Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

27th march 1997, 17th april 1997, 31st may 1997

Jesus had pre-announced: "On thursday, great feast of the institution of the Eucharist and of the priesthood, I will be with you; here there will be the Eucharistic miracle". By now it has become a tradition that on Thursday before Easter the young people meet with Don Claudio, priest of the Eucharist and with Marisa, victim of the Eucharist, to celebrate altogether the feast of the institution of the Eucharist and of the priesthood.

The young people were having dinner with Don Claudio at the lower floor, while Marisa, due to her health, had not been able to come down and she was in her bedroom. Our Lady appeared to Marisa and took her by the hand, saying: "Come with me to my son Jesus" and she accompanied her into the room where, on a provisonal little altar, there was a hostensory with the Eucharist that she herself had brought the previous day.

After having prayed, Our Lady showed to Marisa in a vision all the cardinals, bishops and priests who don't believe in the Real Presence and who celebrate in a state of mortal sin.

Then the Mother of the Eucharist ordered Marisa to call Don Claudio to invite him to go upstairs, without giving any explanation. Marisa told Don Claudio: "Go upstairs, because there is something". Our priest, followed by the young people, went upstairs speedly and he found a host which was swollen and completely covered with blood.

Don Claudio, Marisa, the young people and some grown-ups prayed until the beginning of the prayer vigil. Then Don Claudio brought the blood-stained Eucharist into the chapel where other people were gathered.

We made the Eucharistic adoration and the procession and finally at the end of prayer vigil, Don Claudio brought back upstairs the blood-stained Eucharist.

7th april 1997

On 7th april the Eucharistic presence increased. In the early afternoon Our Lady put eight hosts on the white statue. At 6 p.m. Don Claudio was told that on the altar of the chapel there was the hostensory with the Eucharist inside. In the message given during the prayer vigil Our Lady said: "God chose my beloved spouse to bring you the Eucharist".

St. Joseph not only brought the Eucharist, but he took also the hostensory which was in the sacristy, he put it on the altar and he enthroned the Eucharist inside it.

If St. Joseph carried many times Jesus in his arms, can't he carry also the Eucharist?

At about 8 p.m. Our Lady brought a host which was completely covered with living blood "so that the priests believe that my son Jesus is always present in the Eucharist".

During the prayer vigil, which was attended by many people, Marisa experienced the Passion and she fainted many times due to the pains.

31st may 1997

On 31st may Eucharistic miracles followed one another. At 5:45 p.m. Our Lady brought twelve hosts that she put on the flowers of a plant in Marisa's bedroom. The particular scent emitted by the hosts, that invaded all the house, stimulated us to prepare with more love the prayer vigil for the close of the month of may and the opening of the month of june and it invited us to pray before Jesus the Eucharist.

As soon as the adoration ended, some young people came back into the church and they saw on the altar the hostensory which was not there before; it contained a big blood-stained host.

Our Lady had brought the blood-stained Eucharist, she had taken the hostensory and put the host inside.

Some people kept on working and took turns with others who were praying in the house and in the church where Jesus the Eucharist was present; so while Martha worked, Mary kept Jesus company.