Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Letter sent by the members of Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza - Madre dell'Eucaristia to the Holy Father on 17th June 1999

Most Blessed Father, we are some of the members of "Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza - Madre dell'Eucaristia". We are not aware whether His Holiness has heard about the great Eucharistic miracles that took place in His diocese, in Via delle Benedettine, of which many newspapers have spoken about and programmes have been broadcast by TV stations. Our priest Don Claudio Gatti has written a few letters to H. H. and to His secretary Mons. Stanislaw Dziwizz, because he deemed that H. H., as bishop of Rome, should be informed about the facts taking place in his diocese.

We wish to inform H. H. that the host that bled on May 17, 1998 has bled again copiously on June 6, 1999, feast of Corpus Domini, and bloodstained the corporal and the cushion where it was placed.

It is the first time in the history of the Church that the same host has bled twice with some time in between; this is what the Mother of the Eucharist said.

We are not asking for the recognition of the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist, for we know that the Church has its own times and its own methods to study and evaluate them, but we ask that the hard opposition of the Vicariate of Rome concerning the Eucharistic miracles, of which we and many others can bear witness, comes to an end.

The ecclesiastical authority of Rome has done nothing to study the Eucharistic miracles, has not questioned the witnesses, on the contrary, Don Claudio who had brought the host that bled to the Vicariate for an examination was ordered: "Throw away that chunk of bread. Either you deny that this host is Eucharist and recognize that you were deceived and that you deceived the believers or we suspend you a divinis".

Our priest could not throw away the Eucharist that bled, for had he done so, he would have seriously sinned against God, would have profaned the Eucharist and would have incured the latae sententiae excommunication reserved to the Apostolic See, as canon 1367 declaims.

How can Don Claudio be accused of disobeying the ecclesiastical authority, when this same authority ordered him to offend God and profane the Eucharist?

Nevertheless Don Claudio has been suspended a divinis because he refused to profane the Eucharist.

Not only they mortally wounded our priest, but also the Church, because to profane the Eucharist means to hit the Church as well.

Holy Father, you are the head of the Church, you have the duty to defend the Eucharist that bled twice and that is still kept in a reliquary and gives off an intense and particular fragrance.

When the believers will know about the Eucharistic miracles that happened in Rome, in Via delle Benedettine, and about the persecution that the ecclesiastical authority has promoted against these miracles, they will feel bitterness, disappointment and dismay.

Holy Father, You may prevent that a scandal bursts in His diocese that will have repercussion within the whole Church with serious spiritual damage for many believers.

We not only defend our unfairly condemned priest, but above all the Eucharist and in this defence we wish to have the support, the comfort and the blessing of the visible Head of the Church and of the cardinals and bishops united with the Pope who today is called John Paul II.

Rome, 17th June 1999