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The Christmas Eve God decided to grant the plenary indulgence of the Jubilee to the chapel "Mother of the Eucharist"

The Christmas Eve the Lord has reserved for us a great and unexpected surprise.

God the Father, who asked us to live the great trial of faith, with free and supreme decision has granted the gift of gaining the plenary indulgence of the Jubilee to those who visit our chapel "Mother of the Eucharist". A few minutes before the prayer vigil began, which had to prepare us for the Holy Mass at midnight, Our Lady told Marisa through an interior locution: "God decided to grant the plenary indulgence of the Jubilee to the chapel "Mother of the Eucharist"; so he will order the Bishop Claudio to open the Holy Door of the chapel".

Since Marisa was worried and frightened due to the negative reactions that opening the new Holy Door would have caused in the ecclesiastical authority, the Mother of the Eucharist continued: "Don't fear, Marisella, abandon yourself to God, tell the Bishop the decision of My All and prepare only a little hammer".

We know very well that the Pope, to open the Holy Door of the roman basilicas, didn't use the hammer, but he used a new choreography, solemn and prepared in the details; instead to us, taken anawares, the Lord asked to get a simple hammer.

When the Bishop was informed by Marisa about God's decision, he didn't say anything, but in his heart he thought: "The Lord will let me understand what I will have to do".

During the apparition, before the Holy Mass, Our Lady brought to us the letter of God and then invited us to go out of the chapel and along the corridor of the entrance. While the candles were distributed and lit up, the Bishop explained what the plenary indulgence is and showed the conditions to gain it.

The choreography to open the Holy Door was very simple: the Bishop made a spontaneous prayer, then hit three times the door of the chapel with the hammer and saying the Creed and followed by all the people present, entered the chapel with Marisa next to him. After having entered the chapel, we all continued to pray for the Church and for the Pope.

Then the Bishop began the celebration of the Holy Mass that was attended by the people present with emotion, because still stunned by the announcement of the gift of the Jubilee granted to our chapel.

Here are reported the letters of God brought by the Mother of the Eucharist in which it is spoken about the great gift of gaining the plenary indulgence of the Jubilee granted to our chapel.

We invite you to read these letters of God with attention and respect; the humble men will accept them, the proud ones will refuse them, but this is the usual story that repeats every time God intervenes, of any kind these interventions are.

Rome, 24th December 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

Marisa: "You are all dressed in your Sunday best! Joseph carries the little Jesus in his arms. All the angels, the saints and the saved souls are near to Joseph, to Mary and to the little Jesus".

Our Lady: "I saw that you went to bear the passion and every suffering with a will".

Marisa: "I bore it, because You helped me".

Our Lady: "My beloved sons, God has given you a great trial, but this night He will give you also a great joy. Not all of you will understand the grace and the gift that God will give to this thaumaturgical place.

Now I want to thank you for what you have done, for what you do and will do. I would like you to make a strong chain around your bishop to protect him, to defend and to help him. The mission of the bishop and of the visionary is very great, very beautiful and suffered, but God has asked them a very great trial.

I am here with you, I am not in other places. I could be in many other places, but this night I am only here, in this thaumaturgical place, with you, my little flock. In God's letter is written with golden letters that in this little chapel, the Basilica "Mother of the Eucharist", God wants the bishop to open the Holy Door.

Are you moved, Marisella?".

Marisa: "Yes, a little I am moved and a little I don't understand".

Our Lady: "Don't worry. Jesus is in your bishop and your bishop is in Jesus, so he knows what to do. I want you to keep on praying as much as possible.

I know that many discussions take place in the families, this is not beautiful, but it is understandable, because he who went the spiritual way grew in love and he who didn't go it says not beautiful words about who walked towards my son Jesus.

Marisella, I talk to you: the passion will continue, abstinence will continue, but We will give you strength to go on.

My little flock, God loves you so much that He also asks you the great trial, but if you have understood everything well you will be able to do God's will thoroughly; besides He didn't ask you to live the passion, He didn't ask you great sacrifices or great renunciations, He asked you to pray, to fast sometimes, to do prayer vigils; because God knows who to ask great suffering. He entrusts this task to you: praying and helping my two children. This night, as you waited for the Holy Child in this thaumaturgical place, you have shown Me that you have accepted the great trial of God.

How many people would like to know what is in God's mind! Wouldn't you, Marisella? What is in God's mind? This is the trial of faith. God tried your faith, and you will overcome it if you keep on going forward, above all without listening to those who will laugh and will be satisfied and happy, because they will suppose to have won. You should always look forward, look towards the sky and adore Jesus the Eucharist, because you will be the little flock who will convert many people.

I give you another great joy: through you, your prayers and your sufferings, priests, bishops, cardinals, laymen have converted: one million and three".

Marisa: "Altogether?".

Our Lady: "Since you have begun the novena to Me, the Immaculate, and then you have continued and joined it to the novena of the Holy Christmas. Do you realize this? One million and three persons have converted! This should give you much joy. Yes, someone will laugh, will grin, will say many wickednesses, but this shouldn't touch you, because you are with Jesus the Eucharist.

The Holy Child who my beloved spouse Joseph holds tight in his arms has love, patience, humility, mildness, all the virtues, because He is God, but He has also the violet cross behind his back, hasn't He, Marisella?".

Marisa: "Yes, He always has the cross behind Him".

Our Lady: "None of these saints suffered as much as you two, my beloved sons. None had your great trials and your great sufferings.

Now please, do what the Mother tells you, don't be afraid of cold because Jesus will warm you. Go out of this chapel, go along the corridor of the entrance and follow the shepherd. I will indicate you little by little all that you have to do. The holy bishop will open the Holy Door of this little, but great chapel.

Come on, take the candles, light them up and very slowly, with kindness line up along the corridor, in silence. Christmas is not confusion and doesn't consist of eating a lot. Christmas is nothing if inside you there is not interior silence, peace and love.

Come on, Marisella, stand up, I will let you walk, stand up".

Marisa: "Now what do I have to do?".

Don Claudio: "Ask Her what we have to do".

Marisa: "Light the candles and bring them outisde.

We are a little moved. You see how we are made, we get excited immediately".

Our Lady: "Go out everybody in silence and with attention.

Take the hammer that then you will give to the bishop".

Rome, 25th December 1999

Letter of God brought by Our Lady

Marisa: "You are much more beautiful than this night. Today You are carrying the little Jesus. May I ask You, since today my relatives are here, to be a little better? Even if I suffer, I don't like them to notice it. May I ask you this?".

Our Lady: "My beloved sons, best wishes to you all for a Holy Christmas.

I have with Me the Holy Child, Who with his little hand is blessing you all. You are few, but I don't care about it, I come anyway, even if you are two or three; because when two or three persons gather to pray together, Jesus is among them. I brought with Me the saved souls, the saints, the angels who surround Me and sing: "Hosanna to the Child God, to the Messiah".

I am happy because you all accepted the trial, even if inside someone much storm is roaring, but it's normal, because you would be subnormal persons if you felt nothing, as your bishop says.

Until you are on the Earth, you will hear many wickednesses and you will see much evil. You don't like something, something drives you to grumble also against Him, Who asked you the great trial, but Who also gave you the gift of the Holy Door. What He gave you, He never gave to anyone alse. Opening the Holy Doors always causes emotions, but not as deep as opening your Holy Door. Consider how much God is good. He made use of a little flock, He made use of a little bishop in the eyes of the men, but great in the eyes of Us to open the Holy Door. Every time you enter and do what the bishop said, you will have the plenary indulgence".

Marisa: "I wanted to know just this. You see, the more I grow the more I know nothing".

Our Lady: "Now, Marisella, I give you the little Jesus, hold Him tight to your heart and ask Him something you need".

Marisa: "I don't want to ask anything for me, but only for the bishop. May I ask only for the bishop? Let him always keep on being obedient to God".

Our Lady: "Wait, Marisella, now I give you the little Jesus".

Marisa: "I also would like to ask You to give some joy to our bishop, who always was obedient to God and who leads us towards the way of holiness.

We should accept the great trial, so give us the strength and the courage we need. Thanks, Jesus".

Jesus: "My little sister, the sufferings you experience are used to save many, many souls. Today three hundred souls have converted".

Marisa: "Do I give the little Jesus to Joseph?".

Our Lady: "Yes, give Him to my beloved spouse.

In this thaumaturgical place, where people can receive the plenary indulgence, where people can ask for graces, if they are in accordance with God's will, everything is holy, all the place is holy, also my two dear children and my dear grandmother Jolanda are saints.

Marisella, God chose you, God called you, and until everything won't have triumphed, you will always have the passion and the abstinence. You will see Me very few times, but in case of need I will be always next to you to help you.

My beloved sons, enjoy this great gift that God gave you. He gave you the great trial, but also a great gift, a very great gift. I repeat the bishop's words: "Tonight in Rome, in St. Peter, in Bethlehem and in this little chapel, oasis of peace, where much silence is, where people pray with much love, where you can have all that you need to reach holiness, the jubilee has begun".

My beloved sons, thank you for your presence here. Best wishes to grandmother Jolanda, to Jacopo and to the little Samuele who is in his mother's womb. Best whishes to you all present here, to your dear ones. Together with my and your bishop, with the saints, the angels and the saved souls who are here present, and you, Marisa, know several of them, with my popes I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I bring you all tight to my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle".

Marisa: "May I come downstairs to celebrate with my relatives?".

Our Lady: "Yes, if God wants it, but remember that the sufferings are strong.

Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Praise be Jesus Christ".

Marisa: "The little Jesus is playing with the Mother; also Jacopo is playing with his mother, but he doesn't do it so sweetly".

Our Lady: "All right. Now attend the Holy Mass with all the love you can.

Ciao, my sweet angel!".

Marisa: "Me? You took a miskate this time. Am I sweet? But if I always lose my temper, if I am always nervous".

Our Lady: "This is your character. Do you suppose that those who cry when are speaking and those who are honey-sweet, but who aren't sincere, are better? At least people understand what you say, isn't it Selenia?".

Marisa: "But I am Marisa".

Our Lady: "Yes I know, you are identical".

Marisa: "Listen to me well, don't let her cross my way, I don't agree".

Our Lady: "No, I don't, be tranquil.

Wait, because the little Jesus, Joseph and I want to kiss you.

Praise be Jesus Christ".