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Open letter to Fr. Livio Fanzaga, director of "Radio Maria"

Open letter of the members of the Movimento Impegno e Testimonianza - "Madre dell'Eucaristia" to Fr. Livio Fanzaga, director of "Radio Maria", due to the repeated slanders and defamations with regard to the bishop Claudio Gatti and the visionary Marisa Rossi transmitted by the microphones of "Radio Maria" all over the italian territory.

Rev. Father Livio,

till when will you, your cooperators and the guests of transmissions of Radio Maria keep on throwing mud against "the greatest eucharistic miracles and the most important apparitions in the history of the Church"? The great interventions that God performed in Rome, in via delle Benedettine have been defined this way by the Mother of the Eucharist.

Unfortunately by the microphones of a radio, that defines itself catholic, you pronounced very offensive phrases with regard to people who could not defend themselves, you slandered a your brother in priesthood, you did seriously wrong towards the charity and you offended the truth.

In addition, by means of your campaign of slanders and defamations you discouraged many people to come to the thaumaturgical place to be present at the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist and to the eucharistic miracles, depriving them of the possibility of receiving great spiritual benefits.

You scandalized the humble, the little and the simple persons; for this reason we invite you to meditate the words of Jesus: "Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe to the man by whom the temptation comes!". (Mt 18, 6-7).

Finally, in the morning of the last 2nd of october to adduce reasons for your preconceived refusal, for your strong opposition and your unjust condemnation with regard to the eucharistic miracles that the Lord performed in Rome, you affirmed: "I smell stench of sulphur...".

How can you think that, during the Holy Mass celebrated by our bishop on the 11th of june 2000, feast of Pentecost, the Eucharist bled due to the work of the devil?

Who ascribes to the devil what is the work of God, he sins seriously against the Holy Spirit and who profanes the Eucharist, he "... incurs a latae sententiae excommunication reserved to the Apostolic See" (Can. 1367). Unfortunately, due to the assertions that you made by Radio Maria, you sinned against the Holy Spirit and you are excommunicated.

You delight in repeating that Don Claudio is suspended a divinis, but according to the Canon Law it is not true, because who inflicted on him the suspension a divinis, they are excommunicated too. In fact, they defined the Eucharist that bled: "A piece of bread, a trick of the fairbooth, a consequence of the work of the devil". They arrived even to blackmail Don Claudio while he was showing them the Eucharist that had bled, saying to him: "Either you throw away that piece of bread, or we suspend you a divinis".

Since excommunicated persons are forbidden: "to exercise any ecclesiastical offices, ministries, functions or acts of governance" (Can 1331 §1), they have not the authority to suspend a divinis.

Mr. director, why for a long time have you been directing to our bishop and to Marisa offensive sentences and have you been condemning them and on the contrary when you met them in Medjugorje you reserved to them radiant smiles and brotherly embraces? Maybe do you fear that around the bishop and the visionary can coagulate a so great attention that it can take away the people from those places where you send them and consequently you would suffer personal economic damage and image loss?

Always in the same transmission you affirmed that at the beginning of your service as director Don Claudio and Marisa came to Arcellasco to ask to speak by the microphones of Radio Maria and you answered them that as long as you were the director, you would never authorize any their intervention on the radio. Nothing could be more false.

In fact, on the 23rd of august of 1990 Don Claudio and Marisa came to Arcellasco, sent by Our Lady, but with the only purpose of trying to take the peace back between you and don Mario, divided by harsh disputes with grave scandal of the audience of Radio Maria. Don Claudio didn't absolutely want to speak on the radio, but he surrended to the pressing requests of Antonio, Patrizia and Daniela and for 14 minutes he has developed the theme: "The Eucharist and Our Lady".

We have entrusted our defense to God, sure that at the right moment he will make the truth triumph and at that time we wouldn't like to be in the place of those who offended and trampled it down with so much impudence.

For us it is a privilege to be persecuted for having loved and defended the Eucharist and we know that, when the eucharistic triumph will have come true all over the Church, the supreme ecclesiastical authority will recognize this our commitment.

The true conversion of the heart is a gift of God and we will pray so that you can receive it.

With our best regards.

Rome, 7th october 2000

Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary