Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

21st february 1997

On 21st february, while we were doing the Via Crucis in the chapel, Marisa was alone in her bedroom and she was praying, when suddenly St. John Bosco appeared to her; he asked her a theca, he put a host in the theca and he gave it to Marisa saying: "This theca contains a host divided into two parts and stained by the blood of Jesus". The theca emitted a marvellous scent, but Marisa didn't open it, because she wanted to wait for Don Claudio. As soon as the priest was informed, he immediately arrived accompanied by some young people and grown-ups; then he opened the theca and the people present saw the blood-stained host divided into two parts.

Let's give the Mother of the Eucharist leave to speak: "The Eucharistic miracle repeated again in a very great way. I have not come because your sister has the abstinence, but I sent a saint of ours, St. John Bosco, to bring the blood-stained Eucharist divided into two parts, to make the priests understand that when they celebrate the Holy Mass and make the consecration in the host Jesus is present with his body, blood, soul and divinity. St. John Bosco is the closest saint to our times; he was dressed like a priest, he was wearing the alb and the chasuble and he was very beautiful, as was beautiful the one who was listening to what the saint was saying".

On 23rd february Our Lady told Marisa to stand up from her wheelchair, she accompanied her to take the blood-stained host and told her to take the lead of the procession. Many people were crying with emotion.

Following the indication of the Mother of the Eucharist the blood-stained host was divided into many fragments which were given in communion to the very ill people present.

At the end of the prayer meeting the Mother of the Eucharist gave a strong and important message: "A defamatory campaign has been made against this place. It is not possible that till to-day, after two thousand years, the priests forbid to come to this place and then they run towards those places where there is a sort of... approval. God gave this great gift, but surely it was not for them (Cfr Mt 11,25). Why don't priests and nuns come? Because the Eucharist frightens, because they don't believe in that host, either small or big, Jesus is present with his body, blood, soul and divinity. The priests don't come here only out of in spite against your priest and they don't know that so they offend my son Jesus. As long as a priest feels to be great and he has power in his hands and he knows he can do everything with his authority he will never be able to do something good.

The month of february ended with a great maternal advice: "The Mother prefers that you come here for the biblical catechesis rather than for the apparition. Remember the succession: Holy Mass, Eucharist, biblical catechesis, Holy Rosary, marian apparition".