Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Prayer formulated by H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti on 25th November 2007

This is the prayer that H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti, Bishop ordained by God, formulated spontaneously before the Eucharist that bled on the occasion of the feast of Christ King of the Universe.

First moment

Jesus, true God and true Man, really present in body, blood, soul and divinity in the Eucharist, we reverent, praying and adoring are here before You but, probably, for the first time, we do not feel alone. I feel, or should I say You make me feel the presence of the fifty-one bishops and seventy-seven priests at the side of the Bishop You ordained, who, by your intervention and in bilocation, you wanted me to ordain. There are cardinals and bishops you have indicated to me. You promised that you will tell me about others, for they will have to be collaborators of your Bishop to make the Church triumph. Next to me there are, ideally, all those priests who in the depths of their souls believe, appreciate and bless your works but, unfortunately, the abuse of power of those who do not represent You, those who are not united with You, prevents them from manifesting full agreement with your great and miraculous interventions. For the first time we are truly the universal Church in all its expressions and manifestations.

In the eyes of men we seem to be a small group, but You, my God, together with the Mother of the Eucharist and all the angels and saints in Heaven, see this temple and this basilica that you love so much, and welcome the Church of the future, the Church of love, the Church of grace, the Church of the Eucharist, the Church of your Word. Widening unrestrained, these humble walls welcome a lot of people, guided by shepherds according to your heart, at last. Thank you my God, thank you my Lord, thank you my King, for you made me feel, in my little heart, such strong, moving and overwhelming sensations. Jesus, I ask your and our Mother, to light up, in my heart, the strong Eucharistic ardor, so that I can give it to my brothers who, in turn, will have to become candles, flashlights and lighthouses, in a world where, unfortunately, darkness is dominating. These are your lamps that illuminate the darkness and illuminate and prepare your royal way. Yes Jesus, come back soon to take possession of your Church that, unfortunately, filthy hands and mercenaries hearts have soiled, hurt and robbed. But You are there, God Almighty and Omniscient, waiting for the moment that your will has decided, when you will defeat the proud and raise the humble ones. On my behalf and on behalf my brothers and sisters You have entrusted to me as sons and daughters, I want to renew our most complete and full adherence to your will. The good thief called you "Jesus", he did not say Lord, he did not say Messiah, he said Jesus, it means that your grace had entered his heart, before he uttered these words, and he felt towards you an intimacy, familiarity and love that allowed him to call you with your name so sweet, gentle, omnipotent: Jesus! He said, "Jesus, remember me when you are in your kingdom." I borrow and adapt to our situation these words and I say to You: "Jesus, remember us now that you are in your kingdom", but then I think about it and say: "But we are your kingdom, Jesus", so stay with us, do not leave us, do not forsake us, for we need your presence, we need to feel You close to us, we need to feel your present in our midst. I know, many times, really countless times, You made yourself present among us and in our midst, in every way; your omnipotence and, above all, your love, were expressed in all these years when the apparitions of the Mother of the Eucharist have changed us and, together with us, after us, have changed an enormous multitude of people. Yes, Jesus, even today is a day of your triumph, even today is a day of your victory, even today is a day manifesting your sovereignty. Men can believe or do what they want, but the victory belongs to You, the triumph is yours by right, you are King because you are our creator, our Messiah, you are King by right, you are King of conquest because You conquered us one by one, taking us from the edge of sin to the side of grace and, in the middle, there is the purifying redemption that unites and heals all consciences. O Jesus, how sweet it is to talk with You, but above all how sweet it is to listen to You. That is why I hope that my prayers are joined by invocations and even lamentations, yes, You allow and want this as well, from all my brothers and sisters who, now, are truly and physically surrounding me. Anyway, please listen also to the prayers and pleas of all those You make present in this moment around you and near me, to support you and carry forward, with renewed vigor, with new strength and with exuberant hope, your mission, together with the victim of the Eucharist who, once again, had to give up the joy of participating in this prayer meeting because according to your sometimes inscrutable plans, You wanted her to be united to You all night, in total suffering, so she may be with You and share your passion and death, waiting for your and our resurrection. Jesus, You know that we love You, these are Peterís words who You called to be the first Pope in the Church history and, together with him, we respond to You when You ask us: "Do you love me?" Yes Jesus, with all our limitations, with all our faults, with all our shortcomings, sometimes even with sins, we love You; have mercy on us, accept us as we are, transform us as you wish and, to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, praise, glory and honor, for ever and ever. Amen.

Second moment

You did not come down from the Cross, for this was the divine will and only in this way you could, as you really did, save us, your brothers, from sin. In the same way, and we want to remember it, on November 26, 1995, once again You were an object of scorn, but you did not pay attention to what men said while mocking and ridiculing You, but You acted, once again, according to your divine style. Despite the offenses You reacted with love and doing great works. Today, if the Church has again placed at the center of her catechesis and her faith, Jesus the Eucharist, it is due to that miracle, ignored, denigrated by men; it became, instead, a beacon of light illuminating the whole world. On January 10, 2000, we were able to celebrate the triumph of the Eucharist, which began exactly on November 26, 1995, when you worked the miracle denigrated by men but great before God, on the other hand, we cannot forget what had to take place from a natural and physical point of view: an earthquake had to shake and overwhelm Rome; there were also signs of this in the instruments indicating that something underground had happened. That earthquake did not occur because of the love and power of the Eucharist. You have intervened, You, Creator of everything, author of nature, you imposed on nature not to manifest in a destructive way but in the way of waiting for your hints and welcoming the life of man. Lord, thank you, for you worked that great miracle that we all want to remember because your love is manifesting and will always manifest on an altar, on a cross, inside a manger because Christmas is now just around the corner. For Christ our Lord. Amen.