Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

9th april 1998

At 3 p.m. a prayer meeting for the young people of the community was scheduled. A few minutes before the beginning, Marisa saw some angels who entered her bedroom and put some hosts as shown in photo below. The Eucharist, source of love, is sacrament of union: union in the couples, in the families, between the members of a community.

On sunday 19th april at the end of the Rosary a particular cerimony took place: Don Claudio blessed some couples of young people of the community and their engagement rings; during the apparition also Our Lady blessed them and gave the following message.

Marisa: "Have you come with all the angels and the saints?".

Our Lady: "I was already present during the blessing of the rings. I asked to bless them so that it was an example and a testimony for everybody. Who takes care of the Internet web site, he must write an account of what happened this morning and put also a photo.

Little Jacopo, be quiet, my darling, I know you are not fine. The Mother blesses and kisses you. Jacopo, don't you see where I am? Say bye-bye to the Mother.

(Jacopo says bye-bye...)

My beloved children, I have come in your midst to bless these young people. It would be so beautiful if the young people understood the pure and true rush of love. Everything is linked to the Easter day when I asked to take the lily, the spike, the grapes and the rose; it is your symbol and it is linked to this meeting that, due to human reasons, has been deferred. God had chosen the 12th, Easter day, the day of the Resurrection of my son Jesus. What happened today is very great in the eyes of God and it must be great in the eyes of the men. This simple and humble cerimony will have to be an example and a testimony for everybody. Let the parents speak with their children about this blessing, I know it is very difficult to speak with them, especially if their heart is not opened to Jesus the Eucharist. You must open your heart to Jesus the Eucharist because this helps you to open it to all the men of the Earth...".