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A message of God sent to all the world Heads of State

On February 12, 1998 God the Father entrusted to his two little children the task of sending to all the Heads of State of the world a letter to obtain the gift of peace. Today we are experiencing a very difficult and dramatic moment because of the cruelty and hatred. Who knows, if they had heard, so many innocent victims could have been saved. Therefore this urgent appeal is still relevant today to avert a world war.

On 12th February 1998, Jesus said: "...I am suffering very much because man doesn't convert his heart, but God the Father has decided to give a very great task to your sister: she must write a letter to all the world Heads of State...".
Two days later the letter, including a message of God to achieve peace in the world, was sent through the embassies of about 130 States in Rome and also to the Secretary General of U.N.O., Mr. Kofi Annan. The letter and the message of God are reported below.

Mr. President / Your Majesty,

Godís message reaches you through a humble and simple creature: Marisa Rossi.

God entrusted to her the task of writing to all the Heads of State, so that they stop killing man and making war.

Listen to your heart, you will listen to Godís voice there.

Marisaís credentials are: love, prayer, suffering and immolation. She is a lamp burning before God and ceaseless interceding to achieve the gift of peace.

Mr. President / Your Majesty, peace in your country and in the world also depends on you.

Father Claudio Gatti

Rome, 14th February 1998

Message of God

Dear President / Dear King / Dear Queen,

you are a man created by God and, if you donít believe Him, at least you should admit that you were created by a Being Who is Superior to any creature in the world.

I ask you: donít kill your brother, whoever he is, whatever his name, whichever his race or religion, whichever the colour of his skin.

learn how to love and respect, especially women, children, poor men and sick people.

Man, a living creature, is loved by a Being Who is Superior to everybody.

Donít kill neither with the sword, nor with words which can come out of your mouth.

What is this killing, what is this making war? Is it only so that you can say: "I won, I earned"?

Head of your nation, what is your joy and satisfaction? Are you persuaded of loving your people and other people, each time you kill?

If you are sure you love, donít kill. "LOVE".

God, the Supreme Being, is love and not hate.