Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Easter 1996

On Easter Day, to us who do not understand the reasons for so much opposition on the side of the men of the Church against the Eucharist, Jesus gives us this sad message: "It is difficult for you to understand why men take away the Holy Mass, take away the Eucharist and do not want Me, Jesus the Eucharist, to be adored. These people don't believe in Me, and if they don't believe in Me, they don't believe your priest, they don't believe your sister". Later He tells us in confidence: "When I began to perform miracles, few people believed in Me, many instead took Me for a demoniac. Who truly loves Me, who truly loves my Mother, who has special gifts, is considered demoniacal, my children, and history repeats itself".

Jesus ended the message saying: "My beloved sons, just now kneel down everybody who can, in the presence of Jesus the Eucharist, in the presence of Jesus outraged! Donít worry, but today and for ever you have to shout hallelujah". Then Jesus gave Marisa a host that became visible to everybody on her hands: it was dirty and deformed. Marisa immediately consumed the host.