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The great trial of God

God asked a great trial of faith and a total abandonment to the divine will to the members of the Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza - Madre dell'Eucaristia and in particular to the bishop Claudio Gatti and to the visionary Marisa Rossi.

Rome, 21st October 1999

Letter of God brought by St. Joseph

To save this planet Earth God asks your sister a heavy and sorrowful suffering; together with her also the bishop morally dies. The usual question naturally comes: "What is God doing in this moment?". God is working, He is trying to save as many souls as possible. Many souls converted their heart, but a lot of souls don't answer and go backwards and backwards. More than a half of the population of the world doesn't know Jesus the Eucharist.

God loves you, even if it seems in this moment that everything is against you and that, from a human point of view, He abandoned you. We understood that your complaint came out in a moment of discouragement and of depression and this is right, from the human point of view you are defeated. But if you are defeated, also the Paradise is defeated and my son Jesus, as the Mother says, died uselessy.

Don't get discouraged more than so much. Don Claudio, the episcopate was given to you to have the fullness of priesthood, to go forward and to do what God decided. It's not important to God stating the day and the month of the triumph of truth, but the convertion of the souls is important.

Rome, 23rd October 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

I have come among you to celebrate the sixth anniversary of my public apparitions in this thaumaturgical place. Somebody is thinking that it would have been better if fight had ended at this point and if truth had triumphed. God can't leave you in this sorrowful situation and He will bless those who continue with love, loyalty and sacrifice to come to this thaumaturgical place. Don't run towards the places where there is crowd and where neither engagement nor sacrifice is demanded, go where you receive help and graces. Never lose faith in God. Temptations can come, discouragement can arrive, this is human and nobody tells you that this is a sin; it's a sin to stop voluntarily in the discouragement and in the mistrust in God.

Rome, 24th October 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

Offer this day to God for the Church and for the men of the Church, the Church is of God and nobody can destroy It.

Nobody loved and loves the Church as much as your simple and humble bishop. Oh, if all my favourite sons really loved the souls, they wouldn't think of organizing conventions and meetings to speak ill of the thaumaturgical place, of the bishop and of the visionary.

Rome, 28th October 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

The Mother thanks you, She holds you tight to her heart and gives you strength to bear the last satan's stroke which will concern not much you, but above all the bishop and the visionary.

Today God tells you: "Come on", even if the victory seems to be of your persecutors. Surround your bihsop and help him with prayer and with the strength of love. Don't be discouraged, don't lose heart, because satan goes around you. Come on, don't abandon the field.

Rome 31st October 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

I don't cry for those people who don't believe my son Jesus, I cry for those who say to believe and who voluntarily cause sufferings. Woe betide them; when God's judgement arrives it will be very hard for them. Today God is still merciful, but tomorrow his judgement will be very severe.

Rome, 2nd November 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

You are afflicted and instead you should smile, you should sing out of joy, and you should, especially for my two children, raise your head and smile.

Don Claudio, don't run away, because the Mother is with you.

Letter of God brought by Padre Pio

God told me: "Go and speak to my sons who are living a very difficult moment of their life. Tell them to be confident, to have faith; it's of no importance to know when and how I will intervene, because I, God, am with them".

My little sister, how much I suffered, but your and bishop's suffering is much greater than mine, because I wasn't alone, I had my brothers and many people with me.

Rome, 4th November 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

My beloved sons, God can do everything He likes and when He does it the situation of those people who didn't believe God's appeal will be very sad.

Oh, then there will be weeping and teeth squeaking, because God will be just. You shouldn't be frightened when you hear threats or when you hear that the powerful men of the Church can defeat you. The powerful men not only keep on fighting against you, but today they stand out more than ever and they are preparing "many things" for this third millennium.

Rome, 7th November 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

My beloved sons, I am here with you while all the world is looking on, while powerful men keep on gathering to find a way to crush this thaumaturgical place. They want to hurt my two children and instead with their behaviour they seriously offend God.

Rome, 20th November 1999

Letter of Jesus

My blood keeps on flowing; anything I do isn't accepted, anything I say isn't heard. By now the great men have taken power and crush little men. The more accidents happen, the more the planet Earth rebels. Earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, everything is happening in this period, but men don't fear, they are tranquil because they have power and richness. Don't think of me only as the merciful Jesus, also think of Me as the just Jesus.

My dear two children, I called you, I chose you and the way is hard, bristling, thorny and very difficult. I, Jesus, tell you: "You didn't fail, you followed the way that leads to the Paradise".

Rome, 21st November 1999

Letter of Jesus

Father, I have many children, but few are well, few are in the grace of God. Father, I must try to save my sons till the end.

If few sons were save, my death would have been useless. You are my two favourite sons chosen by God, I ask you for help, prayers and sufferings to save the men who know Me, but who don't accept what I taught. God, your God, the God of all Christians still shows mercy and patience. Probably all this lets you suffer, because you are tired, overwhelmed, fought against by the men of the Church, by sisters and laymen who say to be engaged. The souls chosen by God are few, very few and since they want to go the way of holiness they are slandered, mocked and derided like people did with Me.

I, Jesus, ask you, my beloved sons, yet to have strength, patience, love for Me, for the Mother of the Eucharist and for the brothers who don't know Me.

You can't know how many men of the Church feel almost to be God. They are powerful, they know everything, they can do everything.

In this moment he who is most in need is your bishop; he needs help, prayers and strength. God looks after him, but, believe Me, sometimes it's difficult to accept what God wants.

I, as the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, see everything and know everything, I, as man, understand his fight, his difficulties and his desire of leaving everything and of saying: "Whoever makes me do it?".

I would like to say: "Come on, Don Claudio", but I almost don't dare it, because I read inside your heart much suffering. But would you abandon millions of sons, to save few of them? No, you wouldn't do it. You understand what I mean, you don't need explanations.

Rome, 2nd December 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

I am with you, my beloevd sons, I pray with you to wring the great miracle that God promised; I am on your side. Yes, time goes by and you wait. He who is calm and tranquil waits with serenity, with devotion and prayer; he who is anxious gets excited for a trifle. In the day and in the moment when all that has to happen will happen, I, or better, God will know who truly loved Jesus the Eucharist, who truely loved the bishop. You can't enter God's mind, you can't understand, you can't know and understand what God does, how and when He does it.

Marisella, I know that those tears come out by themselves, I know why you cry; I suffered too, I cried for my son Jesus, then everything ended in glory; but some time is necessary.

God's times aren't your times. You say: "God said 1999". Yes, God said this and I myself brought you the letter of God. Don't worry more than so much. Every day you collapse; this is not beautiful. He who goes this way shouldn't collapse, he shouldn't ask many questions and let everything hang above all over the bishop, because either the bishop or the visionary know as much as you.

I also know as much as you, nevertheless I help you. The angels and the saints pray with Me, so that men convert their heart. There are many, many and many men who don't convert their heart, but above all there are many and many priests, bishops and cardinals who don't convert their heart, on the contrary they laugh at the date said by God. I don't know when 1999 ends and when 2000 begins here in Heaven.

At Dozulè Jesus spoke, at Garabandal I spoke, to many others We gave the same announcements as to you.

Could God let the good people perish and let enjoy people who don't believe? It would be a very great trial. Time has come for shouting: "My God, my God, why have You abandoned me?" or for repeating what you, Marisella, said: "The chalice has a hole in the bottom, because the more you fill it with sufferings the more it becomes empty".

Marisella, I do what God wants. As you two always obeyed God, so I always obeyed God.

Rome, 5th December 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

Why does man want to let God say what God didn't say or why does he want to impose on God what He should do? God knows what He does and no man of the Earth, from the greatest to the most little, can tell God what He should do.

I thank you because you are trying in every way, even if you aren't perfect, to do God's will.

Rome, 8th December 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

Don Claudio and Marisa, how many tears you shed, how many sufferings you have faced since 1973, but your day of peace, serenity and joy will arrive.

Rome, 12th December 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

In Italy, in Rome people don't love Jesus the Eucharist, like God wants.

It seems as you have all the world over you, for this reason I willingly come among you.

I am next to the bishop when he celebrates the Holy Mass; because he received the episcopate, the fullness of priesthood by God. Oh, if the men could understand this great miracle: God after two thousand years, after having ordained bishop St. Peter, personally gave the episcopate to a man.

Rome, 16th December 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

What did God reserve for you? You don't know it. This is the most important moment of your life to show God your great love. Pray, because ugly times are approaching; they will be very ugly.

Explanatory note

God asked the bishop and the visionary a great trial of faith.

For some years Our Lady many times had announced that 1999 would have been the year of the triumph of the Eucharist, of the truth and of our Movimento. Don Claudio repeated and wrote this in his letters addressed to the cardinals, the bishops and the priests of all the Church and in the introductions of the books which collect the letters of God. But since millions and millions of people yet have to convert their heart, included many priests, God has still given more time to wait for the conversion of his sons.

This is the great trial of faith asked to the bishop, to the visionary and to the members of the Movimento: having announced the date of the triumph to all the Church and knowing that God delayed, we don't know when, his intervention to let the Eucharist and the truth triumph. Accepting the great trial allowed that today it is spoken much more of the Eucharist.

Rome, 23rd December 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

Your love to Jesus the Eucharist, your great suffering, especially that of my two children, and much more that of my bishop, let the men of the Church often speak of Jesus the Eucharist. I rejoyce for this, but I suffer with you because the trial asked to you by God is very great. Trust in God. This your sacrifice, this your great love to Jesus the Eucharist will involve that men speak and will keep on speaking of the Eucharist. I read inside your hearts all your questions. You will hear people speaking ill of the bishop, but you who knew him thoroughly should reply: "He is the bishop of the Eucharist, he is the bishop of the Gospel, he is the bishop who can make a poem of everything of God" and so you will be able to defend him. Don't go to the visionary to report her those news and events which cause her sufferings. You can't say : "What does God do?". Who are you? God knows what He does, God doesn't betray, He doesn't disappoint, even if today He asks the great trial which will let suffer much; but if you think that today people speak much more of Jesus the Eucharist, this should give you joy.

Come on, finally you will triumph, you will triumph. I said a date, I indicated a year, but God asked a great trial, because He is waiting for conversions, for conversions and conversions. You who went a very beautiful way, a very great way, you should know that convertion means believing the Gospel and above all believing Jesus the Eucharist.

I repeat to you: "God doesn't betray, if He loves those who don't believe, much more He will love you who believe, who love Jesus the Eucharist".

When you believe someone you should be sure that he will not betray you.

The men of the Church are engaged for the great jubilee. Everyone try to be pre-eminent, they look for earthly things, they try to be someone, so that history will speak about them who truly don't love Jesus the Eucharist. Nothing at all is necessary, as your bishop says, so that God accomplishes what He promised, but He yet waits for the conversion of his sons.

Rome, 24th December 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

Now I want to thank you for all that you did, you do and will do. I would like you to make a chain around your bishop to protect him, to defend him and above all to help him.

The mission of the bishop and of the visionary is very great, very beautiful and very suffered; God asked them a great trial.

Marisella, the passion for you will continue and the abstinence will continue, you will see Me only in stated days, when there will be groups.

My little flock, God loves you so much that He asked you also to accept the great trial, but He didn't ask you to live the passion, to do great sacrifices and great hardships.

I ask you this task: pray and help my two children. The men would like to know what is in God's mind. God tried your faith and you will succeed if you will keep on going forwards and above all not listening to those people who will laugh at you and will be satisfied and happy because they will believe to have won.

Today I want to give you a great joy: through your sufferings and prayers laymen, priests, bishops and cardinals converted; altogether they are 1.000.003 people (Note: these latest conversions added to others happened in 1999 reach the number of about 9 millions of people).

Rome, 25th December 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

I am happy for the acceptance of the great trial that you all did, even if in someone much storm roars, but it's natural, it's normal, because you would be subnormal persons if you didn't feel anything, as your bishop says.

Marisella, God chose you, God called you, and until everything triumph you will always have passion and abstinence; you will see Me very few, but in the moment of need I will be close to you to help you.

Rome, 26th December 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

Did you pray for the great trial that my two children have to overcome? They should have the strength to accept it in silence without speaking. The men of the Church can say what they like, but God is with you, I am with you. Let people speak, let people do, this seems the most difficult moment for you, but it's more difficult for those people who have not been able to do God's will.

Pray for my favourite priests, from the Pope to the most little priest. I can't say anymore that the most little priest is Don Claudio, because today he is the great priest, he is the bishop of the Gospel, he is the bishop of the Eucharist, he is the greatest minister of the Eucharist.

The Mother wishes also you, who are little hosts, living hosts, suffering hosts, always to be faithful to God and to the neighbour.