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Homily of H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti of May 1, 2008

1sr reading: Gen 1:26-2:3; Psalm 89; Gospel: Matthew 13:54-58

For those who love Our Lady, and we are certainly among these, it is simplistic and almost useless to celebrate the beginning of the Marian month as something special, exclusive and reserved only for the month of May.

If you consider family relationships, a husband loves his wife, parents love their children, a friend loves a friend, not in a single month, but throughout the year. For this reason it is an understatement to celebrate the Marian month only in May. As it is essential and necessary for a husband to have always his wife next to him and vice-versa, for parents to have always their children near them, and vice-versa, for a friend or a lady friend too, and even more so for us it is necessary to always have next to us the one Jesus Christ under the cross has given, donated and entrusted us as Mother.

A mom is loved every day of the year, not only for celebrations, although, unfortunately, this happens to many children. But these cannot be called children if they forget their own mom, and remember her during festivities only.

This thought popped into my head today, while walking in the garden reciting the rosary: ??I wandered: "What are we doing? We start something we are already doing throughout the year". If for us, as the Mother of the Eucharist says, every day is Christmas, then I tell you, for the same reason, every month is May, as in the other months we do not stop and do not cease to manifest our love for Our Lady.

Our Lady for us is essential and her help is needed every day, in fact there cannot be real and strong love, centered on her son Jesus, if there is no real and strong love centered on Mary.

It is written, in one of the presentations of the books collecting the letters of God for every year, my reply to a Bishop who, with confidence and with almost detached attitude, asked me: "What good is coming to you from these apparitions?" The answer I immediately gave and that silenced my brother in the episcopate was: "They made me love Jesus more and made me live the Holy Mass I celebrate every day with more love, with more faith and more participation".

That's why, in God's plans, his Mother precedes him in time and precedes him in action. There cannot be true spiritual rebirth, true spiritual conversion and growth in spiritual life and holiness, regardless of Our Lady: safety is given to us by her very constant presence.

Other Christian brethren of ours have reduced Mary’s role, presence and importance.

Holiness means possessing all that God has given us and to reject some of his gifts means to deny oneself the possibility of becoming a saint. If God wants Mary to be present in the lives of his children, and these children reduce her presence claiming the pretext or the idea of ??the mere presence of Christ, they place themselves in a different position from God and, therefore, cannot grasp those spiritual fruits that accrue only when Our Lady is present.

If you want to become saints get attached to Our Lady. I am not talking about devotion that sometimes becomes sensationalism, which can border on superstition, I am stating God’s will that is crisp and clear: Let us draw near Christ, letting us to be taken by hand by his Mother who will always make sure that there is union between each of us and her Son.

I hope that in the future the dogma on "Mary’s mediation" will be defined in the Church as true and genuine intermediary between her Son, one and triune, and the other children, simple men. Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix in the same time. There is no Redeemer without Co-Redemptrix, there is no Mediator without Mediatrix, there is no salvation without a Mother.

Today I try to urge and push you to realize and ensure that Mary’s presence is more and more "encumbering" in your life; more and more may she fill the life of each of you. In this way we can look forward, we will be able to walk this last stretch of road before reaching the goal shown by God, we so much longed and desired.

When we feel exhausted and our strength seems to fail, our knees bend and we feel the urgent need to sit down, never to rise again and continue the journey, once again, God sends his Mother to comfort us giving a constant and "nagging" companionship. I am using this adjective with respect, to describe frequency and proximity. Our Lady never leaves us, never forsakes us because should she retire from us and no longer have her companionship, we would be particularly vulnerable and exposed to falls and, perhaps, even turnarounds and betrayals. For this she really is so close.

I took the liberty to entrust her with all prayers, even the nightly ones, the small and big sacrifices chosen by each of you, the good deeds we do every day. Imagine a flower girl making up a bunch of flowers, and is able to enhance their beauty and colors by wrapping them with elegance and harmony rather than throwing them one on top of the other without style. If we want to impress God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit let us entrust, day by day, these flowers of ours to Mary and she, with elegance, love and intelligence, will present this wonderful bunch to God the Father. I can assure you that God likes a lot this initiative and could not be otherwise. I myself asked him: "Have you enjoyed the initiative of this campaign?" And he replied: "I really liked it, it was most appreciated". He used the superlative "most appreciated", and this should prompt us to continue and to be more trustful because even if we ignore them, God’s actions and deeds will unfold in the Church and humanity.

In this respect, I can tell you that those famous letters, of which you have asked me the outcome many times, got an incredible result. We sent them to sixty-eight Cardinals and then they themselves sent them to others, up to a total number of three hundred. Had I known before, I would have written fewer of them, it would have been less tiring and I would have saved on stamps! Apart from the witty remark, it is very nice that cardinals have turned into my secretaries. Many have accepted, understood, respected, had admiration and esteem for the man who wrote them. The Mother of the Eucharist, however, advised us not to wait or hope for any feedback and we know the reason: there is still a paralyzing fear of losing the parish, to compromise or fear of exposure, but, for the time being, it is fine as it is.

God works silently, even when we think we are in a dead calm sea, and those experts at sea know that dead calm means no wind, so boats and ships, if they do not have oars and are waiting for the wind, cannot set sail, but remain there motionless, in a dull atmosphere.

God, I say it again, is working for us and this is already a cause for joy and exultation, in a time when, despite everything, there is a lot of exhaustion and could not be otherwise, I see in you generosity, dedication, desire to collaborate, and I have to thank you for this and encourage you to continue. We are working, you are working very hard, you are really trying to move in every way God's heart, I must admit it and I want to express my thanks, together with Marisa’s because honestly, we did not expect so much participation. My thanks are important because it is from the Bishop ordained by God, but that from God is even more important. Thanks also for the material collaboration that many of you are showing daily or even several times during the week.

Despite some falls and a few moments of lower spiritual tone that occurred in the past, today we have reached a family atmosphere. We understand each other more, we collaborate better, and we love each other more and this is nice and pleasing to our Lord, may you be rewarded for it. When God 'will blow the trumpet' each of you must be in the combat position and it is not sure that I shall be here for much longer. If I'm gone, it will be up to you to carry on a beautiful, exciting and great mission in God's eyes. You'll have to be witnesses of God's love, goodness and power. Such power may be felt in each of you. What your life would have been if you had not met Our Lady and Jesus the Eucharist? What your and my life style would have been if God had not come to meet each one of us? Then each of us can say: "I am a witness and represent the love of God in the world, I represent the power of God in the world". Let us silently prepare, with humility and with total offering to live our future responsibilities, each of us in our place, in the context picked by God, in the situation chosen by God, with the responsibilities that he has decided to entrust each of us.

Let us look forward, we want to see it to happen what we are praying for. For everything else let ourselves go to Him and although sometimes we complain, and this unites us to St. Peter, or we feel like crying, let's try to go ahead and bring with us an increasing number of people. Always and everything to the glory of God, for the rebirth of the Church and for the salvation of many souls.

Secrets that God has revealed to Marisa are still looming, some of them are terrible. I know a few of them, perhaps I do not know the toughest and the worst, but I can assure you that they are there and are concerned with the Church and the world. God is begging for more time because he knows that when his works and actions will start, not everyone will respond or will be saved. Men, in order to be saved, must open up to God but if he is closed to him, to his action and his grace, no one can save him and bring him back to the straight path. That's why we have to be true missionaries, try to bring other brothers to God. Sometimes action is not enough, what is needed is immolation, a word hard to accept, even harder to live, but it is the only key that can open the gate of Heaven to our brothers.

Praised be Jesus Christ.