Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

29th june 1997

On 29th june, as explicitly asked by Jesus, we celebrated the close of the social year in the thaumaturgical place.

As soon as that day began, the great Eucharistic miracle happened again: fourteen hosts were put on the chalice of Jesus Sweet Master, nine hosts were on the heart of the Holy Child, a big host was on the statue of the Mother of the Eucharist and nine hosts on the white statue.

Jesus said: "In this day of close of the social year I want you to have everything: the Trinity, the Eucharist, the Mother of the Eucharist".

The Most Holy Trinity manifested itself, Marisa exclaimed: "I see the three Jesus" and all the people present, kneeling down, bent their head in adoration.

The Mother of the Eucharist invited Marisa to stand up, to go up the steps of the altar and to stop in front of the crucifix; then addressing the people present, she said: "Make silence in your hearts, forget all your worries, your anxieties and adore my so Jesus".

As soon as Our Lady finished speaking, a host came out of the chest of the crucifix and it flew like a white butterfly inside the glass box which protected the thaumaturgical statue; then it passed through the glass without breaking it and finally it leaned against it so that the host could be taken by Marisa. Jesus said: "Once again the Eucharist came out of my chest; the Eucharist and the other sacraments came out of my chest. Love the Eucharist, the Eucharist makes the Church" and he invited Marisa to bless all the people present with the Eucharist.

To Marisa who asked: "Can I give the Eucharist to the priest? He blesses!", Jesus answered: "The priest is above everybody, the priest is something great, he is a gift of God that you all can't either imagine, but I have given you the Eucharist and you took it at once. Bless, my child".

Maybe someone will object about the fact that, in the presence of the priest, a layman blessed the people present with the Eucharist, but surely he will be scandalized when Jesus, after having ordered Marisa to rise the Eucharist over Don Claudio's head, said: "My child, even if you are neither bishop nor cardinal nor Pope, you are the strong man of the Church, you are the great man of the Church. Welcome my words with humility. In this moment the people present don't understand, but in the future they will know. The suffering is great, the struggle is difficult, but I am with you".

Jesus gave all the people present, grown-ups and young, precious advices; then also the Mother of the Eucharist, St. Peter, St. Paul spoke.

Jesus ended his message with these words: "My beloved children, try to live this so great, so beautiful day. Jesus the Eucharist, the Trinity, the Mother of the Eucharist and the host that has come out of my chest have been present here. How many great things! Look: everything has happened in the simplicity, in the humility; there are no journalists, there are no cameramen. I didn't look for them, I have come here for you".