Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

16th june 1996

On Sunday June 16, two great miracles occur: the Eucharistic apparition and its multiplication. At about eight o'clock in the morning don Claudio, entering the chapel notices a particular scent. Immediately he understands that it is a scent that accompanies the presence of Jesus or of Our Lady. Turning his glance around to localize the point from which such a heavenly scent arrives, he notices that on the chalice of the statue of the Mother of the Eucharist there is something white. He approaches it and sees some Hosts well disposed and placed one on the other. He takes them in hand one at a time and notices that each one issues a particular scent. He counts ten of them, he puts them again on the chalice and waits in prayer for some collaborators of his to arrive. He relates to the two people what has happened and asks them to find a place near the statue to prevent other people unexpectedly touching the Hosts. Marisa doesn't know yet what has happened. In the meantime other people enter the chapel and are informed. The people present begin praying. Later on the procession forms and winds along the garden, where a temporary altar was prepared. Songs, prayers and invocations are alternated and the statue that holds the Hosts is enthroned on the altar adorned with flowers. We do not know what to do, but the Mother of the Eucharist takes away any embarrassment from us saying: "Priests are begged to say now the prayers of exorcism of the Hosts and of your sister". For some time, since the accusation had been made that the apparitions were "fruit of a religious pathology", the enemies of the Eucharistic apparitions, including priests and nuns, had put into circulation the false accusation that "it is the devil who brings the Hosts to Marisa". We live then another page of the Gospel (Matthew 12,22-32) and share the suffering of Christ who is accused of expelling demons only with the help of Beelzebub. Don Claudio tells us later that because of this order of Our Lady he suffers and feels a great interior resistance. He doesn't feel like saying the prayer of exorcism over Marisa and so much less so over the Eucharist; he would prefer to disobey Our Lady to exorcising the Eucharist because before God man must kneel down and worship, not exorcise... But he understands the purpose of the order received, which is that of making fall the false accusation that it may be the devil who brings the Hosts, and so to give the possibility to men to mend their ways... He remains, in any case, disconcerted in the face of the attitude of God who continues to humiliate Himself for love of His creatures. On that account, he invites the priests present to approach the Eucharist without making a genuflection, (to be in full obedience to the decree, even if he is convinced that in that moment he is out of it, because the Hosts are not given to Marisa), and practice together with them the exorcism of the Sacred Hosts. The priests after the prayer of exorcism recited by don Claudio sprinkle with holy water the Holy Hosts and Marisa. We believe that only Our Lord knows what suffering invests the heart of don Claudio in the moment in which he exorcises the Eucharist and Marisa, who during the whole of the prayer of liberation lives the passion of Our Lord. At the end of this 'passion' of Marisa, by order of Our Lady, don Claudio breaks the ten Hosts and, helped by a brother, gives, with these fragments, Communion to the persons present. To receive Holy Communion over one hundred and seventy persons draw close... Neither don Claudio nor the other priest believe that ten Hosts, even if reduced in fragments, alone can be enough for one hundred and seventy persons. But it is God who intervenes again working the multiplication of the Eucharistic Bread as said by Our Lady: "You have not noticed the miracle happened. Ten Holy Hosts are not enough to give everyone Holy Communion, but God can do everything. He who wants to always give joy to everyone, also today has performed a new miracle: He has multiplied the consecrated Hosts to satisfy all of you here present". It is appropriate at this point to make a comparison with the multiplication of bread to which the apostles are witnesses (cr. John chapter VI) and the multiplication of the Eucharist, of which we are witnesses. The disciples of Jesus are witnesses of the multiplication of physical bread, we of the multiplication of the Bread of God; we are the most fortunate ones! We are grateful to God for it.

A few days later Our Lady returns to speak of the multiplication of the Eucharist: "I hope that you have understood the great miracle that God made: the multiplication of the Bread of Heaven, the multiplication of the Holy Hosts. Never on Earth has such a great and beautiful miracle verified itself as in this so small and humble place. Jesus the Eucharist came in the midst of you in body, blood, soul and divinity and wanted Holy Communion to be given to all the people present. God sent his Son in the midst of you with the Holy Host: this is the greatest miracle in the history of the Church".