Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

The Lord never abandons us

God the Father ordered not to close the holy door of the thaumaturgical place

The Lord doesn't abandon those who experience trials and suffering, but he supports and guides them with his grace. Before us, this was experienced by St. Paul who wrote: "The Spirit helps us in our weakness" (Rm 8,26).

The Lord can allow and ask the suffering to the souls, but he gives them also strength and courage to bear it, he never leaves anybody in the power of the weakness.

The supernatural support can be given in different ways: gifts, charisms, interior locutions, apparitions, miracles, trinitary teophanies. We have received all this, but now we want to illustrate only the latest gift we have received: being able to keep on granting the indulgence of the jubilee in our chapel beyond the bounds established by the Pope.

This gift has been as pleasant as unexpected. In fact on Christmas the Mother of the Eucharist announced: "God delayed the closing of your holy door that will be closed when he decides it" (Letter of God of 25th december 2000). While in all the Church the numerous holy doors were closed with some sadness, because a period of grace ended, only in our little chapel God ordered the holy door to be kept open.

Maybe we have not yet realized the greatness of the gift that God gave not only to us, but also to all the men of good will. It happened as if at the announced closing of all the roads that lead to a very desired goal, suddenly a preferential lane opened which can involve all the means of transport to reach the same goal: the holiness.

Being able to keep on granting the indulgence of the jubilee allows us to shorten or clear the temporal penalty due to our sins and to favour the early entry into the Paradise to the souls of the Purgatory.

We should not confine ourselves to list the great gifts that God gave to us, but we have to excite in ourselves a great gratitude towards who lavished and we have to put at disposal of all the brothers the graces and the gifts that we received. Let each one of us seriously examine his conscience, as it was asked by the Mother of the Eucharist and let him judge if his christian life is like the one that the Lord taught and that the bishop ordained by God tries to make us lead with many efforts and sacrifices.

When discouragement and disappointment assail us or when our life is not as we would like, let's not get angry with God, but let's kneel down before the Eucharist, where surely we'll meet the Mother of the Eucharist. We won't feel tired, alone, disappointed anymore, but strong, guided and reassured.