Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Social year 1994-1995

History of the apparitions

A detailed summary of all that happened in the social year 1994-1995

The year (1995) began with great suffering, when Cardinal Camillo Ruini, Vicar of His Holiness for the diocese of Rome, in a letter dated 6th December 1994, suspended the right to keep the Eucharist in our chapel and to celebrate Mass there. It ended in great joy in seeing the Eucharist miraculously appear on September 14th 1995 in the garden of our residence in Via delle Benedettine; this Eucharistic miracle, which has been repeated very often in the presence of thousands of people, continues to occur as we write. It can be affirmed that in this period of time the extraordinary has become normality and that these miraculous apparitions must above all be recorded, for the future, as Eucharistic apparitions.

We who are members of the Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza have seen and we believe, together with many other people and we have the right to believe.

Given the importance of the events, exceptional in the history of the Church, the messages from Mary and related news have been and are being distributed throughout the world by a member of the Movement via the Internet. Whoever is able to access the Internet, through which news and information about other Our Lady's apparitions in the world are spread, is invited to visit the following web page:

Don Claudio bowed his head in submission to the order of Cardinal Ruini, even though it was, as he himself said, with death in his heart and called on everyone to obey and refrain from any form of protest or expression of disagreement to the ecclesiastical authority.

On the 8th December 1994, feast of the Immaculate Conception, the priest celebrated the last Mass in our chapel during which more than two hundred people consecrated themselves to the Mother of the Eucharist. Everyone gathered around Don Claudio and Marisa and they could not help reading the suffering in their hearts, seeing the tears in their eyes and discerning the sadness in their faces. What disturbed them most was the realisation of how much anxious suffering there was in the minds of the young people.

As Marisa related, Our Lady herself was crying while she dictated the message: "Who understands the message of my two dear children? The gift God has given them has been rejected, and fought over by people. God has sent Me in the midst of them, but people do not want to accept Me" and at the same time issued a warning inviting us to pray "for those who cause suffering, knowing that they do it". (1)

As has been testified in the messages, which are cited in this document, Don Claudio and Marisa have tried to show themselves "strong and serene with their brothers and sisters who have come from afar" (2), but when the priest "remained alone he burst into tears and cried as Jesus did" (3). This suffering reached its peak when he carried Jesus in the Sacrament away from the the little chapel to the extent that "if it had not been for the presence of his Mother, a heart attack brought on by his suffering would have killed him" (4).

Our Lady recognised publicly that Don Claudio "has always been obedient to the Church", but despite this, they wanted to blame him as "the shepherd who dispersed the sheep", and they wanted to prohibit "the celebration of the Holy Mass", since "they do not want the priest to give sermons because a lot of people are coming to hear him" (5). Moreover, Our Lady intervened to defend our community against the accusation of being a sect: "You are not a sect, because a sect works behind closed doors, while you work out in the open; it is this that annoys" (6).

We know that Marisa, in order to have Holy Mass celebrated again in our chapel, confided to Our Lady that she was ready to renounce her heavenly visions but at the same time she added, as a sign of her total offering of herself, to be ready along with Don Claudio, "to accept the suffering and obedience" (7). For her part, the Mother of the Eucharist asked for prayers, sacrifices and fasting "so that the priest will have the strength and the courage to face the suffering" which he will meet on the way because of the people who "unperturbed will continue to offend, insult and defame him, simply because he loves the Eucharist and loves you" (8).

To be deprived of the presence of the Eucharist and the celebration of Holy Mass in our chapel has certainly caused great suffering: and while the small, the simple and the humble saw this suffering as a proof allowed by God, the enemies and detractors have understood it as a condemnation by the Church authority of our actions and a renunciation of the alleged apparitions of Our Lady.

On Christmas Eve 1994, during a public apparition, those present remember that Our Lady showed Marisa the future of the Church: God the Father will bring about the triumph of the Eucharist throughout the World, but this victory will be preceded by a great struggle within the Church in which will be seen cardinals against cardinals and bishops against bishops, just as was revealed at Fatima. This bitter contest will see drawn up on one side the defenders of the Eucharist and on the other its bitter enemies; we can already see the first signs of this struggle.

In fact, throughout the whole of 1995, the work focused on bible meetings, the catechism and prayer meetings. Many people, among them many young people, came from all parts of Rome and beyond to listen, meditate and follow the word of God while making sacrifices with admirable enthusiasm.

This was the order of precedence Our Lady reminded us of: "Until you know well the word of God you will not be able to understand the love, the charity, the mercy God has for you. It is not enough to read the Gospel by yourselves, it is not easy to understand the Gospel by yourselves; the word of God must be explained by a trained person. Read the Gospel, know it, live it and put it into practice" (9). "I must emphasise the bible meetings, it is very important to take part in bible study" (10).

"Every Thursday I will come to pray with you and listen to the Gospel with you" (11).

"Bible meetings are more important than the apparitions" (12). Jesus Himself intervened on this subject: "Every time the Word of God, the public revelation, is explained by your priest, I will be next to him to help and encourage him" (13).

Our Lady, moreover, asked that every Sunday we pray for the sick and she assured us that in this thaumaturgical place special graces have been granted, "because God wanted his great love to be known" (14).

The prayer meetings of Don Claudio and Marisa, today, are not restricted to our Movement's centre but have extended to other cities in Italy. Such meetings are always preceded by prior advice to the bishops and parish priests of the areas; despite this, according to Don Claudio himself, only a few bishops have welcomed them with affection and respect. Some, while allowing the meetings, have preferred not to get involved; others have openly showed their opposition, and one in particular went as far as to prevent Don Claudio from speaking, depriving him of the right to pray in his own diocese.

We, however, are witnesses to the fact that Don Claudio and Marisa have reacted just as Our Lady taught them, ie: "pray for those who were waiting for Me and my dear children, but, as often happens, the Bishop did not want us to come together for prayer.

Bow your heads and say: be it done according to Your will, my God." (15).

Our Lady made known the situation that Don Claudio and Marisa are living: "my two children are trodden on. It is the great men of the Church who tramp on the gift that God has given them. My two children suffer much and at time collapse under the strain. They do not want the name of the Mother of the Eucharist to triumph; they do not want to have in their hands that little image which helps people to pray and receive the graces which everyone needs. Pray for the great men of the Church" (16).

The Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza is a prayer movement: this is why we have always opened our chapel and received in our garden all those who have come to pray.

The statue of the Mother of the Eucharist was declared by Jesus as "thaumaturgical" in 1989 when it was enthroned in our chapel.

On the 7th of January the statue of the Baby Jesus was also declared "thaumaturgical" by the express wish of Our Lady and was placed on the altar where it shall remain until the day the possibility of celebrating Holy Mass is allowed again. Our Lady has affirmed on several occasions that "this place has been declared thaumaturgical by God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Wherever you place your feet, your knees and your hands is thaumaturgical" (17). Here the mystery of the Trinity has also been verified several times, that God is One and Three, and so "this place" has been sanctified by the presence of God and has been defined as "Holy" as well as "thaumaturgical".

The substance of the messages is "know my Son Jesus, love my Son Jesus" (18). The messages have certainly helped many people to a true and responsible Christian life, but how many priests and nuns have listened to them? Certainly not many. How can we forget, in relation to this, the dismay arising in our hearts from the heartfelt exclamation of Jesus: "Where are the consecrated hearts? Where are my sisters? Where are the busy laymen who say that they believe"? (19).

With regard to the content of the messages we have also heard some people say that that they cannot recognise it as supernatural, either because it is considered as "theological elaboration, too catechetical" or because it is thought to be "poor in content and too repetitive". That the messages are repetitive is recognised by Our Lady herself: "I will never tire of repeating these exhortations to you. As long as I come to you, as long as I come to this little oasis of peace I will tell you these things" (20). "I will repeat myself until all my children are converted, until they love my Son Jesus" (21).

With regard to the expression and form of the messages "they are simple and suitable even for a child" (22), but the content "is always great, important and profound" (23). So how can it be deduced from them that only a great teacher has the ability to understand profound truths in a simple and easy way? Basically Our Lord is principally interested in making himself understood by every person and not to stupefy or overwhelm us with his infinite wisdom.

"When the messages circulate around the world and people read what I have said, what God the Father told me to say, it will be too late" (24). Why will it be too late? Because "difficult and hard times are very near" (25).

Just look around and you will understand that "the purification began years ago" (26), "because of continuous wars, the uncountable number of abortions, the disharmony in families, the lack of peace in the Church and in the world" (27); this world where "black masses continue" to be celebrated and "the Holy Hosts are trod underfoot, because of people who try to destroy the works of God and who block the way of the true Son of God" (28), "through the fault of the great men of the Church and politicians" (29).

Our Lady suffers greatly due to our troubled world, the deep crisis in family life, the Church divided and in conflict and in particular because of the spiritual situation of priests for whom she never ceases to ask of everyone "adopt a priest, pray, make little sacrifices and acts of mortifications for him, so that he comes back to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit" (30); Our Lady adds in this regard, "true peace will arrive for everyone with the triumph of the Eucharist" (31).

Such a triumph will be preceded by a "a very long Good Friday" (32), since "my two children are living a slow, hard passion" (33) and because "these apparitions are disputed by my chosen children: the priests, who are not truly living their vocation" (34) and "who tread with great ease on my Son Jesus in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, who offend Him, who make fun of Him and who rail against my priest because he speaks of the Eucharist. Pray for those people who are so afraid of the supernatural. Pray much for this great and beautiful mission, because there is a long and hard battle taking place, a suffering that consumes, but then my Son will triumph, the Eucharist and truth will triumph" (35). And again: "Your priest is fought against because he loves the Eucharist, because he speaks of the Eucharist. You must be united with him in prayer and love" (36).

In this regard Jesus Himself intervenes saying: " Whoever takes away the Eucharist does not love Jesus in the Eucharist nor the Mother of the Eucharist. Almighty God sent Me among you, because I am Jesus in the Eucharist, the Great Priest. They punch me, they offend me through my children. Every time they hurt them, they hurt my heart. Pray for these people who are drifting away" (37). "This is a bitter and very sad time, a true Good Friday for your priest and your sister" (38). "My dear children, you will have to suffer much more. I suffer and cry with you both" (39).

And it is precisely because of this suffering, the opposition, the defamation and calumny that Marisa was brought to confide her suffering to Our Lady: "I intend to leave everything, I cannot continue. I am very tired" (40).

The Mother of the Eucharist often asks us to pray "for the Holy Father" who "seems to have a lot of people around him but is alone" (41). She tells us that "the Pope is holy" (42), advises us "to be obedient to the Church, if the Church is the Holy Father who today is John Paul II" (43) and "to be always united with the Church, obedient to the Pope and the Bishops united with the Pope", as well as united with our priest who "is united with the Pope" (44).

The Mother of the Eucharist loves priests in a special way, as men of the Eucharist, and asks each of us to love our priests exhorting us: "If you can speak well of them, then do so! Otherwise keep silent and pray for them. This is the most beautiful love you can have for your priests, from the greatest, your dear Pope John Paul II, to the least" (45).

Following the express wish of Our Lady we now tackle a delicate problem: one hears repeatedly that some prophetesses or visionaries affirm that "these or those apparitions", clearly different from their own "are authentic or false" and they attribute such judgments to Our Lady. In this regard, Our Lady states clearly that "your Mother has never said to any prophetess if an apparition is true or false. It is not the job of a prophetess to ask confirmation of other apparitions. The prophetess must only deal with her own mission: to listen to what Jesus and your Mother are saying. They shouldn't bother with anything else. Whoever says differently is not telling the truth" (46).

We shall now continue to relate what has happened this year.

On the 13th February 1995 Cardinal Ruini communicated to Don Claudio in a letter (#144/95)": "I consider a verification of the religious activity of the Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza to be necessary, in the hope that it will be shown to be a suitable instrument for the evangelisation and sanctification of the faithful: the verification will examine in particular: the appropriateness of the method of formation and the spirituality proposed to the members in developing the community of the Church; the reliability of the declarations of Miss Marisa Rossi about the alleged apparitions of the Mother of God and the the conformity of the messages to Church doctrine; the balance in putting forward the catechesis between the essential elements of the faith and other particular aspects. I have charged three priests with the duty of completing the verification: Monsignor Agostino De Angelis, Padre Jesus Castellano O.C.D. and Monsignor Benedetto Tuzia. They will contact you and others of the Movement so as to be able to reach a good awareness of the various elements as outlined above.

On the 25th of March 1995 Our Lady said: "Until the Church recognises these apparitions, you will celebrate the feast of the Mother of the Eucharist on this day: the day of the Annunciation of the Angel and my "Yes". Today is a great feast day for you." These words filled hearts with joy, because on the one hand they indicated that the Church would recognize the apparitions and on the other they gave us a provisional date to celebrate the Mother of the Eucharist.

On the 3rd. April 1995 the members of the commission came to meet Don Claudio and Marisa, who reported the following: the meeting lasted about three hours and took place in an atmosphere of serenity, respect and listening. Our priest described his first meeting, wanted by Our Lord, with Marisa and the history of the years that followed, during which they fulfilled together delicate and important missions in the name of God, directed to various people and places. The only question that the commission put to Don Claudio was the following: "why the title Mother of the Eucharist?"

After the discussion the three members seemed in favour of asking Cardinal Ruini to grant again the possibility of celebrating Holy Mass, but not that of conserving the Eucharist in our chapel, so as to meet the spiritual needs of the great number of people who came here from various places.

In fact, the following May saw a notable influx of people who came every day to Via delle Benedettine to pray for the intentions asked for in the name of God by St. Joseph on April 30th, 1995: "I ask you little flock in the name of God to pray during the month of May for the triumph of the Eucharist and the triumph of truth, for peace in the world and in the Church, so that war will cease, discord be resolved, family splits cease, abortions no longer take place and babies no longer killed; many Herods continue killing the innocent without mercy. Pray for my and your Pope, for his great mission; this is a difficult time for him. Pray for your priest, for his mission which is so great and important which he is carrying forward alone" (47).

During the months of May and June some statues of the Mother of the Eucharist were taken into private houses, into factories, into hospitals and before these many people gathered in prayer; they found peace and returned to God.

On the 25th of June 1995, Jesus, having invisibly given the Eucharist to Marisa, said: "I have given the Holy Eucharist to this daughter so that you can understand that I, Jesus in the Eucharist, am always present here, even if the men of the Church have removed Me from the Tabernacle. Today you cannot see the Holy Host, but one day, when God the Father decides, you will also see it. My Body and Blood are here. I am with you always" (48).

On the 29th of June Jesus announced: "God the Father will make the Eucharist triumph, firstly in this thaumaturgical place during the apparition and then will realize the great triumph throughout the world" (49). The Mother of the Eucharist also united herself to her Son saying: "My Son Jesus and I have given the announcement that when the Eucharist is visible to you all, Its triumph will begin. My dear children, I invite you to pray for this very great, beautiful and important event. God the Father has given this great miracle to this little, simple, hidden place which contains no fanaticism. God has rested his gaze on this place which has been so vilified, defamed and fought over" (50).

The months of July and August were particularly hard and full of suffering, also because of the serious health problems that afflicted Marisa. She, unfortunately, has difficulty moving around and has to use a wheelchair even for short journeys. Because of this many people from Rome and other cities have prayed for her and Don Claudio; without this support, as they themselves admitted, they would not have had the strength to continue.

"Marisella, you are suffering much and know how to hide it well because you do not want to be a burden nor worry your brother. Jesus and I will help you to live the passion and the Cross. My dear chosen priest, even though you are tired, crushed by suffering and sometimes disappointed and discouraged, you live your Mass every day with love and faith, especially the consecration when Jesus is in you, you are Jesus and both give glory to Almighty God. Marisella, you cannot understand how important your suffering is for the Church. Your mission consists in sacrificing yourself for those priests who do not love my Son Jesus and fight against the Eucharist. The suffering sometimes frightens you, makes you cry and makes you complain; do not worry, none of this is a sin, it does not offend God. My dear chosen priest, your great suffering, even when it is endured with bitterness and the desire to abandon the great mission entrusted to you, is welcomed by my Son Jesus. My dear children, even if your bodies are bent and your minds tortured, you must manage to smile, to sing and to play" (51).

Unfortunately, we realised that during this period the bitterness, the discouragement, the disappointment and even the the wish to abandon the mission were felt very strongly, but Our Lady never stopped giving Don Claudio and Marisa her maternal support: "My dear children, being discouraged, disappointed, feeling sorry for yourselves does not offend God; this is being human. You have not offended Almighty God, you have not offended my Son Jesus, you have not offended the Holy Spirit" (52).

The first Eucharistic miracle on 14th November 1995 was prepared for by prayer, suffering, fasting and making sacrifices. We shall report here the account that Don Claudio wrote to Cardinal Ruini in which the facts are set out.

On September 10, 1995 Our Lady said to Marisa: "On the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross I will be here to pray with you before the Cross. And you, Marisa, will have to take the Cross and carry It in procession ". In fact on September 14 (feast of the Exaltation of the Cross), while the believers were gathered in the chapel praying, Marisa was in her wheelchair at the foot of the staircase just outside the chapel. Bringing the Cross, I placed myself at the head of the procession and set off towards Marisa. When I arrived within a few meters from her, I saw her stand up without any external help and walk towards the Cross, following Our Lady' s particular order, as she explained to me afterwards. Marisa kissed the Crucified on Jesus' forehead and according to what she has said, she saw the Holy Host coming out of the chest. I didn't see this "emission" because I was bringing the Cross, but immediately after I saw the Holy Host on Marisa's left hand palm. Though it was not the first time I have been present at such an event, the emotion was equally strong. The people nearby who realized that the Holy Host was visible, reacted with astonishment and in wonder. In the meantime, in the general disturbance and also in my own particular confusion, Our Lady took the situation in hand and suggested, step by step, to Marisa what to do. First of all She said to Marisa that I had to put the alb on and to bring lighted candles. For my part I only took the initiative of taking the ostensory. In the meantime Marisa lead the prayer, holding up the Holy Host so that it is visible for everybody. On my return from the sacristy I knelt down before the Most Holy Sacrament, exposed It in the ostensory and invited everybody to adore the Lord, present among us. At this moment Marisa experienced very severe suffering, which was felt all over her body so that she collapsed. While being helped to stand up, she whispered to me that she had lived the pains of Our Lord' s Passion. We resumed the procession, now led by Marisa bringing the Cross and immediately followed by me, bringing the ostensory. Marisa led the prayer alternating with the song "Tu sei Dio" ("You are God") and together with the chorus. During the short stops of the procession I invited everybody to keep silence and to adore. We processed round the whole garden and then came back into the chapel. I placed the ostensory down on the altar and we all knelt down and Marisa, after having put the Cross to one side, knelt down as she hadn't been able to do for some time. At the end of the choral prayer and of the silent personal adoration, I asked in a loud voice of puzzlement to Marisa: " What do I have to do? ". In fact, I turned this way and that, whether to keep the Eucharist in the chapel as a miraculous sign or whether to obey the Vicariate prohibition of keeping It. Marisa too was puzzled as her glance indicated to me. Our Lady once again intervened and removed all the doubts and told me, by means of Marisa, to break the Holy Host into two parts, so that Marisa and I could receive Holy Communion. During our thanksgiving the believers kept praying in silence. Everything was completed with the blessing given by me. This is an objective report of the events.

On October 7th this marvel manifested itself again, even if in a different way: while in ecstasy Marisa got up from her wheelchair, to which she is confined because of serious arthritic problems, following an invitation from Our Lady, covered a few meters, lifted her hands like a monstrance rest, and the Precious Host came to rest on them, making itself visible to all present: after reciting "Behold the Lamb of God..." Marisa received communion with the same Precious Host.

We who were present cannot deny what we saw take place in front of our eyes. The "Eucharistic miracle" was repeated in the same way on the 22nd., 26th and 29th of November 1995, in front of an ever increasing number of people. In the apparition of the 29th October 1995, in fact, Our Lady announced that on the 26th November, the feast of Christ the King, would be the "great day" on which another extraordinary Eucharistic event would take place.

The news of the repeated miraculous apparitions of the Holy Bread spread throughout Rome, beyond Rome and overseas, and was such that it attracted the attention of an ever increasing number of people, among whom were many young people who felt the need to meet Jesus in the Eucharist growing in their hearts and wished to be reconciled to God. Some had been away from the Church and Sacraments for quite a long time.

But while it is possible to administer the Sacrament of Reconciliation, it is not permitted to celebrate Holy Mass in this place where great Eucharistic events are taking place because after fifteen months the prohibition order of Cardinal Ruini still stands. Even the press has become aware of the Eucharistic miracle and there has been a rush of reporters, journalists and photographers. The "ANSA" has issued some press statements and "Il Tempo", "Il Corriere della Sera", "Il Messaggero", and "L'Unità" have printed various articles accompanied by photographs. Weekly and monthly magazines have written about these miraculous events. National and local TV and "Telepace" the Catholic station have done reports on the Eucharistic miracles.

The standards of some journalistic and television services are open to discussion, but it should be recognised that those journalists who had the opportunity to be near Don Claudio and Marisa most often have written about the known facts with the greatest respect and interest. In order to give complete information it must be added that Don Claudio was invited by the RAI (Italian national TV station) to be present at some of the transmissions but his prudence, reserve and obedience (Cardinal Ruini was against Don Claudio and Marisa appearing on television) led him to decline the numerous invitations by the producers of "Fatti Vostri", "Misteri" and "Mixer".

Don Claudio has always timely and thoroughly informed the Church authorities about the Eucharistic miracles that have occurred. All of us have always shown respect towards the Church's authority, but we have had good reason to question whether such respect has been reciprocated. In fact, the press and some television services have reported assertions, attributed to Cardinal Ruini, that have been detrimental to the good names of both Don Claudio and Marisa Rossi: there have been those who have spoken of "fruit of imagination and religious pathology" and those who have maintained that "the priest has been subject to many warnings" and the place where we meet to pray is "outside canon law".

Such assertions, which are contrary to the truth and to charity, made us turn in writing and in person to the competent authority, in compliance with that stated in canon 220 of the Code of Canon Law which states: "it is not lawful for anyone to illegitimately damage the good name another enjoys or violate the rights of any individual to defend his or her privacy," with a view to obtaining formal assistance in denying these calumnies and having them retracted. Unfortunately, our request has always been turned down by the aforementioned authority.

Having seen the futile and fruitless attempts which were initiated at various levels to try and put an end to such gossip, we alternatively advised Don Claudio and Marisa to try legal proceedings through the civil courts with a view to defending their good names; but these very people reminded us that to pardon those who make you suffer shows great character and that this is much more difficult than loving.

However, to show how groundless the slander was, Marisa underwent clinical examinations and tests at the Day Hospital of Clinica delle Malattie Nervose e Mentali of Università degli studi di Roma "La Sapienza" on the 10th and 21st of November 1995. The results of the tests are enclosed at the bottom of this document and are physically preserved in our archives. These demonstrate the lack of foundation of the slanderous accusations, whose ripples unfortunately have spread and continue to do so.

On the 24th October 1995 don Guido Ranelli died. He was an old priest who shared with us joy and suffering and who always treated us with affection and respect in all our countless difficult times. Until recently he was one of the few priests from Rome who joined with us in prayer, participated in the apparitions of Our Lady and believed in the Eucharistic miracles.

On the 30th October 1995 Cardinal Ruini wrote to Don Claudio Gatti that "after the facts communicated by yourself I consider it necessary to set up a commission to report to the appropriate Church authority regarding these facts. The commission presided over by Monsignor Cesare Nosiglia will be made up of priests already appointed by Father Roberto Zavallone o.f.m.".

On the 26th of November 1995, as foretold by Our Lady, the "great day" arrived according to the will of God and not of people who are used to following only earthly parameters.

We shall report the whole communication which was distributed to the journalists present on the 26th November in Via delle Benedettine. "Today, the 26th November 1995, liturgical feast of Christ the King, at the centre of the of the community Impegno e Testimonianza, there has been a prayer meeting in preparation for an announcement - and happening - an extraordinary Eucharistic event. Despite the inclement weather, the participation of a very large number of faithful bore witness to the faith and love held for the Eucharist and Our Lady.

The prayer meeting began with the hymn "Lodate il Signore" ("Praise the Lord"), with which the faithful wished to express their joy at meeting Christ alongside their brothers and sisters. Don Claudio Gatti who has been the spiritual director of the visionary Marisa Rossi for twenty five years, in his catechesis reconstructed the history of the present event. He underlined that it, in the same way as the previous ones, is tied to the alleged apparitions of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, who within the space of a few years, in the name of God, has been giving messages which have been collected into small volumes. These highlight the essential relationship which is real and objective between the Eucharist, the Mother of the Eucharist and the Church in union with the Pope and the Bishops in communion with him.

Don Claudio also outlined that the Eucharistic apparitions occurred in an atmosphere of meditation and silence: there has never been the slightest hint of fanaticism, nor the pursuit of sensationalism or creation of a cult figure. He reminded us moreover that Jesus, on the 25th June 1995 and Our Lady on the first of July of the same year, announced the sacred Host will be visible and will reign over this holy and thaumaturgical place. It is important to remember that also at Fatima the Eucharist was made visible to three shepherds by an Angel, albeit in a different way.

Don Claudio continued saying that for this glorious day, dedicated to Christ the King of the Universe, Our Lady has asked for a novena of prayers, fasting and sacrifices: above all she has asked everyone to go to holy confession in their own parishes in preparation for the feast's Holy Mass and to live worthily the great mystery of the Eucharist and the present event. To this end we should strive to live in state of grace and to love even those who make us suffer. After Don Claudio's catechesis there followed the Holy Rosary, with meditation points being made by don Gesuino Monni alternating with hymns.

During these prayers Marisa, the visionary, arrived with a large Host in her hand, visible to everyone: according to eyewitnesses she received it when leaving her house and making her way to the outside altar. These witnesses testify to the sudden appearance of the Host in Marisa's hands and to her own genuine surprise. It should be pointed out that Marisa continued on her way on foot and not in her wheelchair as she usually did.

Having arrived at the altar Marisa gave the sacred Host to Don Claudio, who placed it in the monstrance, enthroned on the altar. While the Blessed Sacrament was being incensed the Community choir and the congregation sang and recited the Glory. The reason for this song was that it reminded us that it was with these words that the Angels told the shepherds to go to Bethlehem to meet the Saviour, the Messiah, the Lord; Our Lady, Mother of the Eucharist, in her turn invited her children to come here to meet Christ in the Eucharist. It seemed appropriate therefore to repeat the same song as the Angels.

In the rain a little procession was formed led by a number of priests; Don Claudio followed carrying the Blessed Sacrament; a group of doctors followed at the back; the procession wound through two groups of the faithful who while praying and singing were deeply moved as Christ passed by.

At the end of the procession the priest gave the Eucharistic blessing to each of the sick; after this Jesus was placed high on the altar again; the profession of faith followed, ie the recitation of the Creed. With the final benediction of those present, the gathering ended, and the adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament by groups in turn began. This continued till midnight and will start up again on Monday 27th at 10 o'clock."

Now, having faithfully reported and brought up to date all that Don Claudio and Marisa told us, we give details of the relationship over the past few months between the main characters and the members of the commission drawn up by Cardinal Ruini. We believe in fact that it is vital that people are informed about the course of events, so that they can make their own minds up regarding the attitude of those who intervened in the matter.

On the 28th of November 1995 Monsignor Nosiglia telephoned Don Claudio to ask if Marisa could meet the new commission. Don Claudio replied: "At last! It is about time this meeting took place". When Father Castellano, Father Zavallone and Monsignor Tuzia arrived Don Claudio asked that he too be present, in line with Canon Law, canon 1481, 2 of Canon Law. The three priests replied that there was no need for his presence, since it was a meeting between brothers.

In fact, during the interview the three officials displayed: an aggressive attitude, an over criticism of her statements, slander, duress, extortion of statements, flattery and resistance. During the interview the person who showed particular aggression was Father Zavallone, who is nevertheless well known for his rich, knowledgeable and wise writings on the treatment of psychological problems.

People are to be treated with love and respect: they are to be suffered with, not made to suffer. The behaviour of the three priests in dealing with Marisa was in stark contrast to that laid down in canon 1564 which states: "The questions should be brief, appropriate to the intelligence of the person being interviewed, should not include multiple elements and not be hairsplitting in nature. They should not be underhand, nor suggest the reply wanted; they should not be offensive regarding the subject under discussion". The fact that a person, no longer young, ill, alone, not knowledgeable in theology was able to endure being interviewed by three expert and educated priests is confirmation of what the Gospels says: "So make up your mind not to prepare your defence beforehand, because I myself will give you the power of utterance and a wisdom which no opponent will be able to resist or refute" (Luke 21, 14-15).

During the interview Marisa, who Our Lady has always supported and helped, often asked, in vain, to have Don Claudio called, and asked the priests to have a more respectful attitude to her. When the interview finished Marisa was exhausted as the medical report written by Dr. Gian Pio Paolucci, legal doctor, testifies.

On the first of December 1995, following a request by Monsignor Nosiglia, Don Claudio went again to the residence of Cardinal Ruini accompanied by Dr. Paolucci and delivered the medical certificate the details of which are given below.

"I objectively noticed a change in her mood associated with anxiety. During the examination it was evident her attention was focused on the meeting of the other day, and she was suffering a psychological reaction. The psychological position of the patient was centred on conflicts at present difficult to resolve, and preparing a plan for future difficulties. This picture is consistent with an anxious - depressive state of a reactive nature".

In the same manner Dr. Paolucci outlined the conclusions of the doctors of the 'Policlinico' who had visited Marisa.

Monsignor Nosiglia confirmed that the meeting with the commission on the 28th November 1995 was null and void as no verbal agreement had been recorded. It should be noted that meeting is the only one to that has been organised by the commission drawn up by Cardinal Ruini on 30th October 1995.

To the Bishop's question: "Who consecrated the Host?" Don Claudio made clear that he has always spoken of Hosts "brought" by Jesus or Our Lady and that these hosts had been the objects of profanation and either removed from being profaned or taken from Tabernacles. Is it possible to prevent the Great High and Eternal Priest of carrying out the work of bringing the Eucharist just as ordinary lay people do, namely those special ministers of the Eucharist?

To God nothing is impossible and we certainly cannot restrict Him to rules and behaviour just to conform to the demands of our own ideas.

On the other hand, what took place in Via delle Benedettine is neither new nor original for the Church. At Fatima the Angel of Portugal showed the three shepherds the Host and the chalice and gave Communion to Lucia. As is written in the lives of various saints Jesus often gave Holy Communion to particular people. Don Claudio repeated to the Bishop, and this comes from his teaching, that Mary is not a priest, but is the Mother of the Great High and Eternal Priest, Mother of all priests. She herself is not a priest and therefore cannot consecrate Hosts. Our Lady in a recent message recognised this: "I do not consecrate the Hosts which I give to your sister" (53).

At the same meeting with the bishop, the president of the commission did not make any prohibition nor did he ask Don Claudio to abstain from any act of worship regarding the sacred Hosts given by Jesus or Our Lady. From the moment when the Church authority, now well informed, did not initially prohibit any type of worship of the Hosts which appeared in Marisa's hands, these Hosts, which we recognise as consecrated, were carried in procession by Don Claudio and placed in exposition for the faithful.

Jesus and Our Lady could not give Hosts that were not consecrated. Unfortunately, the ban finally arrived through a decree from Cardinal Ruini, dated 13th March 1996.

Despite this, it is necessary to underline that apparitions of the Eucharist continue to take place, in the presence of hundreds of people: there are photographic documentations and videos from our own archives of these apparitions, but the commission has never wanted to take them into consideration.

Just as John "saw and believed" (John 20, 8-9), that Christ had risen, so all these people who saw the large Host and one or more small Hosts in Marisa's hands believed that they were the Eucharist. At this point it is logical that to be certain that the Hosts brought by Jesus, Our Lady and the Angels are consecrated, we need to rule out that it is the work of the devil or a confidence trick.

Don Claudio asked Cardinal Ruini, Monsignor Nosiglia and the members of the commission to send one or more exorcists so that they would have the opportunity to exorcise the Hosts which appear so as to rule out the presence of the devil. He often urged the members of the commission to attend, as well as doctors and experts sent by Cardinal Ruini so that through personal observation and scientific checks they could exclude any hint of trick or slight of hand. Don Claudio's invitations always met with a refusal from the Church authority. It goes without saying that while we ourselves feel we have nothing to fear from such investigations, however the Church authority has not carried them out. Indeed, without carrying out any investigation, the Church authority reached the conclusion, which they told Don Claudio and others with whom they were discussing the matter, that the apparitions of Hosts in Marisa's hands were "fun fair tricks" and that even if they saw the Hosts flying they would not think that they were consecrated but rather "moved by electromagnetic forces".

Confronted by such obstinate resistance one can only turn to God and pray as Christ did: "Father, forgive them; they do not know what they are doing". (Luke 23, 34), and remember what is written in John's prologue: "He entered his own realm, and his own would not receive him" (John 1,11).

The appearance of the Holy Host brought by Jesus, by Our Lady, by the angels is a great miracle, a great sign which reminds people that the Eucharist is "the Bread that God gives which comes down from heaven and brings life to the world.... "I am that living bread which has come down from heaven; if anyone eats this bread he shall live for ever. Moreover, the bread which I will give is my own flesh; I give it for the life of the world". (John 6, 32 - 51).

To whoever states: "it is the job of priests to speak about the Eucharist" we reply, "that is true. But why are Christians so very far from the Eucharist? Why do many not know what the Eucharist is? Why are the so called black masses frequented by priests, nuns and the young people? Why is the Eucharist not celebrated or received in a state of grace? Why does the Eucharist make people afraid? Why is it fought against? Why even among clerics is there an increase in those who believe it is just a symbolic rather than a true presence?"

We could go on forever with these questions but we prefer to stop here and invite replies from everyone.

Despite this sad and worrying situation Jesus has promised that "God the Father will let the Eucharist triumph first in this thaumaturgical and miraculous place during the apparition and then realize the great triumph throughout the world" (54). This is an announcement of hope, of resurrection, of rebirth of individuals, families, the community and the Church.

Let us remind ourselves of what is written in the council document "Presbyterorum ordinis": "In the Most Holy Eucharist is contained all the spiritual good of the Church, which means that Christ himself, our Living Bread, with His living and life giving Flesh through the Holy Spirit gives life to all people".

John Paul II is following in the footsteps of his great predecessors John XXIII who prophetically announced "the new Pentecost" which the whole Church will enjoy and Paul VI who presided over and guided the the Second Vatican Council, who formulated the great answers of the Church in the document "Una, Santa, Cattolica, Apostolica, Romana" to a world adrift and looking for certainty. In the Apostolic letter "Tertio Millennio adveniente" John Paul II writes: "Since Christ is the only way to the Father, to underline His living and saving presence in the Church and in the world, the International Eucharistic Congress will take place in Rome on the occasion of the Great Jubilee. The year 2000 will be an intensely Eucharistic year; in the sacrament of the Eucharist the Saviour, made flesh in the womb of Mary two thousand years ago, continues to offer Himself to humanity as the spring of divine life". Don Claudio often repeats that the whole of the third millennium will be intensely Eucharistic.

The Mother of the Eucharist is appearing in Rome with this aim: to prepare the triumph of the Eucharist which from Rome will expand throughout the Church. Christ entered Jerusalem on a donkey and "Crowds of people carpeted the road with their cloaks, and some cut branches from the trees to spread in his path. Then the crowd that went ahead and the others that came behind raised the shout: "Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessings on him who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the Heavens!". (Matthew 21, 8-9).

The Eucharist will enter Rome and the world with power and love and all His children will gather with renewed and firm faith. Mary was present at the triumphal entry of Christ at Jerusalem in sorrow because she knew that the Hosannas would be followed by the Crucifixion. The Mother of the Eucharist will take part with great joy in the triumphal entry of the Eucharist in Rome, in the Church and in the world because she knows that at last people will receive Jesus the Eucharist in order to renew their inner selves with his power and love. The Eucharist will become the heart of the Church.

Committee "Mother of the Eucharist"

Rome, March 25, 1996

Feast of the Annunciation of Our Lord

Provisional Feast of the Mother of the Eucharist

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Marisa underwent the following tests:

1. A neurological examination

2. Chemical, blood and urine tests

3. EEG

4. Video EEG

5. A clinical neuropsychological test.

1. The neurological test states: a vigilant patient, lucid, orientated in time and space. An evaluation of the upright and walking positions was impossible due to orthopaedic difficulties (meniscopathy-atropathy in both knees).

There is nothing else to point out.

Reflex movement: the iris: present at dx and sx, symmetrical bicep, arm, ulnar and tricep reflexes. The knee and Achilles tendon reflexes could not be examined (there were indications of orthopaedic problems in both knees). Reflex of the arches in bilateral bending.

Sensitivity: normal for both on and under the skin.

2.The chemical, blood and urine tests were normal.

3. The EEG trace was within norms.

4. This is the medical report of the video EEG test:

"Monitoring carried out from 10.58 to 17.41 on the 21st. November 1995 with the patient in a cooperative waking state.

Electroencephalograph trace from 10 c/s, medium voltage, symmetrical, reacting.

Hyperpnoea made no difference. During the period of reported mystical contact (from 17.29 to 17.38) no pathological changes were noticed in the trace.

5. The clinical neuropsychological test showed that: "Signora Marisa Rossi has been submitted to an appropriate neurological examination to evaluate her intellectual level as well to highlight possible cognitive functioning deficits.

She agreed to and cooperated fully and appropriately with the test; she understood the instructions she was given and retained them long enough to carry them out.

There was no sign of failing when presented with simultaneous double stimulation of the tactile, visual and aural senses.

Bilateral absence of the thumb-palm chin rest reflex.

No disorientation in time or space.

No deficits of and aphasic nature.

From a more detailed analysis of the performances shown on each single test, the subject showed that she possessed an excellent command of language, a good capacity for learning, analysing and synthesising. She showed social and creative maturity.

She is able to plan ahead drawing from her understanding of the present situation.

Conclusion: the data from the tests do not indicate any failing in the cognitive functioning of the subject who is of average intelligence.

Diagnostic opinion:

"The absence of any process of neurological or psychiatric pathology".

"The impossibility of standing up straight and walking due to osteoarticular and rheumatological pathologies".