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Letter of God

Rome, 29th June 2002 - h.10:50 a.m.

Jesus - Praised be Jesus Christ, my dear children. Your Jesus is happy for the way you have prepared the feast; you have been really good to have everything running in the best way. We all came down from Heaven to Earth and we have rejoiced together with you. The heat is not frightening you; humanly speaking it is hard to stand still under the sun, but God sent some air, and you felt some freshness. Just think, there is among you someone who really cannot bear the heat, because they may collapse, yet they have overcome all the uneasiness brought about by the heat because they were aided, just as your sister was aided to walk.

While you were immersed in the silence I said to her: "Go, my daughter, walk". Surely she would not walk forever, she would walk only during the feast, then everything will be as before. This must not discourage her, life goes on even while seated on an armchair, on a wheelchair, in a chair. If you succeed to love each other as I love you, you will realize how easier everything will be.

Oh, it is sweet and gentle to be here in your midst with my and your Mama, with my daddy Joseph, with the angels, the saints and all the saved souls. There is a great feast in this little thaumaturgical place, called this way by God. Little by little this place will have to enlarge, but God likes this tent-basilica, this big tent realized with so much love and sacrifice. We are here, the Trinity: the Father, the Holy Spirit and I, God the Son, am here.

(The Glory Be is recited)

Bow your head with me and with the heavenly Mama and keep on praying in the silence of your heart, do talk to Jesus, talk.

It is present the latest saint canonized by the Pope: Saint Padre Pio from Pietralcina, for he loves his children who love him.

God the Father - Now it is I, God, speaking. You do not see me, none of you can see me, not even you, little Marisa, are able to see me. I am present here to tell you that all your sacrifices, your sufferings, your love, have achieved the conversion of three billion five hundred million and one persons.

My dear children, it is I, God, speaking and thanking you: I, God, thank you, little creatures, for all that you have done, but you are not over, as yet, with your prayers and with small and big sacrifices. In this little place I sought after, that I defined thaumaturgical, you have to keep on praying to bring an end to wars, an end to terrorism and to many other wicked actions that take place in this world so corrupted, as my Son Jesus said. Yes, you have to go on, also because it is time for the parents to stop killing their children and for the children their parents with such ease. Men have more compassion for an animal than for a creature of God.

Today you rejoice for this great announcement I have given you, you deserve this joy. I see you, even if you do not see me, I see you all, I help all those people who want to be helped. Never ask yourselves: "Why does not God do this? Why does not God do that?". I am God and I know what I must do. When I ordered bishop your priest I said: "I ordain you bishop", I did not say: "If you wish, I ordain you bishop"; it is a totally different thing. But men have not accepted it; my men have not accepted it. Here is the reason why there is so much need to pray for the men of the Church who receive Christ not in a state of grace; for the powerful men who speak and never succeed to get anything to save the world. You have to pray for your children, for your nephews, for tomorrow they will be the ones to manage this world so corrupted, this world seeking only unhealthy fun; I want you to have fun, but it must be healthy fun.

Marisa - I hear you speaking and I do not see you, my God.

Jesus - My dear children, it is again your Jesus speaking to you, thanks again for this Mass. Live it as if it were the last of three billion five hundred million and one Masses.

I bless you all, even if you already had many blessings today. Who knows if rather soon there will be a saint among you.

Marisa - You know it, Jesus, if you do not know it, who else is going to know?

Jesus - Bye, my daughter, thanks for what you have done for the Church.

Our Lady - And I, your Mama, cover you with my maternal mantle. I hold all of you tight in my heart; go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Praised be Jesus Christ.

One more applause and sing hallelujah to honour God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

To all of you, thanks.

(The hallelujah is sung as thanksgiving)

Have a good Holy Mass and a nice day to all of you.

Marisa - They have all gone away, they were many.

Don Claudio - All of Heaven was here.

Marisa - Yes.