ecclesiastical Authority was wrong, even gravely wrong, and thanked God for knowing, at last, the truth because before they knew a different and distorted version. They said that in the face of a wrong order it is right not to obey because otherwise it goes against the law of God and they said that the Vicariate's behavior is extremely wrong. I can also add that a lot of encouragement is coming from abroad, not only through Internet, but above all through talks with Our Lady, with Jesus and with God the Father. We have been told several times that we have no idea how many people love us, value us and pray for us each day.

Even in Rome the situation is changing, although apparently it does not seem so because we still have painful experiences, but Christ too had similar experiences. Here there is Maria Theresa who can testify first-hand that a bishop had come to the point of preventing her from taking communion, clearly going against canon law and also against human law. This is completely wrong, because no one can prevent a person from taking communion. Indeed, if I, a priest giving communion knew that whoever comes to take it is unable because he is a traitor, a murderer, a heretic, am forced to administer communion. Instead, one must refuse to give it to public sinners, to those who are condemned, personally condemned, not otherwise. Some bishops have really fallen into the absurd, even condemning the intention: she is not part of the community, but she intends to be part of it and therefore I condemn her. I can't go into the details of this story.

The Church must be reborn from this and cannot fail to be reborn because so much suffering would then have been truly useless or, worse, counterproductive. I would like to say first of all to myself and Marisa, and remind each of you, the word of Isaiah that we read last Sunday: "Courage, God is with us and has shown it in many ways". He asked us a lot, I could add too much, but the promises He made, as they are promises of God, will be kept one after the other. If we look around we can say that we are poor, small and weak creatures, but the power of God is with us and the moment we await, as Our Lady repeated last Sunday, must not be far off. She used the term "shortly" and used the expression "soon", but a "soon" cannot be a time too far away, because we, humanly speaking, would not be able to endure it. We tighten the ranks, let us not be influenced by absences, detachments or withdrawals, but we remember the parable of the virgins: the foolish ones who knocked after the door was closed and the groom was already inside, remained outside. Those people who have acted like foolish virgins will find themselves in the same situation and remember that God keeps what He promised. I want to follow his example and I will keep what I promised: you must know that even in the future whoever was close to me in the moment of the trial will be equally close to me in the moment of the triumph. I cannot forget who has given us affection and understanding, while I can only pray for those who have turned their back on us.