Eucharist Miracle Eucharist Miracles

Chronicle of a divine event, unique in all the history of the Church: Marisa heard God the Father's voice who addressed a grief-stricken appeal to all mankind

This was written by John in the prologue of his Gospel and this truth must be accepted by all the sons of God.
John the Baptist after having baptized Jesus "Saw the heavens opened and the Spirit descending upon him like a dove; and a voice came from heaven "Thou art my beloved Son; with thee I am well pleased" (Mark 1,10-11).
Peter, James and John on the day of the transfiguration "were afraid as they entered the cloud. And a voice came out of the cloud, saying "This is my Son, my Chosen; listen to him!" (Luke 9, 34-35).
In all the New Testament, from the origins until today, no other man heard God's voice.
But on 1st November 1999 an extraordinary event happened which is unique up to today in all the history of the Church and it can't be kept hidden, but it must be known by all those who believe in the existence of God One and Three.
At 10 a.m. on the feast-day of All Saints, while our community, after having listened to the comment of the latest messages of the Mother of the Eucharist made by Don Claudio, was gathered in prayer, Marisa went into ecstasy and saw marvellous scenes follow one another. First she saw a long procession of saints who preceded Jesus and Our Lady surrounded by miriads of angels.
Our Lady sweetly addressed to Marisa who was suffering much and spoke to the visionary.
Then suddenly Marisa saw all the angels, the saints, Our Lady and also Jesus kneeling down with their face turned low.
A beautiful big fire, which was neither frightening nor a nuisance, appeared before the astonished Marisa's eyes and a strong voice came out of it which affirmed: "I AM GOD".
To Marisa who said "I can't see you", God answered "You can't see Me, because I am God".
It is our duty to let be known in all ways what God said.

Rome, 1st November 1999, h.10:35 a.m.
Letter of God brought by the Mother of the Eucharist
Marisa - Jesus, Mary and Joseph are surrounded by many saints, the scene is marvellous. Thanks God there are many saints in Paradise.
Our Lady - No, Marisella, they are not so many, considering all that Jesus did, the saints are not numerous. In human history the men numbered many milliards and they are increasing more and more; on the contrary the saints in the Paradise are few; there are also saints on the Earth who suffer and who keep on suffering.
I accepted your weeping before your coming here and I understood your great suffering. It's true, you can't reach the apparition with a broken heart because of people who voluntarily cause your suffering to take your mind off this meeting, but like God has given Me strength to go on for many years, though I knew in advance Jesus' death and the death of my beloved spouse Joseph, in like manner He also gives strength to you, Excellency, to you, Marisella and to all of you here present.
The saints, the saved souls and my Popes are present: the great Paul VI, the great Pius XII, John Paul I and many others, as you see.
They didn't reach holiness because they became popes, but because they went the way of spiritual life and of love; which is the same I always ask you.
I know very well what you like and what you are thinking in your heart, but this is not in God's letter. My All said that you should not lose confidence, and that you have to screw up your courage and go on.
I also repeat you, because in this moment I am with you, come on, go on.

God The Father - I am God!
Marisa - I don't see You!
God the Father - My voice always shouted against all those men who wanted to destroy the world. I always shouted: convert your hearts!
You can't see Me because I am God, and there is no other God. I want the conversion of my favourite sons; (1) I, God, want their conversion.
Marisa - Dear me, I hear a very, very strong voice but I see nothing. Jesus, Our Lady, St. Joseph, the angels and the saints are all kneeling down with their face turned low.
God the Father - Don't worry, Marisella, no man on the Earth has ever seen God. I am God, that God Who today too people keep on offending and as my Son Jesus said, people persecute you, people attack you, because they don't dare to hurl openly at Me. I am God and I am the master of everyone: from the Pope to the most little priest, to the most little creature.
I am God, the only and true God.
You are waiting, you would like to know the moment of my intervention and you are right, but I don't see conversions yet, my beloved sons, I just see men who love power, nominations and the mean and dirty money.
I can't accept that the planet Earth stays bathed in the mud; I can't accept that my Son Jesus, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, uselessly died for men who I created and who I called sons, because they are my sons.
In the Paradise there is a great feast and you, Marisella, see the angels, the saints and the saved souls who surround Me, but you don't see Me, because the time of seeing Me hasn't yet arrived, you just hear my voice, you hear my sorrowful appeal addressed to man, who I called son and who I created in my own image and likeness.
I am God!
Marisa - Now how can I speak to God? I would like to ask You, in total humility: "You aren't cross with us, are You?".
God the Father - No, not with you, Marisella, neither with you, my beloved bishop, who accepted my order, who obeyed God every day of your life; nor with you, little flock, as the Mother of the Eucharist calls you. No! I am not cross with the poor and little men, but with the rich and powerful men, who don't look for God, they only look for themselves.
Marisa - How can I ask you?
God the Father - Marisella, I know what you would like to ask Me and I could answer you, (2) because I am God, but I yet want conversions, conversions and conversions.
Marisa - I see a big, big fire. Where are You, my God?
God the Father - You can't see Me, Marisella; but I am God.
Listen to the hymn that the angels and the saints are singing in my honour.
I don't want the Second Person of the Holy Trinity to have died uselessly, like everything could appear.
I like to stay under this awning (3); in old times people lived in a tent or under the starry sky.
What can I do with great churches, with great basilicas, where there is not love, because the men of the church try to destroy him who loves Me and think how to be elegant and beautiful, but not for Jesus the Eucharist, not for the Holy Trinity, not for God, but for themselves?
Marisa - Listen to me, Madonnina, what is God doing now?
(Our Lady addresses those present and speaks to Marisa)
Our Lady - My beloved sons, thank you for your presence here.
God spoke and I am sure that you understood. This is the great sorrow of all of us: man doesn't love. I am with you and for this reason, my little flock, I want to see you peaceful. God spoke in a strong way, but surely He didn't address you, as you understood well. Be delighted and enjoy. Read and meditate the Beatitudes; you will find everything there.
Jacopo, little creature and Davide Maria, the Madonnina covers you with her mantle and covers you all, holding you tight to her heart.
Excellency, raise your head and smile, smile (4). Anything God prepared isn't certainly against you (5). Smile, because you loved, you love, you know how to love, even if some soul takes advantage of this so great love, of this your suffering. You carry the church's weight on your shoulders; even if you say it smiling, it's truly like that.
The Pope won't call you; this let us suffer.
My beloved sons, best wishes to you all, because today it's the feast of everybody, especially of those who haven't a saint to celebrate.
Marisa - But don't all the other saints tell us anything about that we would like to know?
Our Lady - Marisella, if God told you nothing, the saints can't speak. You are always impish.
Marisa - You know how people say in Rome: I just try, even if it always goes off, anyway...
Our Lady - You should be peaceful, my daughter.
Marisa - How can I be peaceful if...
Wait a moment I ask it to Don Claudio.
Our Lady - No, Marisella, you should say Excellency.
Marisa - I know it, but I call him Don Claudio, I have always called him like this for 28 years.
Listen to me, Excellency, I am breathless, I have many aches and Our Lady told me that I should be peaceful; what should I tell her?
Don Claudio - Tell her that she should help you not to go where you don't want to go.
Marisa - Where don't I want to go?
Don Claudio - To the hospital.
Marisa - Madonnina, I will do all that you want, provided that you won't send me to the hospital, because I went there 41 times.
Can You answer me at least about this?
Our Lady - Now you of the Earth and we of the Paradise take hands and this time the Mother asks you to sing the Our Father, together with Me, with the angels and the saints and, above all, with my beloved spouse Joseph.
(All those present take hands and sing the Our Father)
Thank you, my beloved sons, for having sung the Our Father, Jesus' prayer.
With my beloved bishop, I bless you, your dear ones; I kiss the children, the sick people, the sick young people who are afar. I bring you all inside my heart and I cover you with my maternal mantle. Go in the peace of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
Praise be Jesus Christ.
Marisa - Listen to me: where did God go? Don't tell me that He has gone to think again. I wanted to speak to Him and to ask Him many things, but I can't speak when I don't see anyone. I heard a voice, I saw a fire, I saw you all, but I didn't see God.
Don Claudio - People can't see God.
Marisa - I wished to see Him.
Don Claudio - Until you live on the Earth you can't see Him.
Marisa - So I will see Him after...
Don Claudio - After your death.
Marisa - Yes, when I will die. I have to die, haven't I?
All right, ciao.
Excellency, while I was speaking to you, She went away. Do you like it? You distracted me. She knew that I had yet something to say and She went away.
Here She comes again! Did you go to see what God is doing?
Our Lady - Marisella, I am here and I look at you, you give Me much tenderness, your simplicity moves Me.
Marisa - Well, now let us not invent excuses, I am not simple, I want to ask you, help me, Don Claudio, what should I ask Her? Come on, She goes away, come on!
Don Claudio - November has begun and... !
Marisa - The bishop said...
Madonna - Yes, I have heard, that November has begun. Good feast and best wishes to you all.
Don Claudio - I didn't want to hear this.
Marisa - She has gone away. Do speak! Now She has gone away.
Don Claudio - I don't see Her, so I can't speak to her.
Marisa - I also could not speak to God, because I couldn't see him.
Don Claudio - Let me see Her, so I speak to her.
Marisa - Should I let you see Her?
Don Claudio - Not you, but Her, because she must keep the promise that She made to Me.
Marisa - She has gone away just this time. Have you understood?
Don Claudio - Yes, I have, I have.

Explanatory notes by Don Claudio.
(1) The conversion of priests, bishops and cardinals.
(2) We and Marisa wish to know the moment in which God will upset the critical and serious situation of today and will let the Church revive.
(3) God is speaking about the great awning that we have risen to welcome the people who come to pray to the thaumaturgical place.
(4) Don Claudio is exhausted by much suffering caused by a lot of brothers priests, bishops and cardinals.
(5) I mention punitive interventions of God.
We don't know if this divine appeal is the last before strong and difficult moments for the Church begin, anyway the Mother of the Eucharist told us that it should be translated in all languages and known by all men, so that they stop falling into the abyss that is opening under our feet.
Let everybody do all that he can to spread the divine appeal, so that he cooperates for the safety of his brothers.
On our Internet web site you will find the translation of the divine appeal in italian, english and spanish; he who can, let him make the translation in other languages, let him print and spread it by all means; so we will respect God's will Who wants a fast and widespread diffusion of his appeal.
God's mercy yet gives time to man for conversion, but then, at the established moment, there will be his justice.
After the purification the new Church will be born and there will be only one shepherd and only one sheepfold (John 10,16); this is the triumph of the Eucharist, prepared by the Mother of the Eucharist and awaited by all those who have prayed and suffered for its fulfilment all over the world.