Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

6th february 1997

On 6th february Marisa continued to be ill: "Your sister is in a very critical situation, more than you can imagine. She shows to be very courageous, even if she feels alone and, especially in the night, two tears stream down her face of suffering, of pain, of exhaustion".

Our Lady in the presence of Don Claudio and of the young people gave Marisa a blood-stained host.

After having consumed the host, she muttered: "Jesus, you are sweet, you are very sweet", alluding to the blood that she was tasting in her mouth.

A few days later Our Lady spoke about the eucharistic miracle happened the previous thursday: "The great eucharistic miracle happened again: on last thursday you saw the blood of my son Jesus in the holy host. This miracle is a proof for all the men of the earth, especially for the priests, that my son Jesus is present in that little host with his body, blood, soul and divinity".

The Mother of the Eucharist invited us to fast, to do the Way of the Cross, to take part in the prayer vigils in reparation of the sins and to pay attention and meditate the readings of the Holy Mass; it seems that she doesn't want to neglect anything if only her children could grow spiritually.