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Homily of H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti of December 6, 2008

Letter of God and Bishop Claudio Gatti's commentary of December 6, 2008

Rome, December 6, 2008 - 6:40 pm

Letter of God

Our Lady - In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Praised be Jesus, my dear children.

Today, in addition to being the first day of the Triduum to the Immaculate, is also the first Saturday of the month and I am back in your midst. I must give you an advice. When you come across people who say they see the Virgin Mary or Jesus just say: "Okay, thank you. Pray for me". Do not argue, do not say more because not all of you are prepared to address and respond to those people; only the Bishop is prepared and can do it. His task is hard and difficult because when their chord is touched and are told straight in their face: "I'm sorry, this is not true" because they say heresies, they become hostile, devilish and a dreadful hate comes from their eyes. By now you know who sees me, you know who sees Jesus and who does not see God, but hears Him. Do not listen to anyone, do not listen to those who say that the antichrist will be coming. Politely and kindly say: "Okay, thank you. Pray for me", without any more words. This tip I gave to your sister many years ago. Often, when she used to come down and meet these people, she would just say: "Pray for me". And it is right because these people become bad if you say straight in their face: "I do not believe you". Don't you do it, for only the Bishop or a well prepared priest can properly answer these people. To you I just say to pray because these very people are the ones ruining the little good left in the Church for they utter heresies; you must keep quiet, thoughtful and prayerful.

Today I wanted to come with the saints who have entered the Paradise of Beatific Vision and are before God. I ask you to pray for those who are in the Waiting Paradise and they are many of them. Pray also for those who are in Purgatory, make sure that they too can go to the Waiting Paradise. They do not see God, but within them there is joy, love, song, prayer, everything. So I ask, both to grown ups and children, both to adults and young people, let's say former young people but young compared to adults: pray for I want to see you all in the Waiting Paradise and then, gradually, you will attain the very great goal of the Paradise of the Beatific Vision.

Today I was particularly moved to see people who have come from far away to hear the Mother, hear what I say, and I am saying nothing new, I just say to pray for everyone, more so for those people who suffer, who do not have food or water, who have nothing and die. Today, through Marisa, I asked a child whether he wanted some pennies for the little tooth he lost or wanted to give them to children, to blind people, and with a big smile and bright eyes said: "For the children, for the blind people". It moved me so much to see in this child the joy to give. Poor thing, he had given up his pennies and it is already the second time he does this act of generosity. I never ask you big sacrifices, I just ask, to those who can, without being accountable to anyone, to help these poor children. Little Marisa knows how many they are and how they suffer. You, thank God Almighty, are still well. Even in Italy there is poverty and misery as well, but when you see children dying because they have nothing to eat, nothing to drink, have no medicines to heal, then your heart shrinks and becomes small, small.

Marisa - My Lady, may I ask you a question? Couldn't God do more for these children? I do not mean to send them money, for you up there haven't got them. Right? (turning to the Bishop). You have no money, but God could help them in other ways: send some people to help them because our help is important for the small ones and the adults too; they too suffer. I see you smiling, my little Madonna. Mother of the Eucharist, Mother of Jesus and our Mother, help all those in need, help the sick, there are so many of them, the hospitals are full and they do not know where to put them.

Our Lady - When the day you are longing for will come I will help you, but without money, for there is no money in Heaven, I will help you to do something nice for everyone.

Marisa - When you are you going to take me away?... I am aching all over and sometimes I have to be quiet, I have to hide, because someone (the Bishop, Editor's note) suffers more than me and I do not want that. My little Madonna, listen to me: when you go all together to God the Father, what are you going to tell Him? Tell him to help those people on earth and there are many of them, and help me a little bit as well.

Our Lady - You know what your path is, Marisa.

Marisa - Yes, but do not say it, do not say it again, I am the one to know and that's all.

Our Lady - I thank you for the Triduum you all are doing with all your heart and for the prayers. Tomorrow is the last day of the Triduum. Once you used to have a big feast. I would like to see you rejoicing again while celebrating a big feast.

Marisa - But our strength is lacking, my little Madonna. Give us your help, for we are tired and demoralized.

Our Lady - Little Marisa, do you know what? It is some time that in order to talk...

Marisa - have to ask God the Father what you have to say.

Our Lady - You're naughty.

Marisa - I am naughty. I have a lump in my throat here...

Our Lady - My dear children, pray as much as you can. I say it again: have more patience with your children. They grow and change the way they speak, act, move. Be patient. It is the Year of Faith, but to the parents I say: have also the Year of Patience.

Together with my and your holy Bishop I bless you, your loved ones, children, the sick people, the missionaries. I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my motherly mantle.

Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Bishop's commentary

You have listened to the letter of God, but you probably missed the significance of what the Mother of the Eucharist said and recommended in the first part. Our Lady was referring to a painful experience that took place today. While we were at the table, at about 2 pm, a bunch of people from Ukraine showed up, asking to meet with the Seer only. They had no intention to pray in the Church, a request we would have granted at once. It was of no help at all to tell them that it was not possible because, by order of the Bishop and on the advice of the physician, Marisa should not receive any outside person. Resentfully and offensively they replied, in English, to Yari who tried to explain them the reason that prevented them from seeing Marisa. They replied: "You don not want us to see her, it is not true what you say; even our seer is so sick, yet she is here. We're not leaving until we have seen Marisa".

Should we think that Seers behave in this manner?

They stopped in front of the house gate and stayed there a long time, even causing the children to laugh and would inform us about their number and their whereabouts. At one point they disappeared and Emanuele said: "They are hiding behind the wall", he was right because after a while they reappeared. In the end I decided to meet them. I know neither Ukrainian nor English, so I waited for Massimo to come in order to translate the conversation and this resulted in a wait of two hours.

The conversation began with a brotherly correction, I told them, through Massimo, they were wrong in acting in this way, because they showed no respect and were judging people and I could not let that happen. In a holy and thaumaturgic place, where Trinitarian theophanies and Our Lady's apparitions occur, it is not nice to meet self-styled seers followed by a small group of followers who, I hope and believe are in good faith, have such behavior, advancing claims and wanting to impose on situations. Initially they just assumed an attitude. I asked who was the seer and they told me that there were two of them, a woman, about fifty years old, and a girl. Throughout the conversation they supported the role of the learned and the ignorant, that is to say, the girl never spoke while the other fully handled the situation. It was tough to go on with this conversation because I was speaking Italian, Massimo would translate into English and those of them who could speak English would translate into Ukrainian; then she would talk in Ukrainian, another would translate in English and Massimo would translate in Italian for me. Imagine this waltz all the time.

Since their arrival, before meeting them, I realized that they were not in a state of genuineness and I wandered: "These people have come to have some kind of endorsement", that is to stick to the Seer, of whom they read on internet, return home and give credibility to their apparitions (they came with movie cameras and other technological devices). They reported they were seeing the Virgin Mary since 2003, in Chernobyl, describing her as dressed in black. For the sake of clarity, our Lady does not like black! I started listening more carefully, for I recollected the Chernobyl tragedy you all know, and I asked: "When have you seen her last?" They replied: "On October 14". You already know what the Mother of the Eucharist told us about the apparitions of the present time. Nevertheless I wanted to continue the conversation to get something strong and up to the point and not going quickly to any conclusion as this is not the way to proceed. For this reason the Mother of the Eucharist said: "Only the Bishop can", because it's hard, believe me, to dig them out. I began by asking what Our Lady was saying and they reported the same things as the messages the Mother of the Eucharist was giving us, then I understood. They reiterated that they had come in order to have an endorsement from Marisa, a recognition. I said that Our Lady always said she would never disclose to a seer whether another apparition or another seer is authentic or fake. This is not the seers' task, but belongs only to those who have received from God the gift of discernment, so that they can say whether it comes from God, from the devil or is human deception. At that point they changed version, they did not come to have an endorsement but to show solidarity, for they had suffered so much persecuted by priests and bishops. Our Lady, according to them, had recommended this meeting, then I replied: "It seems a little strange because Marisa is seeing the Mother of the Eucharist in the morning, evening and several times during the day and we have not received any indication that you would have come here from Ukraine. With Our Lady we talk about everything, if she told you something like that she would have told us as well". Then I led the discussion on the Church future. The Mother of the Eucharist said: "Do not believe those who speak of the Antichrist" and my conversation partners started to talk about him, arguing that after him there was going to be a "little pebble", but none of them was able to explain what was all about. Then they spoke of Peter II, but I did not fall into the trap because they did not relate it to what Our Lady said, but to Malachy's prophecies, a rather mysterious character; I do not know if those prophecies are true or not so we did not talk about them. Then I went on with the conversation and asked them: "Who is going to be the next Pope?" They said: "A deacon who is suffering so much and presently is located in Australia". At this point I told them that when the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist started I demanded evidence from Our Lady and our Lord to prove their authenticity and we got them. I said to them: "You came here to tell me about the apparitions you attended, but what evidence are you providing? As far as authenticity is concerned, I could quote you the 185 Eucharistic miracles, especially the one that took place on June 11, 2000, during the Holy Mass I was celebrating and that was flatly refused by the men of the Church. So you can figure out how it could be possible to accept you without providing any evidence".

The conversation ended when they stated: "Our Lady in Heaven has the same glory as God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit." At this point I said that our meeting was over, we did not have much to tell each other, for they had uttered an heretical statement against our faith, as Our lady is indeed so much sublime, but she is still a creature, and for that reason she cannot rise to the same glory of God, who is infinite. At that moment I saw what the Mother of the Eucharist mentioned today, such anger, hatred and resentment. Initially they were mellifluous, but as the conversation progressed they were getting more and more anxious, more and more nervous and eventually they burst out. After I gave my sentence, I did not expect them to accept it with a smile, in fact the older seer replied: "You're not a true prophet". From that I received further confirmation that we were on two totally different worlds.

I told you about this unpleasant episode so you understand that, even today, people deceive and sometimes they succeed. I wondered why, but I cannot find a rational answer. They claimed to go to the Pope to relay a message Our Lady had entrusted them and said: "We have not succeeded to go to the Pope". Would God have them come here from Ukraine for this reason? I told them that, during the pontificate of John Paul II, Marisa went several times to the Pope, with the specific task of reporting what God wanted. This is the sign: if you cannot do it, it means that it is not true that you have to tell the Pope something important because when the Virgin Mary or God wanted a message to be reported to the Vicar of Christ they would send Marisa in bilocation. If bilocation does not occur, it means that God is not interested that you know His will. As to why they have come from so far away, facing a journey, incurring expenses and even staying for a week in Rome, I would not like to give a hard and heavy answer, but it is easy to deduce and think that the devil is no stranger to this. It is another hate plot by the demon towards us. The Mother of the Eucharist advised us how to behave in these situations: "Do not stand up and take part in a conversation with these people because you will end up arguing and then offending each other, tell them what Our Lady said and go, go ahead". But the Church is somehow to be protected because these people are ruining it. False people also damage the true people, even if there is only one true seer left, and you know this. These people do not love the Church but themselves and sometimes they can, more than the true ones, gather people and faithful, grants and memberships. So what is coming to light is that cheating, lying and falsehood have more value and hold on people than actual truth. This is awful and you wonder: "Why?" Because truth is God, I recognize truth if God is within me, if God is not within me I will not recognize it. All those rejecting truth are rejecting God; and all those rejecting God's works and do not know and do not want to understand that they come from God, are not with Him, and therefore are in an antithetical and opposite position.

Now, however, let us end on a subject on which the Mother of the Eucharist has encouraged us. I will say it again on Monday, the feast of the Immaculate Conception, that we must do something tangible for those poor children, of whom Our Lady is talking about since several months and in several apparitions. Any collection and alms that will be offered on Monday will be devoted fully to third world children. For the first time I ask that the money collection to be made after the homily and before the offertory. This is to emphasize that it is an act of charity and love, but I will not settle on this; if you intend to give the Bishop some Christmas gifts, do not do it; donate the money you would have spent by passing it to the children, it is the least we can do. Last year you were generous and I can assure you that we sent, by sharing the amount, some substantial figures for those who got them. The needy and the various associations are not used to receive an amount of about one thousand euro all at once, they usually get a lot less. When these money orders arrived at their address, all associations I sent the money have written to me thanking for the generosity. I think this will be the contribution of exterior love and charity we can do for the sake of the Mother of the Eucharist and for Jesus' sake; so we decided to make the collection on the feast day of the Immaculate Conception together with the Christmas gifts. I can assure you that every time we have given we have received much more. I am not talking just from an economic point of view, but, above all, from a spiritual point of view. Let prayer be not the limit for us, although important, but let us do charity. You have heard about that kid who gave up twice his pennies to give to the needy children. Let us make sure that our children generosity does not exceed ours, let us give with a sincere, generous and open heart. Remember that every tear of a child, of a mother who has nothing to give to her child, of an elderly or sick person, we wipe away, will help us to go one step higher toward Heaven.

Praised be Jesus Christ.