Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Homily of H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti of May 13, 2007

1st reading: Acts 15:1-2, 22-29; Psalm 66; 2nd reading: Rev 21:10-14, 22-23; Gospel: Jn 14:23-29

I draw inspiration from a sentence, from an expression of the Mother of the Eucharist, modifying it a little, adapting it to our circumstance and to what we are experiencing at the moment. You will remember that on the occasion of past Eucharistic miracles Our Lady said: "There was a miracle in the miracle" to indicate that the miracle is the visible manifestation of the Eucharist and, miracle in the miracle, this Eucharist, brought by Our Lady or Jesus, had bled. Even after some years we still have some of these hosts that had bled. Everything is ready and, at the right time, perhaps even today, those who have come from outside Rome will be able to see, adore, taste the beauty and greatness of the works of God. Therefore, let us adapt this sentence to the circumstance, to the anniversaries that we are living now. In fact, we can say that we are celebrating an "anniversary within an anniversary". The major anniversary is the ninetieth year of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima; the anniversary that is part of this is Marisa’s consecration to the Lord through the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Let's go with order. Regarding the ninetieth anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima, once again, God judges certain things in a certain way and attributes to this event the adjective of great and important, while men belittle the judgment of God to their will, letting it pass as any anniversary and without giving the right relevance and importance that God instead gave. Today Jesus said something more about the undisclosed secret; Marisa and I know it and we understood those sentences, those words whose meaning perhaps didn't strike you. These are Jesus’ words: "They contain facts concerning the Church". This is what it is important to know at this moment, the details cannot, at the present time, be revealed but today Jesus made us understand that they concern the Church; not what men say, catastrophes and similar things, this is not the task that God has reserved for Himself. God is the head of the Church and therefore he may very well reveal unpleasant ugly and annoying things concerning the Church situation, and He did it with the intent that, at the moment established by Him, everything would be revealed, so that it is clearly understood that God never forsakes the Church and continues to protect her even if the men of the Church and the faithful were to leave. We believe that the Church will not collapse until the end of time when, at the time of the return of Jesus Christ for judgment, the earthly Church will cease and will be raised to the glorious Church. The Church, despite the wickedness of men, will continue to move forward; men may offend her, partially destroy and stain her, but never conclusively because Christ is present in His Church and supports her with His grace, His death, His passion and the Eucharist. Why do men, to whatever degree they belong, do not accept the words of God? You will probably be shocked by this refusal, but the Lord gave His explanation and, coincidentally, it is contained in the Gospel passage that has just been read: "Whoever does not love me does not keep my words". Once more, my dear, you have the confirmation that, for the Lord, the division through which man is good or bad passes through love: whoever loves God, and keeps it well in his head, whatever religion he belongs to, whether a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Hindu or any other religion, if he loves God, he works for the good and avoids doing evil; he will go to Heaven and will be saved. It is love that makes the difference, so there may be Catholic Christians who go to Hell because they did not love and Jews, Muslims and members of other religions who go to Heaven because they loved. The One who decides is God and only God! We men, instead, create categories based on completely different laws, we make divisions between members of different races, religions, income, wealth or culture; these are human divisions that afflict man and do not exalt him and I wanted to insist so that when I tell you something about Marisa's anniversary it will be easier for you to understand. Those who are here for the first time may not have been able to properly grasp the message, especially what Jesus said about a cardinal; you may wander who he is but I don't want to name him because I don't like doing it, but it is the highest collaborator of Benedict XVI, nowadays he is the one taking the office of secretary of state. This person, and look how things are well studied on the eve of the ninetieth anniversary, in collaboration with an expert Vatican journalist, who, in my opinion, is far from being an expert, wrote a book full of falsehoods, lies and deceits about the Fatima secret and its interpretation of the partially disclosed secret. I wonder: do we, as men and creatures respected by God and endowed with intelligence, have to stop, believe and accept what a bishop or a high-ranking cardinal can say in disagreement with God? No ways! Because these persons impose their truth by leveraging on the office, authority, place and the seat they occupy. Why should we believe what a cardinal or bishop says is true and what a simple person or a simple priest says is not true? Is this the division? No! Today it has been repeated: "Obedience yes, blackmail no". To say certain things, attributing them to an elderly, sick and secluded nun, you, if you had been honest, you should let me see the audio-visual recording, not your notes. I don't care about your notes because you could write what you want; so should I believe that your notes are honest because you are bishop or cardinal? Do you know that Hell is full of priests, bishops, cardinals and Popes? Respect! The faithful must demand to be respected and we priests and bishops must respect the faithful and not consider them, as Dante would say, "crazy sheep", that is, without intelligence, but people capable of reasoning with their own heads and taking, in the light of the authentic Word of God, important and valid decisions. This anniversary reminds us that in the heart of God, the Church occupies an important place and for the Church we are called to live, pray and suffer. It may seem strange what Jesus said to you, simple faithful, and here again there is what I said about God's respect for men: "Clean up the Church, drive away those who are dishonest". You could say, "How do I do it? I am a simple believer, how can I clean up the Church?” In the meantime, through your testimony, courage, preparation and commitment; this is what you have to do. If you hear things that are not good you have to intervene, if what is said is in contrast with what you have been taught you must intervene; this is your task, this is your duty, this is the commitment that you must undertake today on the occasion of the ninetieth anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima. Those who have been disrespectful of God and Our Lady are not you, but those who are above and have muffled, censored and fragmented all that God has made known to the three little shepherds through Our Lady and who had subsequently reported to the highest authority here in Rome.

Now it is enough to talk about the anniversary of Fatima; we come to an anniversary that is familiar and felt for the person towards whom each of us nourishes feelings of friendship, love and solidarity: our sister Marisa. One single soul can do much more than many people put together, this is the judgment of God and then her immolation, her suffering, her “yes” wet with tears and blood, renewed every day and several times a day, has made her a human victim welcome and united with the divine victim. Many of you will wonder why our tired, weak and sick sister, guess what, has to suffer more? And today I am going to disclose, hopefully for her, the last mission that God the Father has entrusted her with. Exactly on May 8, a few days ago, and, by now, it will be easier for you to understand it if you refer to what I have said earlier. By showing up for the umpteenth time, God told her that to Him, Marisa’s great sufferings, and believe me shocking, are needed. He needed them to stop and repair the evil committed by bad people, and he made us understand that bad people do not have an indication and a division according to our criteria; they are bad people, and this is what Christ says, they are all those who do not accept His Word and do not love Him, that is to say all the people who do not love, who offend God and cause suffering to their neighbor, whatever religion they belong to. These people are also present within Christianity, regardless of the role they occupy. God, with a clear, meaningful and symbolic word, expressed His regret and His suffering caused by "skullcaps". He did not diversify on the basis of color or office charge and the awful thing is that those who should love Him and make Him loved, those who should know Him and make Him known, are instead the cause of suffering. This is why God asked Marisa for this mission, and I hope for her that it will be the last one, that is, to suffer in order to repair the evil of the bad people belonging to every religions and that, without distinction of roles, are also present in the Christian Catholic confession. And what can you do? Jesus preceded me today: prayer, love and solidarity. This you can and must do and, in this way, you will participate in her mission; by supporting Marisa you will allow her to go forth. I know, all of us, and as you also heard Jesus too, would like her suffering to end soon and fly in the glory and happiness of Heaven. We have heard Jesus say: "Pray for this", and we will have to do it, knowing that the physical contacts will stop and we will suffer from this; but we are also aware that when she will be before God, she will be more powerful than she is now and, together with her mother and grandmother Iolanda, she will be happy and serene. All this must give us joy and serenity! In life happiness coexists with suffering, joy coexists with pain, and then we can cry and rejoice together, be happy and still have a weight in our heart because these are the authentic feelings that mature in these situations and in these circumstances. Today is an important day for the Church history and as we have been educated and also used to looking ahead, I believe I can state that the centenary of these apparitions will be celebrated and lived in a completely different way and richer with love than the current anniversary; who knows that on May 13th 2017 someone is in Fatima to celebrate this solemnity together with some of you. It is not a dream, it is not a fantasy but I believe it can become a reality and even be anticipated thanks to our prayers combined with those of the Mother of the Eucharist. You cannot imagine how much she is united to us in prayer, suffering and love and she is praying for this very reason. You have also heard this in the prayer I recited to God and to Our Lady, I expressed this great desire: "May the Church be reborn clean and honest as soon as possible, may cleanliness be finally accomplished inside the Church and the mercenaries, as Christ said, removed; may the serpents have their head crushed as the Immaculate Conception did with Satan and may the wolves have their teeth torn to prevent them from continuing to bite and wound the honest sheep of God's flock". I entrust this to your heart, I entrust it to your prayers, I entrust it to your love in the name of the Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.