Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

7th december 1997

The month of december opened with a significative Eucharistic miracle. It had just begun, it was about three o'clock in the morning, Marisa could not sleep due to the pains and she was praying, when suddenly she saw a lightning that crossed her bedroom which was in the darkness. She called Don Claudio who rushed half asleep and as soon as he entered, he switched on the light. The room was flooded by that particular scent of the Eucharist brought by Jesus or Our Lady. Spontaneously they casted a glance at the standard of the Mother of the Eucharist that had been given them the previous day and that had been put provisionally in Marisa's bedroom. With astonishment they saw a white host leaned on the standard, exactly on the chalice. The serum had come out of the host, so that it could stay attached to the standard. Don Claudio and Marisa didn't want to wake up the other people who were sleeping and they spent some time in prayer and adoration, then in a low voice they sang some eucharistic songs to glorify God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, God One and Three present in the Eucharist.

When the other members of the family woke up, they immediately smelt the eucharistic scent that by then had invaded all the house and they understood that something great had happened during the night. When they all gathered for the morning prayers, Don Claudio told them what had happened and invited them to go in front of the standard to adore Jesus who was present with his body, blood, soul and divinity under the appearances of the bread. The standard with the Eucharist remained in Marisa's bedroom and the young people and the intimate friends alternated in prayer in front of it.

Since a long time Don Claudio had proposed to the members of the community and to the people who came to pray to the thaumaturgical place to go St. Peter to show the Pope our union with him and our docility to him. He arranged to meet on 7th december 1997, first Advent sunday, in St. Peter square. The standard had to be inaugurated for the pilgrimage to the Pope, but since the Eucharist had been put on it, Don Claudio was not sure of bringing it to St. Peter, because he feared that someone, seeing the host, could not have respect for it.

Marisa manifested this fear: "We wish to know what we have to do with the Eucharist, because we fear that someone can ironize". and Our Lady answered: "As soon as God the Father decides what you have to do, I will tell you it immediately" (Message of 12/4/1997).

A few days later Our Lady communicated to us God's answer: "You don't have to ask yourselves continuously whether or not bringing to the Pope the Eucharist that I brought. God allowed Jesus the Eucharist to be leaned on the standard. Why removing him? Why do you fear? They can ironize, so much the worse for them; they can mock you, let them do. Then when the hard times arrive, they will cry, but it will be too late" (Message of 12/7/1997).

Anyway Our Lady left Don Claudio free to decide. Our priest naturally, as he always did, abandoned himself to God and he was happy to bring the standard with the Eucharist to St. Peter. The first Advent sunday we met in the great square, coming from different areas of Rome. There were also groups of people who were coming from Lombardia, Liguria, Veneto, Sardegna, Marche, Sicilia, Campania, other regions of Italy and also from abroad. We placed ourselves in front of the window at which the Pope would have appeared and we started praying. The large group was gathered aroung the standard on which the white host stood out. We prayed uninterruptedly until, in time as usual, John Paul II appeared at the window and he was welcome by us all with a thundering applause. Marisa saw immediately the Mother of the Eucharist next to the Pope, who stopped twice in silence.

As soon as the Pope ended the Angelus Domini, he retired and Our Lady announced: "Today I made my entry into the Vatican and this entry will continue. I told the Holy Father where the Eucharist was and he adored it". The revelation that the Pope had adored the Eucharist that Our Lady had brought into the thaumaturgical place and leaned on the standard moved us, but in particular it made us feel in communion with the Vicar of Christ and living limbs of the Church.

This historical day ended with a prayer vigil which was attended by many people absorbed in prayer. Our Lady, as Marisa referred, has stayed with us to sing and pray for all the time and She assured us that "the history of the Church will speak about the Mother of the Eucharist, who closes the history and when the great men will understand it, they will be converted. They already know, but they are ready to pelt, slander and defame these my two children, even if they live in a very humble, simple and discreet way" (Message of 7/12/1997).