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Marisa flew to the House of the Father

On the 8th of August 2009, in the Columbus clinic, the Seer and stigmatized Marisa, Victim of the Eucharist, escorted by Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, by S. Joseph, Guardian of the Eucharist and her mother flew to Heaven where she was expected by the M.H. Trinity and was received and celebrated by angels and saints.

Just as Jesus on the cross at the time of death was witnessed only by His mother, by S. John, and some pious women, Marisa too, passed away in total solitude. Jesus asked her to imitate Him even at the last moment. In fact, close to her, besides the celestial figures mentioned above, there were only Titti, a lady member of our community who assisted her with love and dedication during the last part of her life and a nurse, chosen by us to help Titti during the night. Because of the recurrence of pain and deteriorating health, brother Bishop decided to admit her to the Columbus clinic in order to give her a bit of relief, assuring she gets competent and non-stop medical care.

For all the time of her stay in the clinic, she was constantly assisted and cared for during daytime by members of the community who never left her alone not even for a minute by planning shifts so she could see around her known people showing affection and participation in her suffering.

Sometimes the room looked like a chapel where prayers and petitions were addressed to God, so He might put an end to her martyrdom of love.

All of us, members of the community, were aware that Marisa was approaching the time of departure, but we did not think it would come so fast and sudden.

Those who had seen her on the eighth of August, last day of her life, while noting that she was suffering a lot because by now no medication would bring her any benefit, told us that she was lucid and in control of herself.

Instead, at around 10 o'clock pm she suddenly began to worsen and, after a brief agony, she fell peacefully asleep in the Lord: it was 11:05 pm. She closed her eyes to the realities of this world and reopened them in the realities of Heaven. We are sure that the Bishop and others were near her bed in unconscious bilocation. Also S. Joseph, seen only by his beloved bride and her son Jesus, was present under the cross to sustain and comfort the Mother of the Eucharist.

A few weeks before the end, when she was still at home, Marisa wanted to greet one by one the members of the community; most likely, we think, because she knew the date of her death.

On June 21 and 22 she received, in small groups, the adults of the community whom she greeted one by one. In order to leave them a memory she agreed to be photographed with everyone. With the youth she wanted the farewell to be accompanied with prayers. On Our Lady's suggestion, on June 22, the ceremony of greetings from our young people was celebrated: they lived a page of the Gospel, when the two apostles chosen by the Master prepared the room of the Cenacle where Jesus would have celebrated his last Easter, and established two great sacraments: the Holy Order and the Eucharist.

The young people cleaned and adjusted in the best way the lounge of the house, adorned the temporary altar, elegantly placed plants and flowers, prepared the most beautiful liturgical vestments and the most precious sacred vessels. They wanted to wear the most beautiful and elegant clothes and went to pick up Marisa in her room.

Little Marisa too wanted to prepare to meet his children in the best way. She decided to wear the white dress, created especially for the time she would have flown to Heaven and allowed the girls to dress her as a bride.

The Seer, who since a long time was unable to climb or descend even one step, was allowed by God to go down the stairs arm in arm with the Bishop. It was touching for the youth to see the spiritual parents going down the stairs and go to the lounge, where everything was ready for the farewell ceremony.

Preceded by prayers and chants began the celebration of the Holy Mass, at the end, brother Bishop administered the sacrament of the sick to Marisa.

Thereafter, and this was the most moving part, the youths started greeting her. Every married couple and every unmarried young person approached Marisa to thank her for the received teachings and the love shown in thousands of ways to each of them.

Marisa was serene, smiling and listening carefully to what her children would tell her, none of them managed to hold back tears.

They all hugged and kissed Marisa who addressed each of them with words that surely they will keep jealously in their hearts.

Then the Bishop started talking again and recalled a few episodes of their lives and exposed some of Marisa's visions concerning his future.

Our Lady, S. Joseph, grandmother Iolanda, the latter Popes, other saints and angels were present as well and also the children Marisa helped during her bilocation travelling in the world and who died in her arms.

Suddenly God revealed Himself and communicated an awful fact: they were evirating and removing organs from 500 children and lads, with the complicity of people qualifying as Christians. God the Father asked Marisa to suffer the passion to mend this massacre. The Bishop and the young people joined Marisa's suffering with prayers they extended for the whole night. The more the time went by the more it was clear that God had asked Marisa new and greater sufferings to save the world that was heading towards an impressive self-destruction, for the rebirth of the Church and our Bishop.

All this meant unavoidably moving once again the date of her death.

On July 17 Marisa was admitted to Columbus clinic, from where she soared to Heaven on the eighth of August.

We reported Marisa's departure only to the people who believe in the great works that God has realized in the thaumaturgic place because we wanted to avoid interference and prevent uttering of offensive words and bad judgements about her from the enemies, as it has actually happened when, after a long time, they knew she was dead.

The Lord helped us to live the end of Marisa in spiritual peace and total surrender to His divine will.

This would not have happened if we had spread through our website the news of our sister's departure to Heaven.

We are not interested to know how the enemies of the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist and of Eucharistic miracles that occurred at the thaumaturgic place, gained knowledge of Marisa's death, we just regret that they seriously hurt not only the stigmatized Seer, but also God because they failed in charity and offended the truth.

They have also shown to be dreamers, for they do not know that God is about to begin His operations for the triumph of truth, the Bishop and all of us who follow him with confidence and sense of responsibility.

Our Bishop is well aware of what in the Vatican, vicariate, several bishop's see and private homes the enemies of God have said and organized when Marisa was still alive, because the Seer, in bilocation and unseen, was present and subsequently reported to the Bishop all that had happened in those conventicles.

Those gentlemen believed they were speaking in complete freedom and total secrecy, but God threw up their plans and their conversations, covering also other topics, such as partition of power, positions and money became known. Instead of serving the Church they tended to their interests, even Pope Benedict XVI has acknowledged it several times; in order to have a confirmation, it is enough to see some speeches he delivered this year and reported in the Vatican website on Internet.

Nobody, not even the Bishop, knows when and how will the rebirth of the Church take place, but it does not matter at all, the important thing is that the Church is reborn and unworthy shepherds are dismissed.

It is written in all books regarding the letters of God that to accomplish this great mission God has chosen the Bishop ordained by Him and he will be aided not only by the M.H. Trinity, but also by the Mother of the Eucharist, by S. Joseph, by S. Peter and S. Paul, grandmother Iolanda and his sister Marisa.

To accomplish this task, and one shivers at the mere thought of it, the Mother of the Eucharist said several times that all the angels and saints in Heaven, summoned by her, are praying incessantly before God. We look forward with confidence and trust that God may implement what He promised and we invite all men of goodwill to join us in this expectation, by offering prayers, small and big sacrifices to God.

The Mother of the Eucharist asked that every year her feast is celebrated on October 24, the day when her appearances were open to all.

Seeing that this year the feast of the Mother of the Eucharist was on a Saturday, we decided to move it to the following Sunday to give the opportunity to members of prayer groups outside Rome to join us. We wanted to join in the same celebration the Mother of the Eucharist and the victim of the Eucharist: little Marisa "who she is now like an angel before God".

On October 24, the youth of the community, along with some adults, prepared a beautiful, touching and intelligent vigil where they spoke about:

The Bishop decided to publish what the young people and adults were saying in our website, on the upcoming house journal and in the booklet that will collect the letters of God the Seer received during her last year of life.

We hope that at least a substantial part of our enemies may have another chance, perhaps the last, to repent of the evil done, ask forgiveness to God and save their souls. To God nothing is impossible, but the warning words of St. Augustine resound: God created you without asking your consent, but He does not save you without your consent.

On Sunday, October 25, before the celebration of Holy Mass, we brought in solemn procession the Eucharist which bled 3 times in the past. It was placed on a little throne, carried on shoulders by the young people, the extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist. The procession was opened by the statue of the Mother of the Eucharist to mean that she has guided us, through the Seer, during all the years in which she appeared in the thaumaturgic place. Behind the statue of Our Lady, flags were waving, carried by members of the community to mean that the Heavenly Mother carried off her triumph in the Church and her title "Mother of the Eucharist" is known throughout the world.

Surely, around Jesus the Eucharist were present in profound adoration Our Lady, S. Joseph, grandmother Iolanda, little Marisa, the angels, other saints and the latter Popes.

When all the people in attendance took their seat in the basilica, the standard bearers formed a carpet strewn with flowers with their flags, where the Mother of the Eucharist and Jesus the Eucharistic passed to mean that their triumph is a comforting reality; now God has to implement the Bishop's triumph which will coincide with the rebirth of the Church.

Mons. Claudio enthroned Jesus the Eucharist on the altar. Spontaneous prayers and chants followed, after which began the H. Mass celebrated by the Bishop and participated by the believers with faith, love and emotion.

At the time of the kiss of Our lady's relic, Marisa's spiritual testament and the gauze soaked with her blood, when the stigmata of her passion opened, were handed over to the people present.

We reported this dual and solemn celebration only after it was over to avoid being disturbed by some ill-disposed or fanatic people, as it happened sometimes in the past.

We did not hide anything of what was said or happened in the thaumaturgic place. Just because we have published everything, without censoring anything, we have been hit by heavy judgments, irony, rude words and unjust sentences.

Those who blame us of being a sect are in bad faith, they speak without knowledge of the facts, because the sect members work in secrecy and darkness while we open our doors to all. We allow the recording of everything that is said and we never censored a word of the letters of God.

It will be sad and depressing to see the enemies' reactions, especially those who were part of our community for a longer or shorter period, when God will begin His intervention.

We would not like to be at their place when God will operate to bring about the Bishop's and the truth triumph. Our Lady said: "Even if they will scrape their knees on the ground towards the tabernacle to ask for forgiveness, it will be too late". Now is the time of mercy; when the time of justice will come, God will be the righteous judge.