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Prayer formulated by H.E. Mons. Claudio Gatti on 13th May 2007

God, One and Triune, God the Father, God the Son and our brother, God the Holy Spirit, giver of all good, of all grace and guest of those who live together with You, God One and Triune, equal in divinity, One in nature and Triune in Persons, we creatures of the Earth, we bow reverently in adoration, we proclaim you Holy, Holy, Holy and raise to You, oh Lord, our praise, our song, our love and our faith.

Today, oh God, as it is one of the many feasts of the Mother of the Eucharist and we want to remember her as Lady of Fatima, allow me to address my prayer to the one You have raised above all the angels, all saints and made her full of Your grace.

Oh Mother, Mother of Heaven, we are accustomed to invoke you as the Mother of the Eucharist since you have been appearing here for years with this title, the greatest and most beautiful title to which you care the most, but today is the ninetieth anniversary of your apparitions in Fatima. many times I have said that Lourdes, Fatima and Rome are united by a single golden thread; there is a beginning, a continuation, a development, and a conclusion of Godís plan, and you, Mother of Heaven, you are the first and greatest collaborator and responsible for it. Mary, on this very important anniversary for the Church, which, unfortunately, many of her shepherds do not consider, we all and I in particular, entrust you the Church founded by Your Son of whom you are Mother. The third secret not yet revealed, puts us in a state of affliction because men disregard the plans of God and instead of collaborating on their implementation, they fight them, minimize them, neglect them. In their intent it is much more important their own glory than the Glory to God, their personal success that the Triumph of God, the celebration of their name than the name of God. In this way, the Church is abused and offended, they make fun of your children who are considered as children without intelligence and without reason. They claim to dish up their truth, but we seek, oh Mother, the truth of God; They want to impose their words and explanations, but we seek the words and explanations coming from God. The centrality of the revealed message concerns the Church, the Church we love, and for which we have continually raised prayers to God, offered fasting, big and small sacrifices; for its rebirth, some souls called up by God, including our sister Marisa, offered a suffering that from a human point of view is shocking and scandalous. All this shows how much we love the Church and how much we want it to be rejuvenated clean, or rather cleaned up again.

Oh Lord, Your patience is infinite but you also told us that eventually if men do not respond to Your call, to Your appeal, You will intervene by saying enough and firmly grasping the Church situation. From it You will remove mercenaries, unworthy shepherds, predacious wolves and poisonous snakes that distribute poison and bad example instead of distributing healthy food.

Oh Mother, believe me, we are a little impatient, we are like pawing foals who want to take to the race and get to the finish line. God asked for patience, silence, and immolation.

Now, Oh God, I, Your Bishop ordained by You, on behalf of all Your children, who are honest, good and represent the true and genuine Church, ask You to cleanse and rebuild Your Church. It is an unceasing suffering to hear how many lies the mercenaries continue to say, how many false truths continue to propagate by taking advantage of their office, their position, their authority. We are ready to spring up at Your signal, but You are the one to say enough is enough; we, small, weak, and fragile creatures cannot say it. Who are we to take Your place? Too many have done it or pretend to do so, but we want to take place and stay in the position You have shown us. Whoever is in command must command, whoever has to love must love, whoever has to serve must serve, that's what You taught us and that we, despite our weaknesses, frailties and grievances, have tried, with effort and commitment, to accomplish and implement. Lord, at Your feet is the Church, look at her. Your gaze is more penetrating than ours and gets where we fail or are unable to get. Your Church, I believe I can symbolically say and establish a comparison, is scourged and covered with sorrows, emanates suffering, sweat and blood; it is the pierced and painful face and body of your Son on the cross. There is no difference today between Christ the Crucified and the Church His Mystical Body, also crucified. The priests, the doctors of the Church, the Pharisees have persecuted, covered with spit, wounded and pierced your Son, and even today priests, doctors of the Church and Pharisees are piercing through Your Church.

Oh Lord, Our Lady welcomed in her womb the pierced and killed body of the Son; Now I entrust her with the mystical body, Your Church, so she may embrace and hold her on her knees, and as your Son has risen, so may Your Church rise again. After the Passion of the One, after the passion of the other, we, Oh God, await for the resurrection which will only be fruit of Your love and power. Mother, Mother of the Eucharist, Our Lady of Fatima give to God, One and Triune, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, this heartfelt prayer and may you enrich it with your love and transform it with your faith in a pure and fiery supplication. All this for the Glory of God, for the salvation of souls, for the rebirth of the Church.

+ Claudio Gatti

Bishop ordained by God

Bishop of the Eucharist