Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Padre Pio addresses his faithful

Rome, 2nd may 2000, h.6:30 p.m.

Marisa: "Thank You, Madonnina, because You have come here, even if you don't speak. I want to thank you because you helped my brother priest, as I asked you".
Our Lady: "I won't speak, Marisella, but St. Padre Pio will speak, because all the prayer groups must know that he is here with you".
(As soon as Marisa sees Padre Pio, she exclaims)
Marisa: "You have become even more beautiful, Padre Pio!".
Padre Pio: "My children, I am Padre Pio and I am among you. God told me to come here always to pray with you; besides Jesus, Our Lady and all the angels and the saints I will be present here too. It's a great God's wish that all Padre Pio's prayer groups sometimes come to visit and pray in this thaumaturgical place.
I know, you are few, very few people, but pass the word around and say that God chose me to give you this little, simple and humble message; because I, your sister and your bishop are little, simple and humble. For me it's a great joy to come here to stay with you, because I know that you love Jesus the Eucharist very much. God gave me this privilege, not because I am superior to Jesus or to the Mother, they are always before everybody and now they are here with me, but because I have to tell you to pray a lot for the conversion of my brothers priests.
All my prayer groups should meet here, in this thaumaturgical place, to pray; all the visionaries should meet here sometimes to pray; on the contrary the visionaries, the consecrated souls and the priests only take care of their own kitchen-garden; when will they really learn how to love Jesus the Eucharist?
I know, you who love Jesus the Eucharist are tried, pelt from everywhere.
I understand you very well; oh, how much I understand you, my dear little brothers.
I will always come, as God the Father ordered me, in this thaumaturgical place. Each time Jesus or Mary's apparition will take place, I will be present. Today God the Father has given me the letter to share; in the Paradise there is no jealousy nor envy, the Mother and Jesus are not envious if I read the letter of God; perhaps God chose me, because I am a so little, poor and old man...".
Marisa: "But now you aren't a poor old man, you are young and beautiful".
Padre Pio: "Yes, it's true, God chose me, but I don't know why, because there are many other saints; even if they should be much, much more, because Jesus saved all the men.
Come on, my two dear brothers, I know your history and I am living it with you; it's long and painful, but it's beautiful; believe me, it's beautiful".
Marisa: "He has gone away".
Our Lady: "And I, your Mother, thank you for your presence here.
Together with my dearest priest, allow me to say like this, with my dear bishop I bless you, your dear ones and your sacred articles.
I bring you all tight to my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle.
Put into practice what St. Padre Pio said, spread this message.
Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
Praise be Jesus Christ".
Marisa: "Ciao. Don Claudio, Padre Pio has come here and he was beautiful and young. But at the beginning I saw him like he was: a poor, old and sick man, maybe because I could recognize him and then he changed his appearance and he became beautiful and young".
Don Claudio: "Is it God's wish that all Padre Pio's prayer groups come here?".
Marisa: "Yes, they should come here, to share, to live the great mission which God gave us.
We will see how this great mission will end up, because I am very tired.
Yesterday God gave me the great joy of walking, to be fine, but He told me that it wouldn't have been for ever, that this would have ended. It really ended, however I feel better than on that famous friday, I am a little, a very little better".