Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

30th june 1996

The month of June ends with a new Eucharistic miracle. Some persons present in our chapel suddenly notice that on the small statue of Infant Jesus there are three well visible Hosts. And yet the same people affirm that, kissing the Infant Jesus, they had not seen anything over it... But why to marvel of this new Eucharistic miracle since the day before St. Peter had informed in advance: "Tomorrow Our Lord has decided to perform another miracle. I do not know what it may be, let's leave everything to Him, who decides everything, who loves everyone, even those who do not understand and of whom He wants the conversion". When don Claudio and Marisa are informed of the apparition of the Hosts on the Infant Jesus they go down to the chapel to adore the Eucharist. A procession is formed through the garden; Marisa, to whom the Lord concedes, even if momentarily, to walk in a quick way, brings the Infant Jesus on whom, well visible to everybody, the Hosts are laid. The small statue of the Infant Jesus with the Hosts is placed on a temporary altar. The Mother of the Eucharist who accompanies Jesus the Eucharist says: "The greatest place, the most important and strongest that God had chosen, is this corner of Rome, dechristianized city. Enlarge this small place, where there isn't room for receiving so many people. It is up to you to make it great, first of all with the grace of God and with prayer". Then the great prophetic announcement arrives: "Help, I have never asked for it, help to make it possible to built a great church, as God wants it, dedicated to the Mother of the Eucharist. Come on: as so many small drops form the sea, thus so many small offerings can cause a church to be built; probably your sister will not see it, but you will. I pray with you so that you may have the courage, the strength, the generosity, the charity, the love for carrying out the Will of God" (86). We do not know where it will rise, with what money it will be built and when we will see it finished... But it doesn't matter knowing in advance, it matters having the certainty that what God wants will be realized and no man, no difficulty, no problem can impede it.

Our Lady tells Marisa to take in her arms the little Jacopo, son of two young people of our community and adds: "If you do not become as little as the little Jesus, like this little child, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You must be little, humble, simple". Jacopo is nine months old and yet is chosen by Our Lord to distribute Holy Communion to the priests present. Before our eyes a wonderful scene appears: the little Jacopo in the arms of his aunt, takes the Host between his thumb and index finger, he places it in the mouth of the priests present, opens his fingers and withdraws his little hand: just like a perfect extraordinary minister of the Eucharist!

The prayer meeting ends as Our Lady states: "Now the visionary must put her hands on the sick people and the priest must bless them. Receive the blessing and the imposition of hands in the grace of God, then go and attend the Holy Mass and receive Holy Communion in a state of grace".