Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

16th may 2000

On May 16 the Mother of the Eucharist brought into the thaumaturgical place a big bleeding host and she put it on a little plant full of flowers.

As soon as the bishop finished to celebrate the H. Mass, he was informed by Marisa, compelled to be in bed due to the sickness, about the miracle happened. Don Claudio, followed by many young people and grown-ups, went to verify the prodigious event and he could ascertain that the host showed a blood stain which was compact and extended about all over its surface and it issued a heavenly scent, guarantee of the supernatural event.

The bishop stopped before the Eucharist in adoration with those who had accompanied him and then he authorized the video and photographic recording, in order to have the necessary documentation. Marisa, obeying Our Lady, told Don Claudio how this last Eucharistic miracle had happened. A clergyman, who still occupies a very important place in the ecclesiastical hierarchy and whose identity was revealed by Our Lady first only to the bishop and the visionary and then also to the young people, after the consecration saw some drops of blood coming out of the big host. Instead of being delighted, he got bored for what was happening under his eyes, with an angry gesture he took away the blood-stained host and asked the attendant an other host in order to continue the celebration of the H. Mass and not to allow the people present to realize the Eucharistic miracle. The celebrant was going to use the blood-stained host in a black mass, so Our Lady immediately subtracted it to the sacrilegious celebrant and brought it to us, because she knew very well that we would have welcome it with love and faith.

The bishop, the visionary amd the young people, who are bound to keep the secret about the identity of the unlucky clergyman, organized turns of adoration to make amends for the serious sacrilege and profanation of the Eucharist, that involves the latae sententiae excommunication reserved to the Apostolic See (can. 1367).

Unfortunately what was reported is not an isolated, but frequent event. Who gets to profane the Eucharist, he will not be able to save himself nor to enjoy God in the Paradise; this was repeated many times by Jesus Christ.