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Prayer to Mary,Mother of the Eucharist

This prayer was dictated to Marisa by Jesus.

Rome, 9th March 1990

Hail Mary, sweet Mother of the Eucharist.

With sorrow and much love, You have given us

your son Jesus while hanging from the Cross.

We, weak creatures, anchor ourselves to You

to be worthy sons of this great LOVE and SORROW.

Help us to be humble and simple,

help us to love all men,

help us to live in grace

always to be ready to welcome

Jesus into our heart.

O Mary, Mother of the Eucharist,

we, by ourselves, will never be able

to understand this great mystery of love.

Gain for us the light of the Holy Spirit,

because only in that moment we will be able to perceive

even for just one instant,

all the infinite love of your Jesus

in giving Himself to us.