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On 20th June 1999 Don Claudio Gatti has been ordained Bishop by God

Marisa, the young people, the grown-ups of the Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza "Madre dell'Eucaristia" announce that on 20th June 1999 Don Claudio Gatti has been ordained Bishop and has received all powers by Our Lord Jesus Christ, First, Supreme, Eternal Priest of the New Covenant, founder and head of the Church and of the ecclesiastical hierarchy.

The members of the Association lift up to God a song of praise and thanksgiving for having given the fullness of priesthood to their shepherd, they recommend the newly-ordained Bishop to the protection of the Mother of the Eucharist and ask for prayers, acts of mortification, sacrifices and fasts to all the brothers and sisters of good will, so that Don Claudio has the strength to get ahead with the important and difficult mission that God, One and Three, entrusted to him to advantage of the Church.

Jesus, the Mother of the Eucharist, St. Joseph and St. Peter repeated many times that God, on his own free initiative and without asking the consent to the person concerned, ordained Bishop Don Claudio Gatti.

We invite everybody to read with attention and respect the supernatural messages, that explain the reasons according to which God gave the fullness of priesthood and all powers to the little priest Don Claudio Gatti.

Rome, 8th September 1999, h.7:00 p.m. (message of Our Lady)

Our Lady: "During the summer months, which have not been months of holiday for my two children, Jesus and I have given many messages, speaking about the episcopate given by God to Don Claudio and about those who slander and defame my Bishop.

You will have the text of these messages".

Sardinia, 26th July 1998, h.11:00 a.m. (message of Jesus)

Jesus: "Dear Don Claudio, you will be the apostle, the prophet, the Bishop, the captain of the new Church".

Teramo, 25th April 1999, h.6:00 p.m. (message of Our Lady)

Our Lady: "God can do everything, even in this moment he can ordain Bishop your priest.

God can do anything, but this is not yet the moment to ordain Bishop Don Claudio, we wait for the end of the war. If the men who you know don't change, God told me that he will ordain the priest Bishop and Don Claudio will be able to do everything that a Bishop does. I don't hide to you that they will be very hard moments for you to unmask those men who are not in the right place, who are not in a state of grace, but from this suffered work will originate the new Church, the new Pope, the change of everything. I am not joking, Marisella, I am very serious when I say all of this. What I am not still able to let everybody understand is to defend the priest; when someone says that he disobeyed, defend him, because everybody must understand thoroughly that to obey the ecclesiastical authority, he had to throw Jesus the Eucharist away, he had to say that he had deceived himself and you; he could not do this. Your priest was condemned, just as many innocent people are condemned, because the men of the Church have power in their hands. Don't expect that God outrages their will, no, don't expect this, but when tomorrow they will be unmasked, those moments will be sad for them and hard for you. I can't do anything; God asked you to fight this battle that can lead you to death, but for you, my dear favourite priest, don't worry, it won't arrive soon, but very late.

Marisa, if things don't change, God will give the episcopate to the priest".

Rome, 20th June 1999, h.10:30 a.m. (message of Our Lady)

Our Lady: "Beginning from today say a prayer for those who are preparing to get married and pray for him who shall celebrate the Weddings, God has given him all powers.

Don Claudio, in the name of God I say to you that you have all the powers that are given to a Bishop. When everything has finished, you will have obeyed God and then you will obey the Pope and the men".

Rome, 20th June 1999, h.6:00 p.m. (message of Our Lady)

Our Lady: "My dear Marisella, this morning you have not understood God's message. My All has given Don Claudio the fullness of priesthood, so he has all powers. He can celebrate the Baptism and the Confirmation, he can give the absolution of sins through the Holy Confession, he can celebrate the Holy Mass, he can bless and celebrate the Wedding, he can give the Unction to the sick, he can confer the Holy Order, that is, he can ordain priests and Bishops; this is all that a Bishop can do".

Rome, 24th June 1999, h.5:00 p.m. (message of Our Lady)

Our Lady: "You know that your priest has all powers, because God wanted it. Your priest is in the right place before God, before the Church, before the ecclesiastical authority. In the future you will know many beautiful things".

Rome, 26th June 1999 (message of Jesus)

Jesus: "I, Jesus of Nazareth, have ordained Bishop your priest, I, Jesus of Nazareth, in the name of God the Father, of God the Holy Spirit and of Me, God the Son, have ordained Bishop the priest Don Claudio Gatti. I ordained the first Pope and the apostles bishops, but everything has been changed. Tomorrow I will repeat the announcement of this episcopal ordination. It's not important that the men give you the fullness of priesthood: I am Jesus, I am God, only I can do all that I want and no man of the Earth can prevent Me from doing something. Why have I given him the episcopate? Because your priest has suffered for all his life, but he never betrayed God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and Me, God the Son, he never betrayed the Eucharist Which poured his blood, he never betrayed the Mother of the Eucharist. He was condamned because he didn't throw the Eucharist away.

He never betrayed you, my beloved little children, my little flock, who are few praying here.

Whoever, more than your priest, could have the fullness of priesthood?

He will be Bishop for a lifetime, for ever. This was the wish of God the Father, of Me, God the Son and of the Holy Spirit, this was the wish of my and your Mother. Accept him, respect him, love him, pray for him and you will notice how God will repay you and will give you all that you need".

Rome, 27th June 1999, h.10:30 a.m. (message of Jesus and Our Lady)

Jesus: "I have come again to repeat what I have said yersterday, because this is God's will. God has ordained you Bishop, He has given you the fullness of priesthood. You are priest for ever according to Melchisedek's order, you have the episcopate given to you by God because you have always loved the Church, the men of the Church and the souls who I saved through my death.

God has given you the episcopate and, as you already know, on the feast day of St. Peter and St. Paul you will celebrate the anniversary of your episcopal ordination, because you live in Rome and in Rome that's always day of obligation. On next Tuesday I will be again with you and with you all, to wish you a good episcopate and all sorts of good.

The men, I mean the men of the Church, will not accept it, they will keep on smiling and repeating not beautiful things, but you and you, my little flock, go on without listening to anybody, without giving explanations because only God can give and can take away, only God can do all that He wants. No man of the Earth can take the episcopate from you because God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and I, God the Son, are all with you. What do I ask you, my little flock? Pray, pray much for your Bishop, because every time God gave him a gift it became always more difficult to live on the Earth for him, because out of envy, jealousy or malignity he was always condamned. He who loves God, accepts God's order. God didn't say: "You are free to accept or not to accept", God said: "I ordain you Bishop". We of the Paradise know what to do later. Without doubt it is not beautiful for the men of the Church that We have given the episcopate to your priest. There are many situations and persons who aren't going right in the Church, but I, Jesus, don't want to speak about it; I just ask you to pray. On next Tuesday, it is day of obligation, those who can, let them come here, because it's the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, Who are close to Me and it's the feast of your Bishop, it's a spiritual feast and I want to invite you to an everlasting, faithful and strong prayer.

This is what God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and I, God the Son, tell you, little flock: pray!

Your priest received all powers, but those people who wrongly condamned him they will cause his sufferings again, but they won't do it personally, because they don't come here, they send spies.

But remember this: those who profane the Eucharist are excommunicated "latae sententiae" reserved to the Apostolic See, that is they are excommunicated "Ipso facto". You never profaned the Eucharist, your priest never profaned the Eucharist, but he loved It so much that today he is suffering and he is on the cross like Me, but this is a cross which should give joy and hope.

Exult and rejoice with the cross.

I come back to the Father and to the Holy Spirit, I leave you this joy: the episcopate that I have given to your priest.

I will return among you on next feast of St. Peter and St. Paul and also of your Bishop.

Convert you all, because if you don't convert, finally God will be just and He will judge. Now He is yet merciful, then He will give his judgement and you who come here to spy to obtain something from your heads, you who don't believe, how will you find yourselves?

Come on, my favourite priest or rather, I would say, "Your Excellency", but for Me you are my favourite priest; come on you, come on my dear little apostles and this little flock who loves you even if there are some imperfections, even if there is little jealousy among them and sometimes few union among them. You have your episcopate, you are Bishop in everything for everything and for everybody. Thank you for all that you do for the Church. God made use of you, little priest and now great priest and of the victim who is close to you to help the Church. If God hadn't helped you, you wouldn't have been able to do what you have done up today; God the Father, the Holy Spirit, I, Jesus and the Mother of the Eucharist are all with you. Jesus thanks you and also you all.

I have yet something to say. If someone doesn't understand the message, as the Mother many times says, since you can't give by yourselves a right answer, don't speak about it among you, only your priest can answer you. Your Excellency...". Marisa: "Jesus bowed! Are you joking?".

Jesus: "I have not joked, when I called him excellency, I have joked when I bowed".

Our Lady: "My dear favourite priest, I am your Mother, I am the Mother of you all: the Paradise wishes you all the best and on the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, the wishes will be repeated. St. Peter was the first Pope elected by Jesus, by God, you were ordained Bishop by God, because God can do everything.

My beloved sons, thank you all. With my favourite priest".

Marisa: "Also Our Lady is bowing towards Don Claudio".

Our Lady: "I bless you all, your dear ones and your sacred articles and I cover you with my maternal mantle".

Rome, 29th June 1999, h.10:30 a.m. (message of Jesus)

Jesus: "Today it's a great feast, even if set up suddenly because God the Father can take also decisions suddenly, He can do everything; you will make the great feast in September".

Our Lady: "Marisella, are you astonished because I have come dressed in Sunday best?".

Marisa: "No, I am not, because anything astonishes me anymore".

Our Lady: "I have come here putting on my Sunday best to wish well to the new Bishop. Now I bow and adore God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The apostles St. Peter and St. Paul, all the angels and the saints are here to adore God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit". (The Trinitary Teophany takes place)

Marisella, keep on sitting down, you will stand up during the Holy Mass, God will give you the strength to walk, but you know that you will never recover on the Earth".

Marisa: "What a marvellous vision! Now who is going to speak of you all?".

Jesus: "My dear favourite priest, I, Jesus, ordained you Bishop on 20th June, but your own episcopal feast is today, on 29th June, feast of St. Peter and St. Paul. Today it's a great feast, it's a very great feast, the Community itself didn't understand how great is the episcopate, that God has given to you. There is much joy, there is much suffering, there is much pain, but you must enjoy this joy and leave everything in the hands of God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and of Me, God the Son.

I am the First and Eternal Priest, I ordained you Bishop. Let people say and do, don't be worried more than so much.

You, my little flock, don't report not beautiful things, don't listen to not beautiful things.

The laymen can't understand thoroughly the importance of this great gift which God wanted to give to Don Claudio. Cardinals, bishops and priests can understand, but they won't want to understand and accept that God can call your priest to the episcopate and do what He has already done.

In the past God called Peter, today He called Claudio. Why being astonished? Can't God do everything? Whoever can order anything to God?

I, Jesus, invite you to pray for your Bishop, but don't report what can cause his suffering; keep it for yourselves. If you listen to something against him, don't listen, shake sand out of your shoes and go on; I, Jesus, behaved like that. My Apostles weren't heard by the Sinedrium, on the contrary they were persecuted, hurted and sent into prison.

My beloved priest, the men of the Earth can let you live or kill you, but you, my little flock who grew up and heard from your priest the catechesis and the explanation of the Holy Gospel of which he makes a poem, you should help him through prayer.

Today, I, Jesus, tell you that you have to wear the signs of the episcopate. Don't you want to be dressed in pompa magna, as you say? It doesn't matter, but you should wear at least the skull-cup, the cross, the ring and the pastoral, as signs of your episcopate, you should wear them.

Don Claudio doesn't want episcopal signs that are too much visible. If you don't want, don't spend money for Bishop clothes and the other episcopal signs.

Marisella, look how Peter is dressed, he was the first Pope and he has just a tunic. Now stand up Marisella because We only have to wish well the new Bishop, so that he keeps on doing his apostolate like he did it up to now: explaning the Holy Gospel, doing catecheses, explaning the messages of God, brought by the Mother, the messanger of God, as She defines Herself, because the messages are all of God. What else should We say? We are here and We also are contemplating the new Bishop. When on 20th June I ordained Bishop Don Claudio, not even you, Marisa, understood it".

Marisa: "Sometimes it is difficult to understand what You do".

Jesus: "But then in the afternoon when you went to that place, didn't the Mother give you a message? Didn't She list all that God had given to Don Claudio? The episcopate gives the possibility of celebrating all the Sacraments. Everything happened on June 20th, even if the feast of the anniversary is delayed to June 29th, because it is day of obligation in Rome.

God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and I, God the Son, the Mother of the Eucharist, St. Peter and St. Paul, the Angels, the Saints and all the saved souls, We are with you, Don Claudio and We bless you.

I know that you are ashamed of giving the episcopal blessing, so for the moment do what you feel to do, instead of doing three crosses running, do one cross very slowly.

Don Claudio, keep on being as simple as you always have been, but at least the skull-cup, the pastoral, the cross and the ring, you should absolutely wear them. Accept them, I know that this costs to you, but be humble".

Marisa: "Listen, Jesus, the cross that Don Claudio has is provisonal because we have neither had the time to go and buy it, because you did everything at the last minute. Now we go on work-holiday, we hope that it will be more holiday than work, then we will do all that we must do: all right?".

Jesus: "We in Heaven agree with everything, Marisella. You, men of the Earth always complain about something.

Don Claudio, I gave you the episcopate because you are a priest who gave everything to the Church and to the souls, because you love deeply the Eucharist. What I like very much is that you love much the souls. Not everybody understand your great love and above all they don't understand it when you give some warnings, because haughtiness, pride and envy spring up. So I repeat: Don Claudio, keep on living your priestly life as you have lived it up to now, but with the full priesthood, with the episcopate. Best whishes, Archbishop, Excellency".

Marisa: "Everybody is bowing. Jesus, but how do I have to call Don Claudio now? To my mother who asked him this question, he answered: "Like you have called me up to now: Don Claudio".

Jesus: "After that with the Bishop we will have given the blessing, you will do what I have told you".

Marisa: "But you know that I am ashamed".

Don Claudio: "So am I".

Jesus: "Yes, Don Claudio, it doesn't seem, but you both are shy".

Marisa: "Yes, you could choose other two ones!".

Jesus: "With His Excellency, Monsignor Claudio Gatti, I bless you, your dear ones and your sacred articles. I appreciated and loved this masterpiece made by you. My dear young people, but in particular I liked this cross with flowers. The cross is joy, love and scent of flowers, thank you!".

Sardinia, Terra delle stelle (CA), 3rd July 1999, h.6:00 p.m. (message of Our Lady)

Our Lady: "My beloved Bishop, I want to give you all the strength and the courage to get ahead with the long and hard mission.

God gave you the episcopate to help the Church.

This my presence means that you have to understand that I am always with you, with Marisella and with your sons, also with those who are absent but who in this moment Marisa is seeing here present.

Now are also present the Angels and the Saints but above all Jesus is present, carrying the cross. My beloved Bishop, you just have to listen to what God tells you and not to what say the men who are not able to love. Listen to God, put into practice what God told you, what God is telling you and will keep on telling you.

My beloved Don Claudio, after the apostles, you are the first and the last Bishop ordained by God. God gave you the episcopate and only God can take it from you.

People will criticize much, but don't worry, let them speak.

Your children are here, next to you, they are all, there is also the little Jacopo. Doesn't this mean anything for you? God gives your beloved sons the possibility of being next to you".

Sardinia, 7th July 1999 (name day of Don Claudio - message of Our Lady)

Our Lady: "I am here to give my best wishes to His Excellency.

Don't blush, you know that you are Bishop, because God gave you the episcopate.

Attend the Holy Mass as if it was the last of your life and you, my dear Bishop, most reverend excellency, celebrate the Holy Mass as if it was the last of your life. God will smooth the way for you, man won't do anything for you, you know this, so don't regret more than much, accept, love, suffer and offer".

Sardinia, 15th July 1999, h.6:30 p.m. (message of Jesus and Our Lady)

Our Lady: "In the name of God I bless you present with all my heart, but you, monsignor Claudio, excellency, must bless Me, your Mother, your spouse, because you got married with the Church, your sister.

You see, slowly slowly all that God promised is becoming reality. Today you have a Bishop with you, a holy Bishop, not an ordinary one, but a Bishop chosen by God; the most important thing is the choice that God made. God doesn't lie, God doesn't betray, God loves and loved. God wants on the episcopal banner you, Marisella, to put "blessed by the Bishop Claudio". That banner that you did with much love and great sacrifice is very important, very important. What is beautiful is that each point that was put and even removed, wasn't it Marisella and Barbara, has been made with love and great sacrifice. This suffering, my daughter, has accompained the embroidering of that banner, but how many souls have been saved. From that banner you have to make some holy cards that you have to spread to everybody, as a reminder of the episcopal consecration of Don Claudio".

Jesus: "To you, my beloved Bishop, who will be also a martyr of the Church, thank you for having accepted in silence and emotion the episcopate, the full priesthood. Don't worry, someone will deride you, someone will slander you; gossips and malicious actions never come to an end. But what did we tell you? "Don't take care of them, look and go away", as the great poet Dante wrote".

Marisa: "Jesus, in the dream that you let me do I saw that hieroglyphic, what's that?".

Jesus: "Marisella, that's the pastoral!".

Sardinia, 15th July 1999, h.10:00 p.m. (message of Our Lady)

Marisa: "Since you have come, say something beautiful!".

Our Lady: "You did something beautiful; that cross, that simple cross that you have given to your Bishop, it is the most beautiful thing you could do; this is a beginning. I am with you, even if sometimes it seems to you to be alone".

Tossicia (TE), 5th August 1999, h.8:45 p.m. (message of Our Lady and Jesus)

Our Lady: "God gave the episcopate to Mons. Claudio, not to let him glorify and pride himself, he is not a person who prides himself, He gave him it because He loves him and because He wanted the priest to have the fullness of priesthood.

Don Claudio is a Bishop and he has all powers, but life will be hard yet for my favourite son, because he will not be understood by the good men and will be mocked by the bad men".

Jesus: "Come on, Don Claudio, archbishop, excellency, come on. Unfortunately the life of many my beloved priests is insipid, dirty and you know that the mission entrusted to you by God concerns also your brothers in the priesthood".

Tossicia (TE), 9th August 1999, h.8:43 p.m. (message of Our Lady)

Our Lady: "Marisella, you are suffering very much; no creature on the Earth suffers as much as you, no Saint in the Paradise suffered as much as you. But aren't you happy? God ordained the priest Bishop. The others won't believe, won't understand; you don't have to be interested in this, you are two precious gems before the eyes of God".

Tossicia (TE), 14th August 1999, h.11:17 p.m. (message of Jesus)

Jesus: "Don Claudio, don't you want to wear the episcopal clothes, don't you want to dress like a Bishop? Why?

"Greetings to the Bishop" the little Jacopo said and he was not realizing what he was saying, he could just understand that the word Bishop was something great".

Tossicia (TE), 15th August 1999, h.7:59 p.m. (message of Our Lady)

Our Lady: "God gave the episcopate to Don Claudio and he could not refuse it, God asked the total immolation, the martyrdom of love to your sister and she could not refuse it.

The priest is not suspended from the exercise of the sacred functions (a divinis), because the decrees are not valid and because he who made them is excommunicated for having profaned the Eucharist. In fact he run into the excommunication "latae sententiae" reserved to the Apostolic See (can.# 1367)".

Tossicia (TE), 23rd August 1999 (message of Our Lady)

Our Lady: "I have come especially to thank the Bishop for the heroism, for his determined will and for his total abandonment to God that he shows every moment.

On the 14th of September you will make a great feast to the Bishop; all of you must commit yourselves to let it become reality: grown-ups and young people.

You can't understand that being ordained by God is a grace, a marvellous, a very great gift".

Tossicia (TE), 28th August 1999, h.7:25 p.m. (message of Jesus, Our Lady and St. Joseph)

Our Lady: "Today it is a great feast for you. You have a holy Bishop, but you can't neither realize how much the weight of the Church has increased on his shoulders. Now he has not the physical strength; tiredness, difficulties, defamations, illness prostrated him, but God will intervene to help him, when the moment of fighting will arrive to let the truth triumph and then all the enemies of the Church will be unmasked.

Many times I told you that there are good priests, but they fear and not good priests who go on with the career and keep on gathering power and money.

I ask you to pray for your Bishop; the bad men don't accept that God ordained him Bishop.

The good ones, the theologians will fear the men of the Church, but not God, not the Bishop. They must fear God. God intervened ordaining Bishop Don Claudio, because the men of the Church don't go right and they have gone off my son Jesus.

They run for their own interests and they make believe of praying when there are a lot of people, when there is TV, when there are the mess-media. They sit on the throne, but what do they give to God? Nothing.

God needs holy bishops, holy priests, holy christians, he doesn't need half-measures.

God wanted to give the episcopate to my favourite priest.You will see, Don Claudio, every now and then something will arrive. The time to be under a bushel has finished.

My beloved son Bishop, you know better than Me that people who don't love are bad".

St Joseph: "Come on, excellency, you have all the Church on your shoulders".

Our Lady: "The closer you will be to the 14th of september, the more I will tell you what you will have to do and how to do it. Don Claudio, do you agree?".

Tossicia (TE), 29th August 1999, h.10:00 a.m. (message of Jesus and Our Lady)

Jesus: "I, your Jesus have come, to speak to you again about love, peace, serenity even in the difficulties of life that are many. Jesus is here with you and loves you with an immense love. Now you are in the great trial, but you have to live it with joy.

The end of all this great trial for you and for those who follow the path of my Bishop is happiness. Woe betide who will dare to slander my Bishop, hard and painful moments will arrive for them.

Nobody can allow himself to offend, slander, defame what the Almighty God did. God ordained Bishop Don Claudio and no man of the Earth, neither the Pope, can't not recognize his episcopate. All the men of the Earth must accept what the Almighty God did. He didn't give the fulness of priesthood to make him happy and powerful, he chose him because he loved, because he is able to love, because his generosity is immense: only for this reason. My bishops loves souls and he is ready to die even to save one soul, if the soul wants to save himself.

Write this message and spread it. No man of the Earth can slander, defame and not accept what God did.

God can do all that He wants, God is almighty and all-knowing, God is Everything and He can do everything. Woe betide those who will refuse my Bishop. Read the Gospel, I called breed of vipers, whited sepulchres, those who dared to fight against the plans of God. He who puts himself against God's will, sins seriously and it is difficult for him to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Who listens and consents the slanders and the defamations is guilty of the same sin. When someone speaks ill of the Bishop, of the visionary, of the Eucharistic miracles, don't listen to him, because if you listen, you sin just like him. Defend God, the Church, the Bishop or be silent, but don't agree with what they say.

I come back to God the Father, to God the Holy Spirit and I leave you Mary, the Mother of the Eucharist".

Our Lady: "After all that my son Jesus said - and I am with Him - the Mother can only repeat that She loves you. I love you all. My beloved sons, keep on loving and loving each other and helping the Bishop: His Excellency Mons. Claudio".

Marisa: "She bowed to the Bishop!".

Our Lady: "Help him. You can't realize how much he needs to be helped, indeed because he is a Bishop. The Mother thanks those who did his best to help him in this period, so to say, of holiday…".

Marisa: "Yes, because it has never been a holiday!".

Our Lady: "God promised that He will give you the strength to go on. Be happy and love. Put into practice what Jesus said: "First learn how to love, then pray". "Let the right hand not know what the left hand does". When you make some good actions, don't sound the trumpets, make them in silence, because you humiliate the people who you love if everybody knows what you do. A proverb of the Earth says: "A word to the wise is enough".

Marisa: "You know everything! This proverb is ours, not of Heaven".

Our Lady: "I wish you to relax during these very few days that have remained. Relax as much as you can".

Marisa: "We relax if Jesus and you leave us in peace. Be tranquil that we relax".

Our Lady: "Not you, Marisella, you won't relax, you will experience the Passion again".

Marisa: "Am I a human being? Then, as a human being, could I feel a little better? So the young people are happy because I have asked you it, then do as you want".

Our Lady: "Now it is important that you, Mons. Claudio, celebrate the Holy Mass, as it was the last of your life. You, my beloved young people, attend the Holy Mass and receive my son Jesus as it was the last time of your life, attend it in a state of grace, with all your heart and all your love. To those who are leaving Rome, come on and clench your teeth. Your sister says: "You can do it", because she can't".

Marisa: "You know everything!".

Our Lady: "Go on. Give serenity to your brothers. Best wishes to everybody. With my and your Bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I cover you with my maternal mantle and I keep you tight to my heart. Today propose to yourselves not to pour out tears".

Marisa: "We are a little moved! We have been under a bushel for twenty-eight years, then suddenly you put us on the candelabrum. Being on it is harder, I think it is better to be under a bushel".

Our Lady: "Now attend the Holy Mass and I will be next to the Bishop. In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit".

Tossicia (TE), 3rd September 1999, h.8:20 p.m. (message of Jesus)

Jesus: "For me you are all my children. His Excellency Mons. Claudio is my favourite child".

Marisa: "Jesus, we are very happy that you have given the episcopate to Don Claudio, but tell the Pope to give his approval so that everybody will accept it".

Jesus: "No, it is greater being elected by God. The Pope knows what he has to do, but he is not doing God's will yet".

Marisa: "Is it so difficult to do God's will?".

Jesus: "Yes, Marisella, it is difficult. Everybody is good in doing little things or in doing a big dramatized, but when it is time to move and truly do God's will, very few are ready to do it thoroughly.

Remember what I said on Sunday: "Woe betide those who slander and defame my Bishop. They commit a grave sin".

Marisa: "You have become serious, serious, Jesus".

Jesus: "Now there is the Holy Mass and I will be on the altar with the Bishop ordained by God. Woe betide that man who doesn't accept what God did. God is before or after man?".

Marisa: "Before, but let it be understood by man!".

Tossicia (TE), 4th September 1999, h.8:00 p.m. (message of Our Lady)

Marisa: "Aren't you worried for the Bishop? I have spoken to you only about the Bishop, about his mission, great and very beautiful, maybe or without maybe it is the greatest of all those that God could entrust on the Earth to a priest and to all of us. But who can understand this?".

Our Lady: "He who loves, Marisella. He who doesn't love, who betrays, who for envy and jealousy slanders and defames, will never understand, neither if Jesus appeared before him, because he has satan in his heart.

I can't tell all the visionaries that you are a holy Bishop, because envy and jealousy would spring up and because they wouldn't believe that God can say and do everything, it doesn't depend by the orders of men. They know that God can do everything, they know that God can upset even the whole world, but they just repeat that God is merciful and good, they never say that God can give orders and He must not ask for permission to anybody, in their opinion this is impossible, because first there is man, then God. Envy and jealousy always spring up. Who is man? Man was created by God. Man without God is nothing, even if he is the most powerful in the world. The most powerful man in the world doesn't make up his mind to do God's will, but love him and pray for him. You can't know many things".

(Our Lady gives Marisa the 12th secret that the people present can't hear)

Marisa: "Yes, I have understood, but I just ask you if I can speak with the Bishop about it, because all alone I can't keep so many secrets. But then don't let him suffer anymore. Give him all that you have promised soon, because we are very tired and then do with me all that you want".

Tossicia (TE), 5th September 1999, h.11:30 a.m. (message of St. Peter and Our Lady)

St. Peter: "I have come for you, Mons. Claudio Gatti.

When Jesus told me: "You are Peter and on this stone I will build my Church" and when He elected me first Pope, I trembled, I felt myself very very small, I feared very much, but his support never lacked, nor in life neither after his death and resurrection. Jesus will do the same with you. He elected you Bishop, he gave you a gift and a very great grace. You are not a simple Bishop elected by man, but by God. You will have to face many difficulties, especially due to the men of the Church who know very well that when God calls, the called one must answer. They won't accept your episcopate due to envy and jealousy. Go on, because not only the Trinity, not only the Mother of the Eucharist, but also the other apostles and I help you. You won't be alone to carry this great load; you will have few grown-ups, around you there is not the mass of people like it happened for other apparitions, there are not many apparitions anymore, you will have few young people, but saint, because God wants them saint. You are already saint on the Earth and this is a very great grace. God set his eyes on you, even if sometimes it seems that He has forgotten you, Marisella and all those who follow you. You are Bishop in all respects, your priesthood is complete. For you it will be very difficult to exercise the episcopate, because you are a lamb and the men want to send you to your death, but all of us are with you. Best wishes, excellency, from Peter, Paul, John and all the other apostles who are close to me, from all the angels and the saints".

Our Lady: "Don Claudio, archbishop, excellency, as you want, you are my dear favourite priest. Come on, maybe you don't feel Me very close, but I am always close to you. Unfortunately this is the planet Earth and this is man.

Be strong and when moments of discouragement arrive, lay yourself down where you want, embrace the crucifix and embrace Me who are close to you".

Rome, 8th September 1999, h.7:30 p.m. (message of Our Lady)

Our Lady: "Today your duty is: helping the Bishop ordained by God.

Who can destroy this gift of God?

Who is man to impose himself to God and destroy what God does?

God does what He wants, how He wants and when He wants. Pray, pray for this Bishop that God chose just as He chose Peter, but woe betide, and I repeat what my son Jesus said, woe betide that man who destroys my Bishop.

The sin is grave, because he destroys the work of God.

I will repeat this again: the priest didn't want honours, power, richness, he didn't seek anything, because he just tried to love and help the souls.

Many understood and accepted him, a lot of them refused and slandered him.

He who didn't put God in the first place, can't understand my Bishop".

Rome, 13th September 1999, h.10:00 p.m. (message of Our Lady)

Our Lady: "My beloved sons, your Mother is speaking to you. As you know well, you are before Jesus the Eucharist and is present your Bishop who commented the messages. You have read the beautiful prayer and the intentions, you have given much joy to Jesus the Eucharist, you have chosen the most exhaustive and important parts of the messages, to let be understood the greatness and unicity of the episcopate given by God to Don Claudio. Even if today it is the eve of the exaltation of the Cross and of the fourth anniversary of the first eucharistic apparition, I dwell on the third point of the prayer vigil: the election to episcopate of Don Claudio Gatti. You haven't yet understood the importance of this God's choice, which fell on a simple creature who suffers all the time and who gives himself completely to souls, even if not all of them answer. Being elected Bishop by God is a very great gift that only you, Don Claudio, could have, because your love for the souls is great".

Rome, 14th September 1999, h.11:00 p.m. (message of Our Lady)

Our Lady: "My beloved sons, God chose your priest and ordained him Bishop. In the history of the Church it's the first time that God gives the same great gift to your priest, after having ordained Bishops St. Peter and the Apostles. My son Jesus said: "For years and years you have been under a bushel, now that's enough, I ordain you Bishop and I give you all powers".

For Don Claudio it won't be easy to get ahead with his episcopate, because the world doesn't want to understand that God can do whatever He wants and in every moment.

God gave the episcopate to Don Claudio, because, only as Bishop, he can accept and bear all the difficulties and he can get ahead with the great mission which only We of the Heaven and these two creatures know: Don Claudio and Marisella.

The secrets which your sister keeps are very heavy for her and very difficult for the Bishop. Look around yourselves: God elects the Bishop, God ordains him without asking for his permission and where are his brothers?

The Bishop is on the cross like Jesus, but the cross gives joy and saves the men who want to be saved. The cross can be suffering, but it gives you the salvation for eternal life.

Sometimes people who don't believe are better than people who believe. Someone keeps on sending forward other people to do evil (Some people who were outside the garden, taking advantage of darkness of the night, threw heavy stones at people gathered for the prayer meeting. Luckly, the awning covering the thaumaturgical place prevented from hurting those presents).

Unfortunately the great men are coward, they hide themselves and send forward the little men. I will tell your sister how things have gone and she will report it only to H. E. the Bishop.

Marisella, you thought that this was the last Satan's stroke. No, this is the stroke of those people who try to destroy you. You were a little frightened, but everything passed away. Not those people who threw stones fell into sin, but those people who sent them. Enjoy this feast, enjoy the new Bishop and love him, like you repeated in your prayers, because he loves you, like Jesus and I love you.

Marisella, take the cross made by the young people and give it to the Bishop.

(The young people made a cross, they adorned it with flowers and leaned it on the steps of the altar)

This new Bishop, I said this many times, won't be accepted and out of envy and jealousy he will suffer much and will arrive to say: "Why can't God, my All, do what He likes? Who are you to oppose God".

Priests, bishops, cardinals, theologians, everybody will have something to say against Don Claudio, especially those who don't love the Eucharist. On the contrary, those who aren't good, will fear and will be silent.

Help the Bishop, pray for him".