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Official statement of the I.E.C.


A group called "Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza - Madre dell'Eucaristia" led by a priest of the diocesan clergy, Don Claudio Gatti, and by the presumed visionary Marisa Rossi has been working in Rome for many years. The principal aim of the Movement is to spread asserted marian revelations to Mrs. Rossi, confirmed by supposed thaumaturgical events related to the eucharistic cult. The Movement is present also outside Rome but very marginally.

Since 1994 I have intervened forbidding Don Claudio Gatti to celebrate the Eucharist and to attend or preside at every act of eucharistic cult and of public cult generally speaking in the oratory located at the seat of the Movement.

After successive warnings, which moreover resulted inefficacious, by means of a decree dated 6th march 1998, n. 251/98 I riveted the prohibition cited above and I warned Don Gatti that if he should continue to ignore my orders, he would have incured the latae sentantiae suspension with the consequent suspension from the exercise of the sacred functions, according to the canons 1334, § 2, 1319 and 1331, § 1, n.1°.

Don Gatti made an appeal against the decree to the Congregation for the clergy. The Congregation itself by means of a decree dated 4th july 1998 n. 98001404 turned down his appeal; it confirmed "the decision of the M.E. Cardinal Vicary about the merits of the case and its legitimacy"; it imposed to the complainant "to obey the orders that will be given to him […] receding from the contumacy, showing signs of acknowledgement of his faults and repentance".

Having summoned Don Gatti in order to carry out the accomplishments requested by the Congregation for the clergy, persisting his contumacy worsened by the statement given by him of "breaking off […] any relationship and dialogue, until will not be retracted the decrees promulgated against us that have been declared null and void and unlawful by God", by means of a decree dated 22nd october 1998, n. 1263/98 I sent to the concerned person a copy of the decree of the Congregation for the clergy according to the canon 56; I stated that he had really incured the latae sententiae suspension; I ordered him not to exercise the sacred functions till further instructions; I reminded him that if he had not observed the orders communicated he would have incured further penalties according to the canon 1326, §, n.1°; I provided the publication on the "Diocesan newsletter of Rome" of a note of H.E. Mons. Cesare Nosiglia, vice-manager of Rome, with the purpose of divulging the decree in order to protect the spiritual health of the faithful.

Nevertheless the penalties did not stop Don Gatti's activity, who, in the meantime declaring himself "bishop ordained by God - bishop of the Eucharist", opened an Internet web site and tried to spread the Movement and its activites into other Dioceses (Bologna, Chiavari, Vicenza), causing immediate interventions of the respective bishops and one of them enforced the sanctions decided by me.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has also taken up recently the case, and "considering the remarkable publicity that Rev. Gatti gives and keeps on giving" to the presumed revelations and the supposed wonders, saw the need of "notifying the penalties taken against Rev. Claudio Gatti and his Movement, all over the national territory" by means of an official statement of the Italian Episcopal Conference.

All this is notified for opportune knowledge and to take the needed measures if necessary in order to protect the spiritual health of the faithful.

Rome, 12th january 2001

Camillo Card. Ruini


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