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Third appeal of God the Father to mankind

Rome, 4th November 2001 - h.10:45 a.m. (Letter of God)

Marisa - Who are you?

God the Father - I am God the Father and I am coming into this place, chosen by Me, to thank you and invite you to pray, as was often asked by Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. This time I invite you to pray for all the priests, from the Pope to the least of priests, and for all the superiors, from the greatest to the smallest. I am fed up to see so much filth in this world I created and men are still not aware of it. The filth is forthcoming from the youth, from the adults and from the elderly. I am fed up to see so much filth. You have been chosen by Me, I sent Mary to you, the Mother of the Eucharist to pray with you and bring my letters, which are not always considered.

Yes, I am God. You cannot see Me, little Marisa, because nobody can see God. When your life will end, after judgment, you will know God, that God who created the world, that God who delivered his Son to death for you and for all mankind.

You wonder why God does not intervene and you say all the time: "Why God, why?". Those long whys, that string of whys I often hear, they afflict me. Walk the straight path, think to pray for peace; think not to nurture dislikes or mutual liking, don't fall into envy, jealousy, slander and defamation. I invite you to attend the most holy prayer, the greatest, the most noble, that is the Holy Mass and to receive the Holy Communion. How many times you were told to receive the Eucharist in a state of grace, or else do not take it, but go away. Man in a state of sin cannot receive Jesus the Eucharist, because it is a sacrilege and then the devil will draw you to himself. When the devil goes into a soul it is quite difficult he quits, unless there is a solid and unfaltering will.

I say it again: I am tired of seeing this filth on this planet Earth I loved so much and, in spite of everything, I keep on loving, and where I continue to send the Mother of the Eucharist for you. The Mother of the Eucharist appears here only, in this place. At this moment your sister sees her kneeling down at my feet, with her head bowed till ground and the same do all the babies, the saved souls, the saints and the angels, because I am God and there is no other God but Me. Yet, not for this the members of other religions are not saved, if they behave well. I am the God of everybody, I love everybody and I want to save everybody.

And now I, God, beg you, little flock, as always.

In a short time the bible meetings are beginning. What is the most important prayer after the Holy Mass? To know the Word of God, my Word. You will know the great Paul, and I will send the Mother of the Eucharist, together with her babies, to you and with you, every time; but let it be love, prayer, sacrifice among you.

Marisa - I no longer hear Him.

Our Lady - My beloved children, I am your Mama. Have you heard what God the Father said? This planet Earth is full of filth. What He said is hard, is sad, but I will help you to pray for those souls who do not know how to pray, for those souls who live in the filth.

Marisa - Little Madonna, I wish to entrust you all the children. Let them never suffer because of the fault of evil men, of evil women; do protect them. The babies are glowing, solar, good, do protect them. I entrust you all the babies, the sick people, everybody.

Our Lady - I entrust you the whole Church, little Marisa.

Marisa - Not as last night, a little less.

Our Lady - To everybody I entrust my Church, the Church of Jesus. Do fasting and Eucharistic adoration, whoever can do it. I beg you, attend the Bible meeting, do this sacrifice once a week, afterwards you will feel more satisfied and happier.

Together with my holy bishop I bless you, your dear ones, your sacred articles. I bless all the babies. Rest assured, my children protect them.

I hold all of you tight in my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.

Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

Marisa - Bye, little Madonna. Yes, when I heard God's voice I felt some… I do not know whether it was fear or awe. We continue to be in the middle of this filth. Once you said that a lily in the mud comes out always clean, if this is what it wants.

Our Lady - Do you remember?

Marisa - Bye. Don Claudio, God the Father did come.

Don Claudio - We heard Him.

Marisa - I had some shivers.