Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

7th december 1996

On 7th december, eve of the feast of the Immaculate Conception, there was the prayer vigil, or rather the serenade of the young people to the heavenly Mother. On Our Lady's face, said Marisa, there was a veil of sadness, due to an evident reason: "This day is dedicated to the not sound and not beautiful pleasures. Here for a long time I have been praying and looking at you, I have also had a look at everywhere and I have seen young people who were enjoying not in a state of grace".

The procession arrived as far as the altar in the garden. Here everybody stopped to pray and Marisa experienced the transverberation. Then Our Lady invited Marisa to climb the steps of the altar in the garden and She invited her to welcome and consume the host come out of the chest of the crucifix.

Marisa told Don Claudio: "Our Lady has brought the Eucharist in the room upstairs in the house to satisfy you and She wishes the young people go and adore Jesus".

Don Claudio, Marisa and the young people went into the "room upstairs" and they saw with astonishment that on the provisonal little altar there was the hostensory with the Eucharist inside.

Don Claudio was the most moved one, because he had asked the Lord this miracle. Then we have known that Our Lady herself had taken the hostensory, which had been cleaned and placed on a little table, she put it in the middle of the altar and she put inside of it the Eucharist that she had taken from the tabernacle of a church. Then the Mother of the Eucharist had knelt down to adore his Son; Marisa, as soon as we entered the room, saw Our Lady in adoration.