Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

17th may 1998

During the night Our Lady entered the chapel behind closed doors. She took the hostensory, she put it in the middle of the altar and enthroned Jesus the Eucharist with it. She opened the little door of the tabernacle, that had previously been locked by Don Claudio and she put many consecrated hosts inside. Finally in Marisa's bedroom on the flowers and in the chalice of the white statue she put more consecrated hosts that filled the house with a particular perfume.

At about 9:30 a.m., Don Claudio entered the chapel, which was already full of faithful, to read and comment the latest Our Lady's messages given to Marisa.

He had just arrived, when an unusual ring of the internal phone broke silence. Don Claudio was called and he rushed into the house. A short time after a lady arrived at the door of the chapel to tell some young people, members of the association, to reach Don Claudio.

Immediately we all realized that something exceptional had happened and we waited in silence praying.

Marisa immediately informed Don Claudio that, while she was momentarily absent, in her bedroom Jesus had leaned on some flowers a big host and some drops of blood gushed from it: two ladies had noticed the miracolous event. For the seventh time, since the series of the Eucharistic miracles had begun on 14th september 1995, Jesus or the Mother of the Eucharist had brought a blood-stained host.

The young people, after having adored Jesus present with his body, blood, soul and divinity in the bleeding Eucharist, took some photos and recorded the great Eucharistic miracle with a videocamera.

Don Claudio immediately came back into the chapel, he reached the altar and explained by the microphone what had happened.

When he finished speaking, Don Claudio and the young people came back into the room the dripping with blood Eucharist was and they noticed that in the meantime the blood had kept on gushing and the original shape of the host had changed.

After a few minutes Don Claudio came back into the chapel; at a short distance were Marisa, brought by the young people as far as the wheelchair and the others.

Marisa, very pale and suffering, entered the chapel on the wheelchair carrying on a little plate a big and slightly folded host which had the shape of a shell; inside the white border showy blood stains were present.

After having said a few words, Don Claudio took the Eucharist from Marisa's hands and he passed slowly among the faithful so that everybody could see the host at short distance: well, the central part appeared swollen, wet and striped by blood, very similar to an edge of living flesh; towards the external part the blood was denser and formed an irregular and marked hem.

Don Claudio received by Our Lady the order of keeping jealously the Eucharist that bled and every sunday it had to be brought solemnly in procession.

In the presence of the members of the different prayer groups of Italy the Mother of the Eucharist told us how the miracle of the bleeding host happened: "Jesus brought the host which was taken away from a priest who was celebrating for habit and who was not believing in what he was doing in that moment. The blood began to gush and I told Jesus: "Let's take that host and bring it to the little corner of Paradise, the thaumaturgical place, because there it will be loved, adored and respected". Jesus, with all the love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, accompanied by the Holy Spirit as a white dove, entered Marisa's room and leant Jesus the Eucharist on some simple flowers. The blood kept on gushing and the host inflated, it inflated very much. I don't want this host to be given to the men of the Church and to the grown-ups who don't believe. There are groups of people who run from a shrine to an other, from a place to an other, but they have not understood that the most important thaumaturgical and blessed by God place is this little and hidden corner of the Earth, which is outraged and pelt by many, many, many people".