Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

On 6th june 1999 at 7:30 a.m., while Don Claudio was going upstairs from his study in the house, along the stairs he smelt the characteristic and sweet perfume of the Eucharist brought by Jesus and Our Lady. The priest went immediately into the provisonal little chapel where the host that had bled on 17th may 1998 was, but he couldn't find any particularity. He asked Marisa if she knew the origin of the perfume, but she also couldn't give him any explanation.

So Don Claudio and Marisa looked fixedly at the Eucharist with more attention and with astonishment they saw a scene that will stay in their mind for all the life. The host, that after the first blood effusion had assumed the shape of a shell, had changed and it had assumed the shape of a heart. The fresh blood was superimposed to the blood gushed on 17th may 1998 that had dired up. Showy drops had stained the little cushion which was under the host inside a chalice of glass.

An other event hit them: on the corporal under the chalice of glass there was a showy stain of blood.

The priest and Marisa prayed and adored Jesus the Eucharist and they kept on looking fixedly at the divine blood that was gushing and forming a little rivulet at the confluence of the horizontal and transversal parts of the host.

Soon afterwards Don Claudio called the young people and some grown-ups so that they came immediately to ascertain and be witnesses of the extraordinary Eucharistic event and to take as soon as possible some photos and record it with a videocamera to have a detailed documentation.

At 10:00 a.m., preceded by all the young people, Don Claudio brought into the chapel the Eucharist that had bled, where many people were gathered. He told them the miracle; everybody adored prayed and sang. The priest, moved and happy, brought solemnly in procession the Eucharist that had bled twice.

The procession was opened by Marisa who carried the cross on her shoulders, as Jesus had ordered her.

She can take only a few steps with the help of the crutches, but she was walking fast, supported by the power of God.

As soon as the procession ended, Jesus communicated God's letter that, due to its particular importance, we report integrally.

Marisa: "Yes, you have given us a great joy, but what shall we do now?".

Jesus: "What you have done, my beloved children. This night my heart exploded, my blood gushed and passed through the chalice of glass, like when the Eucharist went out of the crucifix and passed through the protective glass box. My blood gushed with joy, love and suffering. This great new miracle happened to show to the men that my Heart explodes ever moment: when there are souls who love and suffer, when there are men who believe. This great miracle in the miracle of the miracle is a gift for you. Give testimony of it and speak in a loud voice about it; don't fear what man can say or do. My Heart exploded for love and you have noticed it only at 7:30 a.m., but my Heart has bled since midnight, especially for my favourite children. It bleeds for them and rejoyces for you who are doing much to achieve the peace, to love the neighbour. Don't allow anybody to touch the Eucharist that bled, neither to the cooperators of the great Head of the Chirch, but only to him; unfortunately this will not happen. Someone feared. Why, my beloved children? My Heart loves, my love is great, I love you all and nobody of you can love as much as Me, Jesus.

Marisella, you have done even too much, you carried the cross, you experienced the passion and the sweating, now please sit down!".

Marisa: "Yes, if I must be sincere, I am a little tired".

Jesus: "Not all of you understood this miracle in the miracle of the miracle. The men of the Church will keep on smiling and mocking you and they will say that you are mad, but I am the first mad, like they said when I was walking along the roads of Jerusalem: "That man is mad, is possessed!". My beloved children, if I am possessed and mad, you also are like me. So thank God because you are as mad as your Jesus.

My Heart exploded and blood and water have come out of that host that had already bled on 17th may 1998, more than one year ago; since then I have been here with you. God the Father loves very much this thaumaturgical place and He loves you. Here are present, God the Father, God the Holy Spirit and I, God the Son; the Mother of the Eucharist, the angels, the saints and the saved souls are present; all the Paradise is contained in this thaumaturgical place, my little flock. My Heart exploded of love for you and of suffering for those men who still are not able to love. This so great miracle must make you change yourselves, my beloved sons. I repeat Myself again, put away the touchiness, the jealousy, don't think badly of the other people, no; this must not exist inside you. My Heart exploded for you, because I am your great love.

You are in front of Jesus the Eucharist who has bled since midnight; and someone kept Me company. Now I wish that you attend the Holy Mass with much love, let your heart explode of love, but not up to bleeding, Jesus doesn't ask you for this, but your heart must be mine, only mine. Best wishes to you all.

Marisella, this night, while you were bleeding, I have dried your tears and your blood. You have only looked at Me, you were moved, you prayed and then you didn't know what to do anymore, so I told you: "My child, now it is the time that you sleep a little".

My beloved children, let your heart explode of love for the men who don't love Me, who don't love Jesus the Eucharist, the Mother of the Eucharist and for those who God called to be witnesses.

With my beloved priest I bless you, your dear ones and your sacred articles".

Our Lady: "I, your Mother, bring you all tight to my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle. I can't speak anymore, because there is Jesus the Eucharist.

Have a good Holy Mass. Attend the Holy Mass with all your heart.

Praised be Jesus Christ".